HOGAN : I will never forget

It’s been about 9 years and not a day passed where I don’t think of you and your team and what you idiots have done.

Hi Hogan, As always and every year(I think) I am back to say the exact same thing.

I have not forgotten what your team has done. You, your v7n friends, that hellvetti punk, hecky, sarahK, Rob and the others. You sabotaged my life.
Nothing has changed. You took my life. You destroyed my family. I have not heard from and seen my 9yr old(???I think) son for several years…. cause of you and your stupid dumb little cyclist sarah friend and for what purpose?
Not profit.. Just because you can. Passivist online power BS. Act of a cowardness and dishonor.

I will spend the rest of my life wishing you are dead. Obviously I will never be able to enforce my intention to kill you on the spot considering my pathetic existence and extremely limited and isolated resources but I will never forget.

Spare me your pre-planned “You are not important enough to remember” line or your typical “*shrug*” phrase or your clever tiktok short text lines.

Its fairly obvious I’ll be dead long before you are so I won’t get the benefit of spitting on your grave. And we all know you don’t have a wife or children so they will not carry the danger of the debt in their generation. It’s not like I can cross countries to Diego or where ever the hell you are to kill you on the spot.

So I suppose, much like last year, I’ll see you in hell you sick disgusting snake. You and your friends can play human all you want. I know who you and your dumb friends are. You are disgusting to the core.

Also, save your breath Sarah. Frig off you sick soul less instigator. You wouldn’t think it would be so funny if your family was gone. Play your good person role in your life all you want. I know who you are.


windows 10 – Does a BitLocker recovery key have any use on removable media, a.k.a ‘BitLocker to Go’, other than if you forget your password?

I understand that there are multiple reasons that a recovery key might be needed on a system partition, but why would I want the extra security risk of having a way of circumventing my password for removable media?

Why is windows asking for my recovery key?

Windows will require a BitLocker recovery key when it detects an insecure condition that may be an unauthorized attempt to access the data. This extra step is a security precaution intended to keep your data safe and secure

If I’ve understood this correctly, it only applies to fixed drives. Why not write down my password, or a reminder, rather than a key that’s impossible to remember and does the same thing?

This feels like a stupid question, but I’ve been unable to find a straightforward answer. Have I misunderstood something about how BitLocker to Go works? Does the recovery key offer any protection against the media or data being corrupted?

VeraCrypt appears to only require a rescue disk for the system partition.

usb – How to make my Android device forget a PC?

I am running Android 10 on Realme 2 Pro.

So, I am having a lot of trouble connecting this device via USB for file transfer.

I don’t know what’s the problem. I have tried enabling and disabling USB debugging.

One thing I recollect is that one day I connected it to a charging brick which it recognised as a USB connection instead of AC and I clicked on file transfer.

Since then and before, I haven’t been able to connect my device via USB. One day it connected to somebody’s PC and that gave me the idea if the Android can forget previous PC, it might work. Is there any solution?

cache – How to make an Android app “forget” that it installed on my phone before?

Some apps like Facebook, LinkedIn, Tinder, etc. seem to have a mechanism to remember which Android phone installed their app. So if a user is banned on these apps, the next time somebody creates an account on the same Android phone, that account is flagged or even banned automatically.

What is the way to make sure the app forgets that my Android phone was used previously with a banned account? I tried to clear cache and delete app data, then uninstall the re-install the app but it still remembers! I tried it on different IP addresses but the same issue is there.

Does the app have access to the IMEI of the phone!??

I am on Android v10.

How to use have batch norm not forget batch statistics it just used in Pytorch?

I am in an unusual setting where I should not use running statistics (as that would be considered cheating e.g. meta-learning). However, I often run a forward pass on a set of points (5 in fact) and then I want to evaluate only on 1 point using the previous statistics but batch norm forgets the batch statistics it just uses. I’ve tried to hard code the value it should be but I get strange errors (even when I uncomment things like from the pytorch code itself like checking the dimension size).

How do I hardcode the previous batch statistics so that batch norm works on a new single data point and then reset them for a fresh new next batch?

note: I don’t want to change the batch norm layer type.

Sample code I tried:

def set_tracking_running_stats(model):
    for attr in dir(model):
        if 'bn' in attr:
            target_attr = getattr(model, attr)
            target_attr.track_running_stats = True
            target_attr.running_mean = torch.nn.Parameter(torch.zeros(target_attr.num_features, requires_grad=False))
            target_attr.running_var = torch.nn.Parameter(torch.ones(target_attr.num_features, requires_grad=False))
            target_attr.num_batches_tracked = torch.nn.Parameter(torch.tensor(0, dtype=torch.long), requires_grad=False)
            # target_attr.reset_running_stats()

my most comment errors:

    raise ValueError('expected 2D or 3D input (got {}D input)'
ValueError: expected 2D or 3D input (got 1D input)


IndexError: Dimension out of range (expected to be in range of (-1, 0), but got 1)

pytorch forum: https://discuss.pytorch.org/t/how-to-use-have-batch-norm-not-forget-batch-statistics-it-just-used/103437

privacy – Isn’t Youtube supposed to forget what I did during an incognito session?

I hope the question is applicable to this forum. If not, please, point me better Stack where I could ask it.

When I go into incognito session and then use Youtube, I always thought that it’s like coming to the site as a totally new person. How surprising it was when one day I watched a cabaret (not a very trendy, nor fashionable thing to watch) in incognito mode and a day later, on the same browser, on the same computer, in incognito mode I received a recommendation for me to watch the same cabaret, on the main page. I wasn’t logged in. Neither am I logged in on YT in non-incognito session, but there I didn’t receive any cabaret recommendation, so YT treats these two sessions as different users and give different recommendations.

I could think that YT knows something about my net, so they could basically recommend me anything that I watch on any computer in the range of the same wifi net, on any device, but YT doesn’t do it.

So how did Youtube know that I had watched a cabaret a day before and that I was in incognito mode too? How does it all work? I reckon he wouldn’t know if I had used a different browser?

Factors To Never Forget For A Super Easy Moving – Newbies Lounge

You got the latest career or got endorsed with a higher position although you have to move to the latest spot. Just what do you perform? You have chosen to move throughout together with someone close and initiate a whole new section in your lifetime. Just what could you perform? Needs to be motives tend to be, you must make up your mind and select a reliable service provider to assist you with all the proceed. Should you be moving derived from one of state to a new, here are several useful information for making the method hassle-free.

Prepare yourself. If you have knowledgeable transferring collected from one of prevent completely to another or maybe in one location to a new, you probably already know that relocating coming from residence to house is really a complex practice. Although whenever you transfer collected from one of nation to another, this related headaches become more complicated. In order to decrease the actual complication of the full process, preparation is the essential. For those who have arranged your own points of interest on going in foreign countries, it is best to get started your own preparing in addition to preparing several weeks prior to real transfer. Jotting along the points you’ll need as well as the chores you need to complete will assist limit complications as well as pressure.

Segregate what you will acquire along with abandon driving. The actual shipping coming from all your current belongings postures the logistical headache. If you wish to lessen the tension with regards to shifting abroad, the ultimate way to progress is always to discover the items that you would like to deliver to you. From then on, you need to determine whether in order to dispose of, give away or maybe market the opposite goods that usually are left. Lowering your directory things that you’re delivering on hand will assist you to help save hard work when it comes to packing these types of.

Immediately after hurdling this task, get started taking your belongings once you are able to. Begin with those things you defintely won’t be seeking any time rapidly in addition to perform towards you through all your belongings.

Begin labeling your own goods. After getting done packing your current things in specific bins, just be sure you label most of these as a result. It will help it become easier that you should find stuff you will need once you reach your brand-new household. Concerning critical files, the item is a good idea to handle these along with you.

Analysis about a respected treatment service agency. Start your own search for a removals organization on the initial period achievable. This kind of gives a couple of advantages. Initial, you happen to be confident you get to choose the finest firm about the night out of the move. Subsequent, you may have sufficient time to compare removals companies and also pick the best among most of these.

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