Problem with the product collection Flat catalog table in Magento 1.9

I have a problem with the Magento product collection because I have some additional product attributes and use the general method of getting the product collection, such as: B.: Mage :: getModel (& # 39; catalog / product & # 39;) -> getCollection (); in one of my functions. Select an attribute with & # 39; * & # 39; that contains all the attributes.

Another thing the Flat Catalog product is set to Yes. Everything works fine when I print the query with getSelect (). This shows that all data comes from the catalog_product_flat_1 Table.

But if I work with Ajax in the same way (function) in my other controller, the query does not get data from a flat table. It displays EAV tables with joins and shows me errors like:
ERROR 1054: Unknown column 'capacity' in 'field list'

Why this problem with Ajax? Any suggestions?

html – Set up a flat file blog on an existing webstie

I would like to set up a simple flat file markdown blog for my website that I have created through installation lamp-server, My questions are:

  1. What do people recommend? Bludit, Grav, what else? I do not care about the design as long as I can maintain most of the CSS settings for the site (such as background color and font).
  2. Can people refer me to tutorials to set up anything they recommend for an existing website? Ideally, I would like to have a link on my homepage to the blog referring to, and I would like to do so (if possible) without reinstalling / damaging things.

Any help would be appreciated!

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Reference Request – Classification of the flat Riemann triple manifold

It is well known that Bieberbach has proved that every closed flat Riemannian manifold is a quotient of a torus.
To let $ (M, g) $ be a shallow Riemannian $ 3 $-manifold, we know that $ (M, g) cong T ^ 3 / Gamma $, from where $ Gamma $ is a finite group.


  • Suppose that $ M $ is orientable and $ b_1 (M) = 0 $ or $ H_1 (M, mathbb Z) = 0 $Can we have a classification for? $ Gamma $ Impact on $ T ^ 3 $?

  • On the other hand: Wiki ( states that the complete list of 6 orientable and 4 non-orientable compact examples is related to the Seifert fiber space. If it means that classically oriented flat (Riemann) Seifert fiber spaces are classified, could someone give a hint?

I think the above questions have already been resolved, any hint is welcome! R

Agal Algebraic Geometry – Flat Maps and Zariski Tangent Spaces

To let $ f: A to B $ Let be a finite flat local homomorphism of noetheric local rings.

Are there any nice conditions? $ A $ and $ B $ The guarantee that the dimension
of the Zariski – Tangensraum of $ A $ (at its maximum ideal) is smaller or
equal to the dimension of the Zariski tangent space of $ B $ (at the maximum ideal)?

For example when $ B $ is then regular $ A $ is normal, so the above would apply, but I do not want to assume that something is so strong.

I do not know any example where it fails, but I'm particularly interested in the event that $ A $ and $ B $ Both are lci and artin.

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Free flat file cart

Free Flat File Cart | Web Hosting Talk

& # 39);
var sidebar_align = & right; & # 39 ;;
var content_container_margin = parseInt (& # 39; 350px & # 39;);
var sidebar_width = parseInt (& # 39; 330px & # 39;);
// ->

  1. * Free flat file cart

    I'm looking for a free generic shopping cart that stores data in flat files (without MySQL) for my client's ecommerce project. Can you share me if you know one (except Quick.Cart).

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seo – Hierarchical vs flat sitemap

Your question is actually divided into a few categories, each of which has different considerations:

XML Sitemap
In your Sitemap, you can specify both the frequency of change and the priority ranking for the various pages. In this way, search engines can determine how important a page is on the site and how often it should be crawled for changes. Avoid listing duplicate content sites like / fashion / women / shoes and / fashion / shoes / women. In such cases, select a URL as the canonical URL that you want to send to search engines.

URL structure
By maintaining a minimum hierarchy in your URL structure for each page or for faceted search results, a search engine can index your website and display top-level category pages. (The search result of a department store can, for example, show the different departments.)

user experience
A menu with too much depth can lead to a bad user experience, as the user may be overwhelmed by the choices or simply tired of browsing through many navigation levels. A well-structured search interface with the most common categories as predefined filters will help you avoid an overly complex menu. Similarly, users can use breadcrumbs on the page to return to the top category or subcategory pages.

Look for products in Engjne Optimization
For each product on your site, consider adding schema microdata to your markup. That way, search engines can identify the individual products that are being offered for sale on your E-Comm site. See

Also, consider adding an RSS or XML feed and sending it to multiple sources to improve the reputation of your site.

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