home folder – Can I delete avast in programdata?

I have a avast software folder in my programdata and I’m pretty sure it’s junk, I already uninstalled avast through control panel/deleting so should I delete the avast folder in programdata? I do have admin permissions but my issue is if it is safe and should I do it, my programdata folder has a lot of gigabytes so I should probably delete unneeded junk.

wallet – I found a folder called: bitcoin-0.3.22 How do I open it?

With that name it is probably a folder containing a download of an early version of the Bitcoin software. It may be a kind of compressed file called a ZIP file which Windows Explorer treats as a kind of folder. It may be the results of extracting the contents of a zip file.

Bitcoin version 0.3.22 was released on 5th June 2011

That folder isn’t a wallet, there’s no money in it.

Rebuild the entire WordPress uploads folder

I have an unfortunate situation in which a client disabled "Organize my uploads into month- and year-based folders" which is what organizes files into a {year/month} folder hierarchy on the webserver. Now I have too many files in one folder for the server to handle. I’d like to move the files into folders again and update the db to point to the new file locations. Is there any way to do this (or get me a good part of the way)?

media library – wp-contents/uploads folder is empty in FTP – trying to upload from Remote to Localhost

I’m trying to get a local copy of my remote site so that I can edit the site locally before publishing to the remote server.

I have transferred my site to localhost via FTP, however I do not see any images on my site. When I inspect the wp-content/uploads folder of my Remote site, it doesn’t have any Media Library files.

How do I get my media library from my remote site to appear on my localhost? I have tried using Add From Server, but I don’t see the media files within the directories shown by that plugin, either. Is this a permissions issue? I can connect to my remote site using FTP, so why can’t I access the media library?

Any help is greatly appreciated.

Is it okay to mount a partition in C:UsersNameDownloads folder in Windows 10?

I have a small sized SSD for C: drive, and space is running low. A large portion of the files that I have stored in C: drive are in the C:UsersNameDownloads folder. I also use a HDD for other storage.

I recently found out that, on Windows I can mount hard disk partitions in any folder, just like Linux. So I’m planning to move all my files from the Downloads folder to another partition which has much space left, and then mount this partition to the (recently emptied) Downloads folder.

What I want to know if this will create any unforeseen problems.

Also, the same question can be asked if another partition can be mounted on C:Users or C:UsersName directly, which can be even more convenient for similar cases.

server – Does Samba 4.7.6 running on Ubuntu 18.04 support the storing of a Windows encrypted file or folder without losing encryption?

I have a single text file on my Windows 10 Desktop that I’ve encrypted using the Windows “Files->Properties->General->Advanced “Encrypt contents to secure data.” When I try to save this to my share on my Ubuntu 18.04/Samba 4.7.6 Server, Windows returns: “Do you want to copy this file without encryption?
You are copying the file to a destination that does not support encryption.” Of course, I can say “copy without encryption,” and it copies to the server without a problem–except the file is no longer encrypted.

I used to get a Windows 10 error message similar to this when I copied Windows files that had more than one data stream, and I added the line “vfs objects = streams_xattr” to the smb.conf file under the share that I’m using–and copying Windows files with more than one data stream now works perfectly fine.

So my question is this: Does Samba 4.7.6 support copying intact a single Windows encrypted file to the server such that it retains its Windows encryption? Is there a line I need to add to the smb.conf file that would enable this capability? Maybe this is not possible as I haven’t been able to find anything on it. My Ubuntu server runs EXT4 disks and runs as a standalone server with a workgroup defined. BTW: I have multiple users with individual permissions to shares and they all have been working for the last two years.

So, to be clear, I’m not interested in whether my data travels from Windows to the server in an encrypted format (though it probably does), nor do I want to encrypt any of the server disks. All I want to do is be able to copy a Windows encrypted file or folder with files to the Ubuntu/Samba server and retain Windows encryption “property.” –Same as copying Windows files with multiple data streams and preserving them.

Thanks so much for any help.

windows 10 – Open a file everytime a user enters a folder

Hi so I need to set a certain file to open every time any user on my laptop opens a folder.

The folder in topic contains some personal subfolders that I don’t want people to open… so what I want is to open a text file that says ‘DO NOT OPEN THESE FOLDERS FOR THE LOVE OF GOD’ I know I can hide them or remove permissions but isn’t that old school? I want something geeky, nerdy stuff. Get it?

waiting for your answers.

email – have users inbox be another users folder

I have a folder in my mailbox that I would like to use as another user’s inbox. I need to hire an assistant that will help me only with some specific tasks. All that items related to that task go into my a particular folder. When my new assistant logs in I need for him to ONLY see what is in that folder. How can I accomplish this and/or what options do I have, or is there a better suggestion? The email is hosted on go daddy.

If there is a Linux server that I can build and forward my emails to that server that will give me that option I am ok with it.