imac – Flashing question mark folder and none of the combination keys worked

When you turn on the iMac (iMac Intel 21.5 "EMC 2428, Model A1311 / Mid 2011)

I get the beep and after some time a blinking question mark appears in the folder.

I tried all of the keyboard shortcuts on the Mac wireless keyboard and the Windows USB keyboard, but it did not work.

Then I changed the hard drive for a new SSD, but that did not change anything.

What I have tried:

1) All combination keys that I could think of. On the original Mac wireless keyboard and the Windows USB keyboard.

D, N, T, possibility, command + R, possibility + command + P + R, shift, command + S, command + V

Whichever combination I use has no effect on the startup process and after a while a question mark appears.

2) I insert a USB stick with a bootable system and also system CD, but the combination key did not work. I can not eject a CD with the eject button on the keyboard. I can only eject the mouse at startup.

3) I have replaced the batteries on the keyboard, and when I turn on the side power switch, a green LED may light up briefly. The Caps Lock LED does not work, but I do not remember that this ever worked.

4) I have removed all but one RAM memory.

I spent the last few days researching the problem, but all point to a bad disk I've already replaced. What could be a problem? Can I try something else?

Dungeon World – My druid wants to turn into a flashing dog. How do I rule this?

I am doing an adventure in a wooded place and my group had encounters with some repressors chasing a flashing dog. After battling the beasts and taking care of the dog's wounds, I let him flash back to his hideout. I thought I would just drop a hint that her good deeds would be rewarded later.

But then my Druid Leafwillow * asked me if flashing dogs lived in the forest. I asked her where she was going, and she said she wanted to become one.

And I mean, she has the Great Forest as a land, she's an elf, but flashing dogs are more than just "animals," are not they? Because of the blinking? I said, let me think about it and we did not wrap up for the night after that.

Druids have two moves that expand their repertoire – Thing Talker transforms them into plants and rocks, and those and creatures made from them, and World Talkers turns them into raw elements. But none of these categories really fits a flashing dog, just like "animal".

How do I decide if Leafwillow should turn into a blinking dog or what she has to do first? This really applies to the entire body of fantasy creatures that can be described as "animals with special powers and perhaps a weird fur stuff or ear or whatever". Come to think like the repressive beasts.

* The names have been changed to protect the innocent

What is the red flashing light on the dashboard of my Honda Civic 2018? (no alarm, the dashboard is switched off)?

This is how it happened today for the first time ever

I turned my car on as usual and drove off
But then my dashboard was completely empty. No lights or anything … except a flashing red light next to the left turn signal

It was so strange because I had turned my car on and off and still showed nothing on the dashboard except for the red light .. but the cat was still flawless

Only when I fumbled a bit with the battery, he was back to normal. But I still do not understand why that was. Any answer?


twrp – ERROR when flashing the TRWP image [poco f1]

It can be one of the following problems:

1) Your TWRP image is corrupted. Try downloading the image again or download it from another source.

2.) There is a problem with your USB connection. Check your USB ports and cable or try another PC.

Do you also use a Linux distribution? There is a known problem with Fastboot that sometimes causes the error mentioned in Linux. Try it with a Windows PC.

Twrp issues flashing SuperSU – Android Enthusiasts Stack Exchange

I'm trying to install something like SuperSU. Everything I have is

Update partition details ...
Full SELinux support is available.
Simulate actions ...
Update partition details ...

I press Reboot System, because there is "Successful".

When I go into the phone, there is no SuperSU.

The zip file is fine, I tried it on another phone and it worked well.
Nothing works on twrp: no wiping no nothing, there is only the above again.

flashing – Is a NodeMcu Lua ESP8266 card already flashed to receive the LUA program code?

I am new to the ESP8266. I have a NodeMcu Lua ESP8266 ESP-12E Wireless WIFI Internet Development Board. The seller does less than excellent support. All the videos and tutorials for this developer board are all over the map with "must do" statements that appear (as a strictly literal person) with conflicting instructions.

Since the description provided by the seller indicates that it is already "flashed" to get LUA code, all the "must do" statements suggest that I would flash again, perhaps on the one hand for Python scripting on the other hand to prepare Maybe you just repeat one step already done.

All scripts / compilers will do it, but I want to know which ones I might already have. The seller could not tell me, but how much did he want for the chip? I just do not want to pull this thing right away with a brick.

rom flashing – but BTU's flashed sammobile is still EVR

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