sfml – Want flashing text

I want a text that flashes from green to white and back to green again until the window closes. In the following I have tried, but I can not get it to work, please help me.

int main ()
sf :: RenderWindow window (sf :: VideoMode (LAYOUT_WINDOW_WIDTH, LAYOUT_WINDOW_HEIGHT),
"Tetris 2019 – a new beginning");

                sf :: Font myFont;
if (! myFont.loadFromFile ("cartoon relief.ttf")) {


window.setFramerateLimit (30);

sf :: Text gameOver;
gameOver.setFont (myFont);
gameOver.setFillColor (sf :: Color :: Green);
gameOver.setStyle (sf :: Text :: Regular);
gameOver.setString ("GAME OVER!");
gameOver.setCharacterSize (65);
gameOver.setPosition (30, 60);

// everything below is copied to the "processSplash" function
while (window.isOpen ())
sf :: elapsed time;
sf :: Clock r;

sf :: time delta_time = sf :: seconds (1);

sf :: text playAgian;
playAgian.setFont (myFont);
playAgian.setFillColor (sf :: Color :: Green);
while (window.isOpen && elapsed_time> = delta_time)
if (expired_time == delta_time)
playAgian.setFillColor (sf :: Color :: Green);
elapsed_time == r.restart ();
playAgian.setFillColor (sf :: Color :: White);
elapsed_time + = r.restart ();
playAgian.setStyle (sf :: Text :: Regular);
playAgian.setString ("Press ENTER to play again!");
playAgian.setCharacterSize (25);
playAgian.setPosition (80, 235);

sf :: event event;

while (window.pollEvent (event))
if (event.type == sf :: Event :: Closed)
window.close ();

if (event.type == sf :: Event :: KeyPressed
&& event.key.code == sf :: Keyboard :: Space)

// Close Splash screen and start game
/ * processSplash (); * /

window.draw (gameOver);
window.draw (playAgian);

window.display ();

Return 0;

root – android bootloop after flashing supersu

I can not turn on my Android device after performing the following actions.

I flashed Twrp with Odin. then supersu.zip flashed with twrp. (latest version of supersu), then I restarted and stuck with the SAMSUNG logo. Then I removed the battery, plugged in again and went to twrp custom recovery. Then I did a normal reset without changing the settings. After that, the phone will display the startup screen and the Samsung animation. Then the phone starts again from the beginning. This process is repeated endlessly.

Model: SM-J120G
Android: 5.1.1 Lollipops
SuperSU: Latest version

Please help me to fix it. I'm sorry if this is not the place to publish it. Many Thanks!

rooting – S8 EXYNOS G905F is a safe flashing of dm verity zip

is it safe to flash the dm verity zip?

I ask because I want to see / read some cases when I try to flash a ROM, the phone goes to the delete stage, displays the dm-verity error, and then reboots

I tried flashing TWRP, but every time

NOTE: The dm-verity-zip was never flashed during a TWRP recovery attempt

I try my phone gets a stack in a bootloop nomatter as I start TWRP and regardless of the weather delete the data and format or not

Every time I flashed a STOCK ROM

1. Flash TWRP
2. Check if the phone can still boot into the system
when booting into the system
3a. Try to confirm the availability of TWRP by starting in recovery and system OSs in several ways to ensure that TWRP is always available
if TWRP is not installed (for example, inventory recovery)
if can successfully boot into the system
4a. go to 1.
if boat loops
4a. go to 3b.
if TWRP was successfully installed (TWRP always boots)
5. undefined (you may try to install Magisk or SuperSU - whichever is safer)
if boat loops
3b. Charge STOCK ROM
4b. Start it and wait for the first setup screen to appear
5. go to 1.

I am using Android 8.0, XSA Samsung Galaxy S8 G950F (was very difficult to find ROM for this model)

and I do not want to be able to flash the STOCK ROM again if something goes wrong with the root attempt

If I can not roast manually

becomes a custom ROM (https://www.goandroid.co.in/best-custom-roms-for-samsung-galaxy-s8-and-galaxy-s8-plus/89093/)

provide root in the ROM itself

and if so, if I can flash a ROM incorrectly, can I still flash the STOCK ROM and try again?

Google – Is anyone familiar with this flashing issue on the Chrome tab bar?

So I checked my plugins, extensions, and other things that might cause the problem. I reset my settings and reinstalled Google Chrome.

And has malware check cleaned my cookies and the history rebooted my PC and on and on things I found on the internet.

But it still does not work, it also bothers me when you right-click. Right-click on the Windows. Just pile it up and keep blinking, and it's so annoying that someone has been confronted with this problem.

Here are some screenshots I made.

This is in the upper range. It will show where the title of the tabs will sometimes flash blue / black when switching and scrolling.

This is at the top. There, the title of the tabs is displayed. If you switch between the tabs and sometimes scroll, it flashes blue / black

This is the stack problem if I right-click and disappear after a few left-clicks, but it's pretty annoying:

This is the stack problem if I right-click and disappear after a few left-clicks, but it's pretty annoying

Here's another one

imac – Flashing question mark folder and none of the combination keys worked

When you turn on the iMac (iMac Intel 21.5 "EMC 2428, Model A1311 / Mid 2011)

I get the beep and after some time a blinking question mark appears in the folder.

I tried all of the keyboard shortcuts on the Mac wireless keyboard and the Windows USB keyboard, but it did not work.

Then I changed the hard drive for a new SSD, but that did not change anything.

What I have tried:

1) All combination keys that I could think of. On the original Mac wireless keyboard and the Windows USB keyboard.

D, N, T, possibility, command + R, possibility + command + P + R, shift, command + S, command + V

Whichever combination I use has no effect on the startup process and after a while a question mark appears.

2) I insert a USB stick with a bootable system and also system CD, but the combination key did not work. I can not eject a CD with the eject button on the keyboard. I can only eject the mouse at startup.

3) I have replaced the batteries on the keyboard, and when I turn on the side power switch, a green LED may light up briefly. The Caps Lock LED does not work, but I do not remember that this ever worked.

4) I have removed all but one RAM memory.

I spent the last few days researching the problem, but all point to a bad disk I've already replaced. What could be a problem? Can I try something else?

Dungeon World – My druid wants to turn into a flashing dog. How do I rule this?

I am doing an adventure in a wooded place and my group had encounters with some repressors chasing a flashing dog. After battling the beasts and taking care of the dog's wounds, I let him flash back to his hideout. I thought I would just drop a hint that her good deeds would be rewarded later.

But then my Druid Leafwillow * asked me if flashing dogs lived in the forest. I asked her where she was going, and she said she wanted to become one.

And I mean, she has the Great Forest as a land, she's an elf, but flashing dogs are more than just "animals," are not they? Because of the blinking? I said, let me think about it and we did not wrap up for the night after that.

Druids have two moves that expand their repertoire – Thing Talker transforms them into plants and rocks, and those and creatures made from them, and World Talkers turns them into raw elements. But none of these categories really fits a flashing dog, just like "animal".

How do I decide if Leafwillow should turn into a blinking dog or what she has to do first? This really applies to the entire body of fantasy creatures that can be described as "animals with special powers and perhaps a weird fur stuff or ear or whatever". Come to think like the repressive beasts.

* The names have been changed to protect the innocent