Transit connecting flights on different tickets, same PNR

I travel with China Southern Airlines on a itinerary that looks like this:

  • Departing: XXX – Beijing (PEK)
  • Return, 14 days later: Shanghai (SHA) – Guangzhou (CAN) – XXX,

where XXX is my home airport outside of China.

For some reason, the first leg of the return journey (SHA – CAN) ended on the same e-ticket as the one-way ticket, while the last leg was on a separate ticket. The flights were all booked at once and the ticket numbers are continuous, indicating that they were issued at the same time.

Could I still encounter problems when it comes to:

  • check my bags at SHA to my final destination?
  • Wrong connection with CAN due to a delayed inbound flight from Shanghai?

Customs and Immigration – Why are Schengen and non-Schengen flights mixed at Corfu Airport?

I am at the airport of Corfu, waiting for a flight to Athens, where I will take a flight to a destination outside the Schengen area. Because of the somewhat unsatisfactory signage, I waited some time at the security checkpoint for the international gates. Before I arrived at the front, I noticed passport control panels behind the security gates, which led to the discovery that the controls for domestic gates were down towards the end of the arrivals area.

To my surprise, these are real domestic Goals, not Intra-Schengen goals. Flights to the UK are mixed with flights to Germany, the Netherlands and Austria:

Departure at the airport of Corfu

Why is this done? How does it work? It seems pretty easy to use this to get a Schengen exit stamp before flying to another Schengen country (for example, in cooperation with a Confederate resembling the Traveler).

Does the EU compensation apply to flights where the departure airport closes the check-in desks during protests?

(Luckily I'm not among the passengers involved)

There are currently protests at Hong Kong International Airport. In response, the airport authority closed all check-in counters before the evening. Unlike Monday, when all departure flights were canceled at night, only a handful of flights were canceled today. The majority of them only leave punctually with transit passengers and goods. It is said that passengers who are not checked in before the check-in counter closes prematurely will be treated as a no-show.

To generalize this question, consider a flight from a non-EU airport to an EU airport operated by an EU airline. This flight is subject to EU rules for delayed and canceled flights.

One passenger of this flight arrived shortly before the check-in date at the airport. However, the check-in desk for this airline was shut down earlier (or never opened at the beginning). This may be caused by protest, ground crew on strike or other reasons beyond the control of the airline. The airline decided to blow up the plane punctually without this passenger being on board. Does this passenger qualify for compensation under EU law?

Air travel – Compensation for canceled flights in the EU, one booking, multipolar routes

According to the EU passenger rights regulation, the airline has should I offered you both detour and the default compensation for lost time (if applicable). If this is not the case, it seems plausible that you have a legal right to both the compensation and the costs incurred as a result of the non-payment. The standard compensation in EC261 usually summarizes your ability to claim actual damages. However, this may not apply if they have not been met other Duties of EC261.

Whether this really is so or not, however, depends on the subtleties of German contract and consumer law. (The EU Regulation does not specify what the consequences of a charge are, depending on national civil law.) Therefore You must consult a German lawyer, Random, helpful people on the Internet can not help you properly assess the facts of your case.

Note that you may need to sue the airline to recover something. And then much depends on how much of your story you can prove in court. If, for example, the airline claims that you never specifically asked Being diverted and / or hung up in anger before your agent has had the opportunity to make a suggestion could lead to a fight he / she has tried in court that you are not sure you have won. A judge would have to assess the likelihood that she is dealing with someone trying to channel money out of the airline, as opposed to the likelihood that a reputable, multi-billion dollar airline managed and run by professionals will suddenly and always come together gets stiff again on of millions of passengers.

Air Travel – Turkish Airlines: Flights with changed date / time can not be re-included

We are having problems with the take back system of Turkish Airlines and are a bit panicked.

We – a group of 6 people – booked and paid for a flight from Budapest to Ankara with a stopover in Istanbul, supposedly from this Monday (15 July), 9:05 am. The booking was made in two parts of 3 people, the problem is there with both reservations. When we tried to check in online about an hour ago (July 13th – 8:00 pm), we were amazed when the check-in page displayed the message that we had to shut down our flights again (as we have no pre-booking have received notification).

Enter image description here

So we started changing the flight and got to the point where we chose the new times:

Enter image description here

However, if we click Next to continue to the next step – presumably a summary before payment – a technical error will be displayed. We recommend to check our selection again:

A technical error occurred during flight selection. Please review your selection and try again.

Is something wrong with our rerouted flights or is this a problem on the Turkish Airlines side? What should we do if we are unable to finish our flight before the flight starts because of this error? We are approaching an event, so our top priority is to get there in a timely manner.

We tried to contact the Hungarian Customer Service, but so far we have had no luck (possibly because of the late time, even though we called them at 20:00 and they claim to be available by 20:30).

E-mail for missed compensation for connecting flights 5 months after the flight, is there a point?

5 months ago I flew from Moscow to London with a connection in Amsterdam. My flight was almost 3 hours late and my connection was missed. I was taken to a hotel overnight and flew the next day. At this time, no compensation was offered by the airline. The trip was booked with It was with KLM and the delay was the fault of the airline.

A few days ago, I received a lawful-looking e-mail stating that passengers could be eligible for compensation. The e-mail:

From: ""

Hello [MY NAME].

Get compensation for your flight delay!

At we want our customers to have the best possible travel experience. That's why we were sorry that you booked your flight
The flight from Moscow to Amsterdam may have been postponed on February 25, 2019.

In accordance with EU Regulation (EC) No 261/2004 on the protection of European passengers against long delays and other journeys
In case of disturbances you may be entitled to compensation of up to € 400.

You can either submit your claim directly to the airline or be assisted by an outside organization such as our partner AirHelp.
AirHelp are the travel experts that drive the process of winning
Compensation for late, canceled and overbooked flights easy and uncomplicated

AirHelp does not charge service fees unless your claim is successful. We encourage you to check this before using the AirHelp service
Terms and conditions and fees of the company on its website


Is it a bit suspicious that I was contacted 5 months after the flight, and is there a reason to file a claim 5 months after the delay?