visas – Why was I denied boarding on a flight with a transfer through Hong Kong?

I booked a flight on Cathay but I was denied boarding from China to Europe via Hong Kong. The operator claimed that I need visa to transit (Syrian national) although I had one single booking and my transfer was only 3 hours and I met the requirements of my final destination.

They forced me to refund the ticket so I lost the refund fees, what can I do in this situation? I am worried that the operator input HK as the final destination just to get rid of me.

Although the IATA system gives the same message to mainland Chinese passengers they still let them transfer through HK to Europe, so why did they deny it to me?

air travel – How to interpret flight schedule data from before 1987

I’m trying to interpret schedule data from before 1987 (see example).

Example line:

20100001409B000 033504140079100000000000000000D004BOSJFK RC0970AS 1234567 0535 BOS 0654 JFK RC 970 YQ CVR 1

I’m trying to understand if this flight represents a direct flight. Specifically, my understanding is that the 9B (byte 11-12) indicates that it is a “certified direct flight“. However, the 1 (byte 117) after the CVR (bytes 113-115) seems to indicate the number of stops, here more than zero. I’m trying to figure out what it means if a direct flight has stops. Some of these “certified direct flights” in my data have more than 4 stops on a short route that would not have needed a refueling stop.

Does anyone have experience in interpreting these older schedule files?

Arriving at SAW airport in Istanbul, Turkey 9-12 hours before flight departure

I’m scheduling a domestic flight from Istanbul Sabiha Gökçen International Airport (SAW) in Istanbul, Turkey. I’m looking to book a flight at 6:00 A.M. How early is it possible for me to go to the airport? I’m looking to avoid having to spend money to stay at a hotel before my flight? Could I possible go the airport 9-12 hours before the departure of my flight? What are the rules in Turkey?

How can I find the past flight number of Qatar Airlines?

I have book the flight tickets from San Francisco to Kathmandu International Airport through Qatar airlines but due to lock down in Nepal I canceled the tickets and they send me the money voucher for future use unfortunately I have deleted it from my email I have temporary member ID number I have try to call to resend my voucher but they need the reference number or flight no which I don’t have.So how can I find the flight number?

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budget – How to book this complex multi carrier roundtrip flight I found on ITA?

I am trying to book a roundtrip ticket from Chicago O’hare (ORD) to Mumbai, India (BOM). Traveling on Aug 9th and returning on Aug 24th. Now, I’ve been looking for several days (almost 10days!) for ways to book this itinerary I found on ITA. All other websites like Expedia, Kayak, Travelocity, Momondo, RouteHappy, and even google flights are quoting around $1200 roundtrip cost, sometimes as low as $1150. But the ITA Matrix website shows me several options, the lowest is $916 roundtrip.

Screenshot for the trip from ORD to BOM

You can see there are several flights in the $900 range.

from BOM to ORD

For the return trip there is only one option to get the low price.

Selecting the flights this is what I get:
Final itineraryThe codes used to buy this itinerary

I’m not sure how to use the fare codes the ITA website provides to purchase this itinerary.

These are some of the things I have tried to book the complex multi-carrier flight from ITA:

My first method was to try coding into HIPMUNK, using the multi-city option, my departure, connections, airlines flights number and dates. Following this method:

coding the segments into HIMPUNK

And the results page:

results from HIPMUNK

Here’s what my code into HIPMUNK looks like:

ORD::LH9151 FRA LH756 for the first journey and

BOM::LX155 ZRH SN5104 BRU SN8803 for the return trip.

Don’t think I’m making any mistakes in coding it, but there are two adjustments I also made which failed:

  1. I used the dates of the first leg of the flight then tried using the other dates as well. So for example Aug 9th and Aug 10th.

  2. I used the codes for the operating carriers and when it didn’t work, the marketing carrier leaving the flight number unchanged.

This always returned no results. Breaking up the itinerary to just the oneway from ORD to BOM worked but gave me a price of $624. For some reason the second return trip was creating problems. I tried breaking he return trip down into different segments but no luck. Anyone knows why the return trip is creating difficulties? Coding issues/ hipmunk doesn’t have such a large database?

Then I tried method 2: Calling up the airlines

United was able to find all the segments, even price it correctly sometimes (sometimes not) and gave me a confirmation number. I was to call them in 12hrs to check if they were able to procure the seats but when I did call they were not able to get the seats for the SWISS flight from BOM to ZRH and/or from ZRH to BRU. I’ve tried this at least 5 times changing small things everytime, but the same result. It seems Lufthansa waits for SWISS to confirm the seats but SWISS doesn’t respond in time and I’m not able to book.

I tried calling Lufthansa but they were not even able to find the segments and instead told me to look at booking online where I will be able to find it cheaper.

Any insights into the methods that failed or suggestions on how to book this itinerary at the $900 price will be much appreciated. Thanks in advance.

air travel – How to learn an airplane cabin’s pressure level before a flight, to avoid altitude sickness?

The normal cabin pressure during flight is basically a function of the aircraft type. Maintaining a lower pressure in the cabin creates a higher pressure difference between the cabin and the air outside of the plane, which the aircraft needs to be able to sustain.

The vast majority of modern aircraft are pressurized to around 8,000 feet during normal flight, although there are 3 (or 4) exceptions.

The Airbus A380, Airbus A350, and Boeing 787 are all designed to be able to maintain a cabin pressure of 6,000 feet, and would normally be set to that for normal flight.

The 4th aircraft that (use to) support a cabin pressure of 6,000 feet was Concorde. Obviously not an option for flying today, but interesting given how long ago they started flying relative to the other models above.

So as far as knowing if an upcoming flight is going to be pressurized at 6,000 or 8,000 feet, simply look at the aircraft type flying it. If it’s an A380, A350 or B787 then it’ll almost certainly be 6,000 feet. If it’s a Concorde, you need to have a word to your travel agent! If it’s anything else, it’ll be 8,000 feet.

(Note that cabin pressure isn’t actually measured in ‘feet’, but it’s a common way to refer to aircraft pressurization, referring to the normal atmospheric pressure at that elevation above sea level).

air travel – Can an airline, such as Iberia, see my recent flight history with Vueling?

Hard to know for sure, but quite likely the answer is yes. Both airlines are owned by the same parent company and are likely sharing some of the backend infrastructure.

Iberia has certainly access to some data about a code share flight but it’s hard to say if that also includes the full passenger list even if Vueling sold the ticket.

So the answer to “can they” is probably “yes”. That doesn’t man that they “will” or if it’s legal for them to do so. For the latter, you would have to read the terms and conditions of both tickets (and that you agreed to) and also read the contract of carriage of both airlines.