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Good evening everyone. I have a new job here. The company is engaged in the production and sale of drying chambers. And as sales manager for these products, I often have to meet with customers. Most sales are made in Belarus and the Ukraine. Therefore, you often have to travel to these countries. I use different airlines. I get tickets at the airport ticket offices. But here I recently heard a conversation at the airport that there are online services where you can buy tickets at a much cheaper price than at the box office. Do you think that's true? Or just a rumor?

Network Flow – Create Capacity Chart for a List of Flights?

I have a list of flights and for each flight I have information such as source, destination, flight capacity, time of arrival, departure time. There are only 8 different values ​​specified in the source and destination columns. There are several flights between any two nodes, i. H. Several flights from LAX to PHX and similarly several flights from PHX to other destinations. Now I need to determine the capacity of the entire network, since our source is LAX and our target is JFK. I am determined to create a capacity graph or to determine the capacity of the entire network. Every idea or hint is greatly appreciated.

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Air Travel – Google Flights is in English, but the booking page I am sent to is in Thai

I'm trying to use Google Flights, as I'm often advised. I have set the language to English and the currency to AUD.

I found a cheap flight from Bangkok to Europe and clicked on it. In that case, I will be redirected to the website of an accounting agent, But the page appears in Thai language and seems to have no language change.

The site is in other languages, but if I manually change the language code in the URL, I go to the homepage of the site. If I search for the same flight from there, either it is not there or the price is much higher.

Can I make sure that if you have Google flights set in English, you will be redirected to the English version of the booking page?

Air travel – Why are connecting flights within the Azores free?

According to SATA Inter-Iceland website for connecting flights

According to the rules of the air transport model on routes from mainland Portugal – Azores and the Azores – Madeira, SATA Air Açores is obliged to provide a free routing service to any passenger traveling within the Azores to or from the Portuguese mainland or Funchal to any gateway in the Azores use.

This means that, for example, if you are not flying from the main island (Ponta Delgada Airport on the island of São Miguel) in the archipelago to the continent, you will receive the free connection ticket from your location to the main island.

Soon I will fly from Flores to Porto, I just bought a ticket from Ponta Delgada to Porto and requested one from Flores to Ponta Delgada, I got it for free as expected.

I'm just curious – why exactly does SATA Air Açores need to provide this service? Who pays for these flights? What is the motivation for this?

Connecting Flights – Is it possible to clear the immigration, get luggage and re-check in with SFO in 4 hours?

It's not clear if you buy the Alaska Airlines ticket together with your international flight – and the situation varies greatly depending on whether you are.

In order to answer your main question, 4 hours is enough time to get from an international arrival to a domestic connection at SFO. Given the cut-off times (and the deadline for closing sacks) you still have more than 3 hours left. SFO is a relatively easy to drive airport and although there may be delays in entry, you would not miss a connecting flight 4 hours later.

Of course, this assumes that your inbound flight is on time. If it is delayed by more than an hour, especially if it takes more than 2 hours, it gets more complex.

If you have purchased your flights together and your entry is late, it is the airline's responsibility to move you to a later flight if you are not connecting. So, if your flights are booked together, 4 hours is still enough, as you can count on them to rebook them as needed.

If you DO NOT book the two flights together, the best advice I can give is NOT to fly Alaska Airlines, but to fly United Airlines. United has a so-called "flat tire" policy, which states that if you arrive late at the airport (eg late inbound flight), you will be free to make a later flight for free. In Alaska, such a policy does not apply and you will probably be forced to either buy a new ticket or pay a rebooking fee for your existing ticket.

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The main lodge is equipped with extra space so you can go with total comfort. In this case, you can reserve a seat 48 hours before the start. You can visit the Official reservation page of the online airline for booking a seat in the primary lodge. You can also use the number + 1-800-894-4802, which can be reached for 24 hours.

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Luxury – How does Google Flights define classes?

Why is Norway's "Premium Cabin" displayed when I search for Premium Economy while Icelandair's "Saga Class" is displayed when I search for business? The equipment features are similar in both classes, but the Norwegian has a bigger seat pitch, so I would expect him to be in a better class, not the other way around.

Likewise, Azores Airlines 'executive class has similar amenities and smaller seating than LEVEL's Premium Economy, but Azores' executive class is listed as 'business on flights'.

What criteria does Google Flights use to classify different airline products?