windows – Why do identical folders on two different hard drives of the same file count and file sizes, take up a different size on disk?

Both have

  • 216,540 files
  • 52,103 folders
  • Size: 278 GB (299,363,715,785 bytes)

But for one hard drive the size on disk is 278 GB (299,672,182,784 bytes) and for another it’s 278 GB (299,672,211,456 bytes) bytes).

That’s a difference of 28,672 bytes or 28.67KB.


cloud computing – Unknown folders in OneDrive

Today, I opened OneDrive more or less by accident, since I do not use it. To my surprise, inside there were unknown folders, in foreign (to me) languages. Namely, “document” and “photo” folders in Korean and a shortcut in French with the meaning of vault/safe.

Mind you, these are all completely foreign to me. Judging by the status icons, the folders are online-only. The shortcut had been created at the same time as the first folder. Also I cannot open the file location of the shortcut.

Could this be a sign of potential infection? If not, how did these come about? Please see the screenshot below.

enter image description here

Means to view offline gmail backups with folders preserved and without a mail client

I was able to make an mbox backup of a personal gmail account as per here:

I used a program called mbox viewer which successfully imported the emails, but combined them all to one folder as shown below.

enter image description here

Is there a way to have the tag / folder information be recognized as separate folders in a gmail backup?

How can I merge folders to a drive accessed through Remote Desktop?

I’m trying to copy 600 GB of data from an old server to a new server not in the same physical location. I’m running Remote Desktop for macOS to connect through a VPN to the new server, running Windows Server 2019 Standard. From there I connect to the old server, running Windows Server 2016 Datacenter, again using Remote Desktop, this time configured to allow the remote machine access to the host machine’s drives.

I was hoping the big file copy would finish during the weekend, but it didn’t. In fact it’s still going. Periodically, I get a dialog saying “An unexpected error is keeping you from copying the file… The device is not connected.” I click “Do this for all current items” and then click “Try Again” and it works. So the remote drive is getting periodically disconnected.

No worries, I think. I’ll wait for the initial copy to finish, bringing the server back up while it’s doing that, and after the initial copy completes, I’ll use some sort of merge utility to update the files that changed.

I’ve tried a few utilities, but all of them assume that the source and destination are mapped to drive letters. That doesn’t appear to be the case here. While the host’s drives appear in the Windows file manager, any folder selection dialog box only shows the remote’s local drives.

How can I perform a folder merge when the destination isn’t mapped to a drive letter?

unreal 4 – UE4 C++ – Add generated source code folders to Visual Studio solution?

In Unreal Engine 4, using a Visual Studio solution and projects generated from the Editor using the First Person Template, the layout of the Solution looks something like the following:

Solution Explorer Screenshot

I am not a fan of this flat horizontal folder structure. What I would like to do is put some new classes into a nested folder here.

I will be generating a new GameState subclass, and putting the sources into the SourceGameState folder that will also be created on the fly, using the UE4 editor:

UE4 Editor create new  c++ class

Notice that the “Create New Folder” option is disabled.

Added GameState folder

Here I have appended the “GameState” folder to the normal source path.

However, the folder structure in the Solution Folder has not changed, and nothing I try to do is working. The things I have tried to do so far include:

  • Drag the folder into the solution from the file explorer
  • Right Click > Add > Existing Item… (Which just results in the files appearing horizontally to the other files without the new folder I have created, also add as link is not an available option)
  • Create a “Filter” (what the other folders appear to be) within Visual Studio. This results in the layout I desire, but I have to add the source code files to the filter manually which just copies them to the .vcxproj file directory. I end up not modifying the actual files I added.

How can I add this folder and it’s files while keeping up with the original copies?

windows 10 – How do I setup access to shared folders using certificates?

I have a simple home network with several computers.
While connected to the home network I want my work laptop to have access to shares in other computers, but I don’t want to save my home credentials in the work computer.

How can I setup access using a certificates in a similar way to ssh access with authorized_keys?
I.e. generate a certificate in the work computer and add it to the user account in the home computer.

windows – Batch Renaming All Files in Several Folders


Let’s say in the file path, C:UsersCurrentUserDocumentsRecords, there are several folders.

I want to rename all the files in all the folders by adding their respective folder names in front of their current file names.

For example, folder 1 and folder 2 exists in C:UsersCurrentUserDocumentsRecords. All the files in folder 1 should be renamed with “folder 1 ” added in front. And all the files in folder 2 should be renamed with “folder 2 ” added in front. So something like the file “Invoice” in folder 1 being renamed to “folder 1 Invoice”. Same thing with folder 2.

Is there a way to do this in Powershell? Any help is much appreciated! :]

script – scrap SharePoint folders?

I have an old SharePoint (not SharePoint Online) with multiple parent folders by US States and child folders with different Years. Each year has folders by Orders. I want to go check in each Order folder if it has a document named ‘Order History’. Is there a way to bring result in an excel file with Year and Order number if it has the required document present?

In short, Instead of going into each order folder manually want a way to automatically pull data in rows like SQL does. Is it possible? Where does SharePoint stores all these documents data in the back end?

home screen folders – What do you access the Work Profile files via USB with the PC

I am tried to modify the files on the USB via PC that the computerised workings are appeared as you don’t show the files by something.

The device is always when don’t modify the files when nothing the folders were not shown, but the migrated tankings are seen as you will display the files and folders.

An story is that the things are tanked in the world’s code you here not seen, but the PC is that the code is back on and the mobile will does modify the workers called Work Profile as you have seen as the folder.

Thanks for your support.