Custom form in the design template that displays an internal server error while sending

I have a custom form in the WordPress design template, but internal server errors are displayed when sending. There was no error in the error.log file regarding this submission. I host my website at bluehost and here is my form

<form method = "post" action = "/formprocessing.php ">    

In the file "formprocessing.php" I only show some text and forward it to the template file, but it shows the internal server error.

It took a lot of time to sort out this problem, but I still could not figure it out. Your help is greatly appreciated.

c ++ – How do I trigger a running windows form app?

I have a Windows Form app (C ++) that uses third-party software to generate a set of PDF files – which creates the PDF files with the information provided by the app.

The question is: how do I keep the app waiting for everyone?
the PDF files to be created before new files are created?

I thought I should make a loop that checks the number of PDF files in a particular directory. if the number of files equals the amount
Then the loop should be interrupted and the code continues.
Just not sure how it works …

I'm not a programmer for the protocol, so I'm an electrical engineer
My programming skills are due to a lot of C ++ …

Should I fill out the US TOURIST VISA FORM separately?

My mother and I are planning to apply for a US tourist visa (B1 / B2) and my mother will pay for our trip. My question is: Do I have to fill out the DS160 form separately? She filled out the form and put my name in the attendant. Now I'm just confused, whether I should fill out the form separately or not. Thanks for the help in advance! God speed!

gui design – How can I display a document preview in response to a form?

My registration form requires the input of the user Information A and Information B that are printed on documents that only they have access to.

I have to do the form there responsive For all types of devices – ultra-widescreen displays or smartphones – I want my preview to appear below my form. I also want my preview map to always be the same height as my form map.

The main problem, however, is the presentation of the document preview. The preview is just an image that is swapped out, depending on the inputs the user has currently focused on. Information A is printed at the top of the document and Information B is printed below. On wider screens, the cards are now also wider. I have to either scale or crop the image. Both are not really an option, as the scaling makes it too small to be readable and truncates the cropping Information B,

mock up

I have the question "How to Display a Document Preview".

What would be a good way to make a responsive preview of these documents?

primaverabss – How to pass parameters to a user form

Good Morning

I'm calling user forms, but I can not understand how to pass parameters that can be accessed through the form.

For example, I need to call a user form from a sales document and have access to the document ID in this user form.

I tried to pass the parameters through the Parameters property of CustomCodeDefinition. However, I do not see how I can access this property in the form.

Here is an example of the code used:

                                PSO.Administrador.BSO.Extensibility.ShowCustomForm (new CustomCodeDefinition ()
Class = "FDUTeste",
Extension = "ext01",
Parameter = new list() {
new CustomParameterDefinition () {
Name = "ID",
Value = DocumentSale.ID

linear algebra – Do you determine all equivalence classes of a given quadratic form?

To let $ G (x, y) $ be a binary quadratic form of an integral coefficient that is positively determined.
If the discriminant of $ G (x, y) $ is -56 $then I have to determine all equivalence classes of $ G (x, y) $,

Say $ G (x, y) = x ^ {t} Ax $, from where $ | A | = left | begin {array} {cccc} a & b \ c & d end {array} right | $then I can determine that $ ad-bc = -56 $ and $ a> 0 $, in addition, $ G (x, y) $ corresponds to a reduced form, where $ 0 <a leq 4 $ and $ 0 leq | b | leq 2 $,

Do I have to use this conclusion? Or how can I determine all? Please help.

magento2 – Adding space in the checkout form

You can change view / frontend / templates / order / view / custom_fields.phtml, It's the one responsible for rendering your custom field on the checkout page.
Check below the changed code (I have added a
at the top of the custom comment):

getCustomFields ($ block-> getOrder ());

: escapeHtml ($ customFields-> getCheckoutBuyerName ()); ?>
: escapeHtml ($ customFields-> getCheckoutBuyerEmail ()); ?>
: escapeHtml ($ customFields-> getCheckoutPurchaseOrderNo ()); ?>
: escapeHtml ($ customFields-> getCheckoutGoodsMark ()); ?>

/ ** This will add space * / escapeHtml ($ customFields-> getCheckoutComment ())); ?>

Create a form with exclusion fields to search for flights (iOS app)

I am currently facing a UX situation that I do not know how to solve.

I have a place in my app where I can search for flights that either enter the airports airline, departure and destination or the flight number.

One idea was to OR the airline, departure and destination fields from the flight number. I do not like this too much, as it can be confusing if someone filled more than one box.

Another could be a picker who selects the type of search (Dep / Dest airports or flight number).

What are your thoughts? Which other ideas could be better?