sharepoint online – Manage folder permissions so site members cannot rename folder but allow them to upload files under folder

I have a folder called “shared” in my document library, where users upload files and those files automatically get sent to AWS S3 bucket I have (using ms flow). Some users decided it would be a good idea for some reason to change the name of the “shared” folder and if the name is not shared then the file transfer will not work.

So I am wondering how to allow site members to upload files under the shared folder but not allow them to rename it.

permissions – Unable to share Windows 10 folder to Everyone

I am unable to access shared folders on exFat USB drives on a Windows 10 computer without entering user name and password (from Raspbian, don’t have other computers at hand).

  1. Password Protection is turned off in the Network and Sharing Center, so under the Sharing tab of each folder properties, Password Protection reads “People without a user account and password for this computer can access folders shared with everyone.”

  2. Under the Sharing tab, Click the “Share…” button, under the “Choose people to share with” popup, only the admin/owner account is visible. Add Everyone and Guest permissions, but as soon as I click the “Share” button, Everyone and Guest are removed from the list.

  3. Under Advanced Sharing, I CAN add Everyone and Guest through the Permissions button, however, it has no effect – Everyone and Guest are still missing from “Choose people to share with”, and accessing the share remotely still requires me to enter user name and password.

I am at a lost, help please.

catalina – Why is my Dock hiding every time I open a “fan” folder?

I have Automatically hide and show the Dock disabled in System Preferences. But suddenly this morning, any time I open a “View content as: Fan” folder from my Dock, the Dock hides itself when I close the fan. I need to use CommandOptionD or right click and select “Turn Hiding Off” repeatedly after every time I open any folder that’s in “fan” view

I just upgraded to Mac OS X Catalina 10.15.5 this morning. Is this a bug? Or is there some setting on my machine I should adjust?

(Note that Automatically hide and show the Dock does not change, but the context menu “Turn Hiding on/off” changes every time I open a “fan” folder)

sharepoint enterprise – REST API – Get document library properties that are in a folder of that library

When getting properties from a document library with the SharePoint API, I’m using the following call

var httpRequest = new HttpRequestMessage(HttpMethod.Get, spPath + spSubSite + "/_api/web/lists('" + spAppId + "')/items?$filter=EnvelopeId eq '" + envelopeId + "'");

For a document library, I created multiple views where I have set some view level permissions, following this link

When I then try to get the properties, I’m getting the following error

{“odata.error”:{“code”:”-1, System.Collections.Generic.KeyNotFoundException”,”message”:{“lang”:”en-US”,”value”:”The given key was not present in the dictionary.”}}}

Because content type was setup and a folder is created at that document library, I tried to get properties with the following code

var httpRequest = new HttpRequestMessage(HttpMethod.Get, spPath + spSubSite + "/_api/web/lists/getbytitle('ViewICLExport')/items?$filter=EnvelopeId eq '" + envelopeId + "'");

Then I got {“odata.error”:{“code”:”-1, System.ArgumentException”,”message”:{“lang”:”en-US”,”value”:”List ‘ViewICLExport’ does not exist at site with URL ‘SPSite/DigitalSignatures/InternalLimits’.”}}}

When I open a view, the URL is SPSite/DigitalSignatures/InternalLimits/Internal%20limits%20Export/ViewICLExport/Africa.aspx

So my question is, how do I get the properties of this document library with his folder?

macos – How to stop a stuck folder action

I have a folder action script I wrote that I use on all my computers named prompt-to-rename-on-add.scpt. I always attach it to my screenshots folder and it works great. There’s not a problem with the script that I know of. I’ve been using it for years, however, I rarely use it on my Mac mini. I upgraded it to Mojave a few months ago (still need my 32 bit app) and I’ve been having weird freezing issues.

Well, today, I was having all sorts of freezing issues and I was trying to take a screenshot of the activity monitor. All the folder actions were piling up. I remember seeing a thing about permitting the folder action service to run and I clicked ok, but the prompt to rename the screen shots wasn’t showing up. So I went through the running instances using the spinning gear icon in the menu bar and clicking the x’s. One however, would not go away.

I then noticed a red process in the activity monitor called “SandboxedServiceRunner”. I quit that via Activity Monitor, but the script instance didn’t go away and the spinning gear remained in the menu bar.

So first, how do I kill a script instance of a folder action running in the spinning gear icon in the menu bar if using the ‘x’ in that menu doesn’t work?

Second, what is this behavior the likely cause of the freezes I’ve been experiencing? It tends to affect lots of things, Netflix, EyeTV (that 32 bit app I mentioned), any website on which I watch streaming content, like CNN and MSNBC, etc. I never had this freezing behavior before the upgrade to Mojave.

windows – SFTP-based client to auto-open files from different folder

I am working on a programming project that has multiple text-based files (.txt, .py, .sh, etc.). The files are stored on a remote server (specifically AWS EC2). I can access them with WinSCP via SFTP and edit them with Notepad++. WinSCP saves them in a temporary folder and continuously checks for changes that are uploaded to the server.

However, the files on the server are located in different folders and every time I connect I have to open them all again by navigating to those directories. I would like to ask whether there is any SFTP client on Windows or any other way to open all of them at once. Since I do not add new files, it is OK if I can find a solution that saves the session of open files and reopens that session during next connection. Or, perhaps, since the parent folder of all of their folders is the same is there a method that recursively opens all files in subfolders?

magento2 – Is it acceptable to put lib folder inside module folder structure?

Before I used this code to include some packages:

require_once($this->dir->getPath('lib_internal') . '/vendor/module/nuevomailer/api.php');

Now Magento doesn’t allow to use require_once anymore so I thought that the simplest way without creating another packages just for third party libraries would be to just create lib folder inside existing vendorname/modulename folder and call it like this:

    class Subscriber extends MagentoFrameworkModelAbstractModel{
        protected $mailchimp;
        protected $phpmailer;
        public function _construct(
            VendornameModulenameLibMailchimp $mailchimp,
            VendornameModulenameLibPhpmailer $phpmailer,
        function subscribe(){

Is that acceptable method? I checked Magento modul file structure ( and I couldn’t find lib folder. Is it allowed to put any other folder into module directory?

Get sharable links for all files in a Google Drive folder formatted as the file names

I’ve been trying for a few hours to do this. I would like to generate a list of sharable links (to anyone with the link) to files in a folder, however instead of the default GD format, that the link is HTML formatted like this

< a href=”GL file link” >filename < /a >

I’ve never tried scripting in Google sheets or anything before, is this possible?

Digital Wellbeing in Secure folder Android 10

How can I use Digital Wellbeing in Secure folder Android 10? I am using Samsung A70.

Basically I would like to restrict usage of certain apps inside my secure folder and if possible I would like to have a launcher for secure folder like Desert Island – A Digital Wellbeing Experiment – Apps on Google Play. I am able to install it but I have to manually activate it everytime I go inside secure folder.

How to give owner of copied Google Sheets doc same permissions as he has in the folder it’s copied to?

We have a master form in Google Sheets that is copied by team members and shared with their clients to be filled in. We’ve recently had issues with team members’ clients editing cells they shouldn’t be editing and causing issues in the copies. We want to protect those cells in the copies from being edited as explained here or here. We have set that up in the master and it works as far as clients are concerned.

However, when a user makes a copy of the master, here is the behavior we’ve observed with respect to permissions:

  1. The permissions that the owner of the master had are transferred to the user making the copy.
  2. Any users that can access the folder into which the copy is being made except the owner of the master form are given the permissions they have in that folder.

The problem we’re running into is the “except the owner of the master form” bit. If the owner of the copy needs assistance from the owner of the master, the copy’s owner would need to grant permission sheet by sheet to the master’s owner, which is not practical both because of the number of sheets and because of the typical technical level of our average end users. The master’s owner has full edit permission for every folder into which copies are made, so this behavior seems more like a bug than a feature.

It seems like the code in Google Sheets that’s handling this transition is first adding those with permissions in the folder (which won’t re-add the master’s owner) and then switches the master’s owner’s permissions to the copy’s owner, which removes the master’s owner completely even if they’re on the target folder.

The OP of this question seemed to have faced a similar issue, but the answers there don’t speak to how to resolve this buggy behavior.

So when making a copy of a Google Sheets spreadsheet with protected sheets or ranges, is there a way for the owner of the copied spreadsheet to be assigned the same permissions as such owner has in the folder into which the copy was made?