Why do blacks still hold a grudge against slavery? Why can not you just forgive and forget how we did it?

Oh look, another outsider tells us how to think and feel.

Of course you are fine now, your people suffered from the hands of America and what happened then? You passed the Civil Liberties Act of 1988, and you've got reparations, and that's less than a decade of injustice suffered.

Then I appeal to America. Here we are, 30 million blacks who have not suffered for 5 years, not for 20 years, but for 400 years, that's right.

When the Jews were wrong, they got land and redress. When the Japanese were wrong, they got reparation. So, President Trump and his citizens, what are you willing to do to help the Black Man and Black Woman rebuild and make a fresh start in a place we can call home?

Password – Android backup with SD card encrypted. forget keys

I backed up my Android data apps and files (I mean all) to my SD card. It contains important files. And I forgot the password because I set it up for encrypted backups not too long ago. And I recently reset the Android to factory settings. So I tried to recover with wrong passwords and ended up "waiting 9 minutes until I tried again"

I've opened my SD card to have at least an idea of ​​how to do it without knowing the password for restoring my previous data. I found some earlier files on SDCARD / HuaweiBackup /, but some seem unreadable and some pictures are DISPLAYABLE.

Nevertheless, how can you only know the forgotten password completely? Since I just want to restore the whole phone as before and not just get some info from before.

github – How to learn something easily and forget about information?

How to create a program for easy access to information and observations on a page with pictures, drawings and video gifs, you can easily access all the information that has been recorded, such as from other programs such as Remember to take a snapshot or a video if it is not installed) Important The important quick access to information for those who have forgotten very quickly I often have to repeat the search for information or always be in front of me.

That we never forget.

18 years have passed since September 11, 2001. It was a sad day here in America. Personally, I will not forget the cause of death and the destruction of the various buildings in different places. I hear that on that day the death toll would have been higher if some of those who should have worked that day did not call ill that day.

For those of you old enough to remember the day, where were you?

On this day I was in the middle of preparing for …

That we never forget.

Use the rule to set and forget in the forex market – discussions and help

Everyone wants to lead their dream life. People always work hard to ensure their financial freedom. If you do not have enough money in life, you can not enjoy the beauty of this world. Some of you may think that money has nothing to do with your happiness. To be honest, these statements are true to a degree, but taking into account all factors, you can not really be happy without money. You have some duties and responsibilities to your family members. To accomplish these tasks, you must earn enough money. For this reason, many people in Singapore often prefer trading as a primary profession.

To become a successful trader is a very challenging task. However, if you stick to the rules and forget the rules, you can easily make a huge profit out of this market. Let us dive deep into the details.

What is set and forgotten rule?

Setting and forgetting rules is based on a few principles. As a trader you will execute the trade and let the market perform its duty. These simple technique of trading is known as a set and forget the rule. Most retailers can not make money, even if they have found great trades. They close their profitable businesses too soon with fear. When it comes to losers, they remain in the market until the trades reach a potential stop loss.

Setting the risk-return ratio

As a forex trader, you need to understand the importance of the risk-return ratio. You may learn how to apply the rule set and forget perfectly, but this does not make you a profitable trader. You need to trade the market at a risk / reward ratio of 1: 3+, so you can easily cover up a few lost trades with a winner. Learn about trade management skills to become a successful trader in Switzerland options trading Industry. Never trade with a negative risk-return ratio in the market, otherwise you will lose money.

Ride the market trend

Once you learn the sentence and forget the rule, you can easily maximize your profit by taking advantage of the market trend. You need to learn a lot about the key retracement of this market. Most importantly, you have accurate knowledge of the most important levels of support and resistance. Try using the simple price action confirmation signal to maximize your win factor in every possible way. Making money in the forex market is easy. You must learn to master the market trend with the utmost precision.

Optimize your trading system

Those who apply the set-and-forget rule often rely on a complex trading strategy. As a Forex trader, you must rely on a simple trading method. Setting and forgetting rules is relatively easy if you follow the basic rules of Risk management policy You can easily make a big profit from this market. But even after all this hard work, you will regularly lose money. But do you think you should give up this profession? The simple answer is no. Try to tune your trading strategy so that you can win more trades. Once you start winning more trades, you'll see the true benefits of the set and forget the rule.

Try new things

Using the Set & Forget rule is one of the most effective ways to earn money in the Forex market. As a Forex trader, you may be able to create a decent trading system by trading the market. However, this does not mean that you are holding onto this trading system all the time. You need to test the new trading strategy and use the set and forget the rule. Try to diversify your trading method so that you can make a profit in all market conditions. Stop thinking about quick profits and focus on long-term goals. Be courageous and act with confidence in the marketplace.

How can you not forget things?

I travel a lot and always forget different things in the places where I am. For example, I recently left my travel adapter in a Starbucks and a few months ago I've forgotten many toiletries in an Airbnb.

What are some heuristics to avoid this? I break up the items in my bag into compartments, which seems to work well for the most important things (eg, I never lost my passport), but it's still not enough.

sitemap – How to tell bots to forget a site and index it from scratch

It does not work You need to map your old URLs to the new ones with redirects for SEO and user experience.

Google never forgets about old URLs, even after a decade. If you are migrating to a new CMS, you must implement page-level redirects

If there is no match for a particular page, you can allow it 404 and Google will remove it from the index. If you use "410 Gone" instead, Google deletes the URLs from the index as soon as they have been crawled without the Google-defined "404 Not Found" deadline of 24 hours.

There is no instruction that instructs bots to forget an old site in the search console or robots.txt.

What if you do not redirect?

Redirecting may be too time-consuming, or your new CMS may not simplify the implementation of the redirect.

If you do not implement the redirects, it will start from scratch. Google recognizes that your legacy URLs return the status 404 and removes them from the search index.

Your new URLs may be indexed, but it may take a while. Changing all of your redirect URLs is a big sign that your site is not stable and can not be trusted. All your placements will be lost and your website will be restarted.

Googlebot will search the old URLs for years to come. The hope is eternal that you can open these pages again someday.

If you redirect, all inbound links, users' bookmarks, and most of your current leaderboards will be preserved.


Why do search engines have no "reset" button? Because there are almost always better options. In your case, it is much better to divert.

In the event of a site being penalized, Google will not offer a reset button as it may remove all penalties.


How do you implement the redirects? You need a list of your old URLs. You may have a sitemap from your old website that you can start with. You can also retrieve the list from your server logs, Google Analytics, or even from Google's search panel.

If you've planned in advance, your URLs will be similar in your new CMS and you can implement a rewrite rule to handle them. If there is a pattern between the old and the new URL, it can be a one-liner in a URL .Access File to output the redirects for the entire website.

If you have to manually search for the new URLs and assign thousands of them one after the other, you can look it up RewriteMap Functionality.