Customs and immigration – I lost my passport in Japan and my flight is in a few days. Is a travel permit (from the Embassy) enough to leave Narita?

I am a Bangladeshi citizen and have recently lost my passport in Japan. I tried to find it, but so far I have not been lucky. My flight is in a few days and I can not stay longer than my flight date as my (short-term) temporary visa also expires on the same day. I'm traveling to Bangladesh with Cathay Pacific and Cathay Dragons.

I have picked up my travel permit for the return trip to Bangladesh from the Bangladeshi Embassy in Tokyo and I would like to know if anything is needed for my return journey. I need to know if the airlines or the immigration control at the airport are causing problems.

Thank you in advance.

Air travel – How do I know on a flight route with one or more stopovers at which stopovers I have to pick up my checked baggage?

How do I know on a flight route with one or more stopovers, at which stopovers I have to pick up my checked baggage?

I know I can ask at the front desk where I get the boarding passes, but this information may be wrong. In this case I am still responsible for my luggage.

Air travel – What are the best flight compensation companies?

Recently, I had a pretty big delay at Wizzair. I went straight to a company to help with the compensation because I do not have the time to do it myself. I did not like their services and stopped working with them. I will not name any names in this case because you might succeed. So I wondered which companies you used in the past? And if you were satisfied with their services. I just want to know personal experiences and not a friend of mine or anything I've heard from someone, because in this matter I have a friend who has recommended Airclaim to me, but I'd like to do more with recommendations hear personal opinions. Thanks a lot!

Air travel – canceled flight from Israel

I wonder if someone can help me and / or point me in the right direction.
We boarded a flight from Israel (not El Al) and after about 1.5 hours we were told that the flight was canceled. We have an official paper to this extent and an official email from the airline that the cancellation is due to a mechanical fault.
The airline provided overnight accommodation and reissued tickets for the next available flight, which took place 24 hours later.
I wonder if the compensation clause applies to my case (of course, the airline denies this!), Since the cancellation was made after boarding.

Quick Steps to Cancel Your Southwest Airlines Flight Ticket – Everything Else

Canceling a flight is never pleasant, but passengers often do it for a variety of reasons, most of which are unavoidable. However, Southwest Airlines is one of the most popular airlines in the world. If you cancel a Southwest flight, you do not have to pay a cancellation fee. Therefore, here are the steps for canceling Southwest flights.

Steps to Cancel the Flight at Southwest Airlines Online

· Navigate to the official Southwest Airlines website

· You can either sign in to your account or scroll to the Change / Cancel tab and enter the verification number, first and last name

· Click on "Cancel flight" and then on "Search"

· Next, all bookings you have made will be displayed. Select the flight booking you want to cancel.

· Check the flight booking and navigate to the Travel Fund section

· Here you can see if your flight booking is refundable or not

· If so, select the option "request a refund of the refundable balance"

· Just click the "Yes, Cancel" button to complete the flight cancellation process

In addition, you have to go through the Cancellation policy of Southwest Airlines before you cancel your flight. If you can not cancel your flight ticket using the steps above, you can opt out of the phone number for cancellation. However, you can also contact customer service and ask the manager to cancel your flight.


Transit visa for a stopover on the BKK AIRPORT, waiting for the next flight to VTE

I bought 2 air tickets separately (no connection with each other). one from Sacramento to BKK (stay about 8 hours), the other from BKK to VTE (Laos).
I intend to wait or hang out at the airport.
My question is:
1. Do I need a Thailand Visa (because my tickets are not linked)
2. Do I have to pick up my luggage and go through the security check to return to the airport and wait for the flight to VTE the next day?