How can you not forget things?

I travel a lot and always forget different things in the places where I am. For example, I recently left my travel adapter in a Starbucks and a few months ago I've forgotten many toiletries in an Airbnb.

What are some heuristics to avoid this? I break up the items in my bag into compartments, which seems to work well for the most important things (eg, I never lost my passport), but it's still not enough.

sitemap – How to tell bots to forget a site and index it from scratch

It does not work You need to map your old URLs to the new ones with redirects for SEO and user experience.

Google never forgets about old URLs, even after a decade. If you are migrating to a new CMS, you must implement page-level redirects

If there is no match for a particular page, you can allow it 404 and Google will remove it from the index. If you use "410 Gone" instead, Google deletes the URLs from the index as soon as they have been crawled without the Google-defined "404 Not Found" deadline of 24 hours.

There is no instruction that instructs bots to forget an old site in the search console or robots.txt.

What if you do not redirect?

Redirecting may be too time-consuming, or your new CMS may not simplify the implementation of the redirect.

If you do not implement the redirects, it will start from scratch. Google recognizes that your legacy URLs return the status 404 and removes them from the search index.

Your new URLs may be indexed, but it may take a while. Changing all of your redirect URLs is a big sign that your site is not stable and can not be trusted. All your placements will be lost and your website will be restarted.

Googlebot will search the old URLs for years to come. The hope is eternal that you can open these pages again someday.

If you redirect, all inbound links, users' bookmarks, and most of your current leaderboards will be preserved.


Why do search engines have no "reset" button? Because there are almost always better options. In your case, it is much better to divert.

In the event of a site being penalized, Google will not offer a reset button as it may remove all penalties.


How do you implement the redirects? You need a list of your old URLs. You may have a sitemap from your old website that you can start with. You can also retrieve the list from your server logs, Google Analytics, or even from Google's search panel.

If you've planned in advance, your URLs will be similar in your new CMS and you can implement a rewrite rule to handle them. If there is a pattern between the old and the new URL, it can be a one-liner in a URL .Access File to output the redirects for the entire website.

If you have to manually search for the new URLs and assign thousands of them one after the other, you can look it up RewriteMap Functionality.

Desktop application – users forget to regenerate PDF before sending

My company has developed ERP software for small businesses, and there are always problems.

The Invoices section of the app has a View / Print button that exports the invoice to a PDF file. The problem is that users more often than desired change a setting in the invoice, or add a product or actually change something, and then open the PDF Files folder and retrieve the invoice PDF file to send. Note that they did not click the Show / Print button, so the PDF file was not regenerated and therefore is not up to date.

We can not prevent the user from accessing the PDF Files folder because they may want to copy the PDF file to a USB flash drive. The only possible solution that we have considered is to regenerate the PDF file each time something is changed for the bill really slows the app down, as generating the PDF file can take up to 1 or 2 seconds can take if the bill contains many lines.

We have repeatedly tried to tell users that they are PDF files Not They are automatically generated and need to click on Show / Print to regenerate it. However, they always forget and then call over the phone that the PDF files are outdated.

What would be the best way to solve this problem?

Note: Invoice is a loose translation of French, according to Google Translate "Invoice" would work too. I am only talking about a document containing a list of the products ordered by the customer and the total amount to be paid

8 – How can I forget a Drupal lock?

I understand how locks work, thanks to this post. Very easy:

Function mymodule_long_operation () {
if (lock_acquire (& # 39; mymodule_long_operation & # 39;)) {
// Do the long operation here.
// ...
lock_release (? mymodule_long_operation?);

My problem is that my function can "hang" if lock_release is never hit. So, how can I get my function working again if something goes wrong?

Function mymodule_long_operation () {
if (lock_acquire (& # 39; mymodule_long_operation & # 39;)) {
lock_release (? mymodule_long_operation?);

Yes, I can put the entire function around a try / catch and unlock the catch. But as a developer, I often include "the ()" in my code when I'm working. So I can easily put this function in an unexecutable state.

Is there a way to invalidate the lock after a while? Or to lapse the lock as part of a guaranteed garbage collection feature?

Any ideas would be highly appreciated! Many Thanks!

** UPDATE **

Forget, I put the () in my code. What if the function expires? Then it will not reach the publication. I'm sure there are more cases that confirm this as a problem.

Python – I suck math. Should I forget about machine learning?

I barely passed the algebra when I was in high school and college. Does that mean I have no future with Machine Learning / AI?

I am a Python programmer. My daily work is writing scripts to create reports, web development with Django, and a few more automations using Python.

It seems that the next learning level for me is machine learning / AI, but my weakness is algebra (the auditory bill makes me shiver with fear).

Should I give up ML / AI and focus on other topics?

How to change the Facebook password and reset it if you forget the old Facebook password – Everything else

Would you like to know how to change the password and change the password of the FB? Here are all details:

Facebook is a social networking site that is visited daily by multiple users worldwide. It's one of the best platforms where most people find the latest information on politics, work, entertainment and much easier. In order to access the FB account, you need the correct information for your e-mail address and password. Most users use their FB with their mobile phone number and password. However, it's important to have an email address that will allow you to conveniently protect your account for a long time.

How to fix if the old password of the FB account was forgotten:

If you've forgotten the FB account password and you can not remember your old password, you've just gone astray if you just want to access your account. It's a perfect idea to restore the FB account password using the basic troubleshooting task and easily restore the password.

Here you can easily reset the password of the FB account:

· Start an Internet browser first and visit the FB account to click on the "Get in" button.

· Enter the correct e-mail address and password to access it. However, if you click on an error, click on the Forgot Password button.

· Enter the correct mobile phone number in the field and click on the confirm button.

· You will need to check your registered mobile phone to verify and enter the verification code.

· After that, the next page will display a password reset link where you can enter the new password.

· Enter the new one Facebook Just enter the password in the new and the confirmation field at the end of the task.

After you reset the password, if you want to change it for your uncomplicated password, you can select and enter it during access Change the Facebook password easy.

Here you can easily change the Facebook password.

· First, visit your FB account page and click the Sign In button to enter the correct email address and password.

· Go to Settings, click the Change Password button and continue to the next procedure.

· Enter the old password and enter the verification code sent to your registered mobile phone.

· Now you can easily enter the new password at the end of the task in the new and Confirm password fields.

For additional help and information, you can always contact the technical support team to easily fix the problem.

How-To-Change Facebook Passwort.jpg