unity – How to mitigate when applying horizontal force to a rigidbody seems to overpower gravity?

I’ve started testing movement using the example code in this answer of making a body accelerate to a target velocity

    private void FixedUpdate()
        Vector2 input = GetInput();

        if (Mathf.Abs(input.x) > float.Epsilon || Mathf.Abs(input.y) > float.Epsilon)
            Vector3 desiredVelocity = new Vector3(input.x * speed, 0f, input.y * speed);            

            Vector3 delta = desiredVelocity - body.velocity;
            Vector3 acceleration = delta / Time.deltaTime;
            if (acceleration.sqrMagnitude > maxAccel * maxAccel)
                acceleration = acceleration.normalized * maxAccel;

            body.AddForce(acceleration, ForceMode.Acceleration);

and I’ve encountered the following curious behavior:

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When moving the body by applying force, the body seems to levitate as if gravity is not being applied. It actually is being applied but it seems as if the force being applied to the body is overriding the force of gravity because as soon as I let go of the movement keys the body suddenly drops. I am not applying any force on the y axis so I’m not sure what exactly is at play here. What is going on here and what can I do to mitigate this behavior?

active directory – How to force Group Policy Management Console to send LDAP queries via 636 port

There is an article stating that 636 port can be used by GPMC for secure communications.

Active Directory Certificate Services were installed successfully. Certificate from DC was exported to the workstation. LDP.exe tool as well as ADSIEdit on workstation are able to connect via 636 port.

However traffic analyzer shows that GPMC still uses port 389 for LDAP connections.

How can I force Group Policy Management Console to establish a secure connection via 636 port?

Thanks in advance!

differential equations – I need to obtain distance and speed vs time in one direction gravitational force

I got frustrated from trying to solve supposing simple physic’s problem. All book, textbooks, lectures are always calculation escape velocity from conservation of energy law. I am more ambitious more than that, I want to calculate r(t) and v(t) in one dimension if a stone is thrown up with high speed and observe myself, as a function of time, what is r(t) and r'(t) as a function in starting velocity on a massive planet.
The equation is simple but all trials failed
mr”=Gm*M/r^2 =→
I wrote a code but it gave me the distance embedded in an equation which it cannot solve (Mathematica12.1)

The trial:

Delete All Output;
DSolve(r''(t)*(r(t))^2 + (G*M) == 0, r(t), t)

And this was the solution!

Solve((-((2 G M ArcTanh(Sqrt(C(1) + (2 G M)/r(t))/Sqrt(C(1))))/C(1)^(
     3/2)) + (Sqrt(C(1) + (2 G M)/r(t)) r(t))/C(1))^2 == (t + C(2))^2,

And Mathematica 12.1 can’t solve its solution

Also used NDSolve:

Delete All Output;
Clear(k, R, v);
R = 6371 E 3;
k = 5.972 E 27;
v = 500;
NDSolve({k + y(x)^2 (y^(Prime)(Prime))(x) == 0, y(0) == R, 
  y'(0) == v}, y, {x, 0, 100})

Plot(Evaluate(y(x) /. s), {x, 0, 100}, PlotRange -> All)

I got This comment:
{s} is neither a list of replacement rules nor a valid dispatch table, and so cannot be used for replacing.

Any help to get r(t), and v(t) for one dimensional motion described by universal gravity law?

integration – Reaction of rope to force applied at a point

Consider a uniform rope of mass $m$$vec{x}(t,s)$, $s in (0,1)$, where $t$ is time and $s$ is a curve parameter. The rope is unelastic and doesn’t resist bending. There is no friction or gravity.

I apply force $vec F$ at $s=s_F$, $t=0$. How to calculate the acceleration $vec a$ at $s_F$ and all other values of $s$? And how to calculate how the rope is going to evolve with time, after this force has stopped acting (let’s say it acted for a period of time $t_0$)?

I guess I must use Newton’s second law for rotation and translation but I’m not sure how to integrate over the whole rope.

denial of service – Will brute force attack exhaust web server, resulting in DOS

I used to own a shared hosting business and, while being at a party on a weekend night, I received an automated notification caused by a resource exhaustion. I immediately left to the office and when I arrived I found out a bruteforce attack against a client’s WordPress admin panel was the cause of it.

Always make sure your firewall rulesets are up to date and that a service can’t take others’ resources in case of an anomalous event.

dnd 5e – Can the Mirror of Life Trapping force multiple saves?

Once, or once per activation

Adopting the “there are no hidden rules” rule, since there is no suggestion that multiple saving throws are required, they aren’t.

A creature “that sees its reflection in the activated mirror” makes “a DC 15 Charisma saving throw”. The previous paragraph spells out how the mirror is activated.

A person sees their reflection and from that point on they have seen it, even if they are still looking or are looking again or looked 30 years ago. Once you “see” Paris, you have forever after seen Paris even if you live there.

Whether the mirror “resets” when deactivated/reactivated is ambiguous so that’s a DM call.

How to force Gmail to send immediately when Undo Send is enabled?

As a Gmail user, I find the Undo Send feature very valuable. I have it set for 30 seconds and regularly take advantage of it to improve an email after I first decided to send it. However, one disadvantage of the feature is that it adds an extra 30 seconds of waiting before the email will actually be delivered.

Occasionally I want an email to be sent immediately and delivered ASAP – for example if I’m on the phone with someone waiting for it. I don’t need to the option to undo it. I don’t want to go through the settings to disable the feature, then send the email, then go back to the settings and enable it again.

How can I force a single email to be sent ASAP?

I tried closing the “Undo” box after sending it and I tried viewing the message. In both cases there was no way left I could find in the UI to trigger the Undo any more, but in testing it still didn’t trigger the message to deliver any faster.