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Advice on fire safety for motels and hotels

For the hotel and motel business, the problem of fire safety makes sense for both investors and the management of anxiety. In this article, An Phat provides some terms of fire safety in the lodging industry so that the investor can be sure to put the hotel, hotel / motel into operation.
According to Decree 79/2014 / ND-CP

For hotels / holidays with a height of 5 or more floors or a volume of 5000 m3 or more, but not more than 9 floors or 25 m:

– provide for regulations, regulations, prohibition boards, signs, diagrams or instruction boards for fire protection and combat and flight according to the characteristics and type of operation of hotels / motels.
– have regulations and responsibilities and duties of fire safety and combat in hotels / motels.
– Electrical system, lightning protection, antistatic; Electrical appliances, fire, heat generation; The use of fire sources and heat sources must ensure fire safety and combat safety.
– There are technical procedures for fire protection and fire protection according to the conditions of the hotel / motel operation.

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– There is a firefighting and prevention capacity of hotels / motels, specialized sectors trained in fire and fire-fighting measures, and fire-fighting organizations ready to meet local fire-fighting requirements.
– A fire and escape plan has already been approved by a competent authority in accordance with Article 21 of this Decree.
– Transport system, water supply, communication for firefighting, fire alarm, fire fighting, fire, fire and fighting facilities, means to save people in accordance with nature and characteristics The points of hotels / motels are in terms of quantity, quality and operation according to the standards and technical regulations for fire protection and fire fighting or according to the regulations of the Ministry of Public Security.
– Records of the management and supervision of fire and control activities in accordance with the provisions of the Ministry of Public Security.

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Fire protection for motels / hotels

For hotels / motels less than 5 stories high or less than 5000 m3 in volume
Ensuring fire safety and combat safety conditions in accordance with the above provisions, in accordance with the operating standards and nature of these hotels / motels, and in compliance with fire safety and fire safety standards and regulations.

For hotels / motels over 9 floors or 25 meters or more
In addition to the above fire and fire conditions, the following conditions must also be met:
– The design structure of a house shall have a fire resistance limit appropriate to the use and height of the house in accordance with the fire safety and fire safety standards and technical regulations.
– Walls, partition walls and suspended ceilings of escape routes, emergency exits, emergency exit chambers and crowded public spaces must not use interior materials, soundproofing and insulation materials. Flammable materials.

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The unit will help investors manage hotels / motels in the fire protection system
Above are the government fire safety regulations for both hotels and motels. You may have tried to implement the above provisions well but have not found the supplier of the fire fighting equipment. No need to worry, because now you know us.

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