Standard visa for visits to the United Kingdom Long stay visa selection problem – new application form

Apply for a standard long-term visa for visitors to the UK from India. I have finished up to the declaration part. But so far, I have not found an option for the visa period (6 months, 2 years, 3 years, etc.). I would like to apply for a 2-year visitor's visa so I can visit the UK several times to visit my daughter and her family in the UK.

I apply via the link

Do I get an option for the visa duration in the "Pay" tab? Or do I use the wrong link?

Thank you very much

Web application – return the social security number after validation checks in the web-based form

I have a web-based application form that collects personal information for web-based users. One of the fields is an SSN. My question is simple, in terms of security compliance (generally OWASP, PCI, SOC2, etc.). Is it okay to pre-populate the SSN if the user has returned to the form due to validation issues?

Assuming I fill in the entire form, I forgot to enter the date of birth (another field in the form), the form reloads the page, displays a confirmation message regarding a required field, and then the form is filled out Form fields that the user has already entered, first name, last name, SSN, etc. Is it acceptable for security reasons to refill the SSN (this comes from the server side validation, not from the client side), or should I force the user to SSN again enter?

UPSEE application form 2020

UPSEE Application Form 2020 – Dr. Ing. A.P.J. Abdul Kalam Technical University will release the 2020 UPSEE application form in January. The application form for UPSEE 2020 is only available in online mode until March. Students wishing to be admitted to the B.Tech programs offered by the AKTU and its participating institutes must complete the UPSEE application form 2020.

8 – Add a custom Web Form e-mail handler if the delivery is blocked

I'm using the mass operation "star / flag selected submission" in webform views to process webform submissions, which works well.

I would like to be able to send an email to the author if a submission of a web form belonging to one of its nodes has been changed to "Sticky (Flag)". Is there a way to do this?

I've seen that I need to add a custom handler, but I do not know what content.

Enter image description here

Automatically fill out Javascript form depending on the selected option

I need your help, please! How can I do this by pausing to click on a menu (be it menu 1, menu 2, menu 3, menu 4) and also click on the pictures of this menu (click on the picture of the chicken), fish etc. ), which appear in the daily lunch menu, automatically show me all menu details in the payment form.Enter image description here

magento2 – How do I insert a placeholder in the company field of the customer address processing form (edit.phtml)? magento 2

I tried to add a placeholder in the company field of the customer address processing form (edit.phtml) in magento 2. For suggestions or advice that I should look for, I searched in the block of 'MagentoCustomerBlockWidgetCompany' but could find nothing helpful

App Design Frontend Company Name Magento_Customer templates address edit.phtml

getLayout()->createBlock('MagentoCustomerBlockWidgetCompany') ?>

isEnabled()): ?>
                setCompany($block->getAddress()->getCompany())->toHtml() ?>

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How do I create a custom search form with date range? (With wood)

I need to create a data range search for my site with two inputs (start date, end date).
I use Timber and I have no idea how to do it.

Here is my code in the search controller. How can I implement this feature?

        'exclude'=> 1

$context('search_placeholder') = $search_placeholder;
$context('categories') = $categories;
$context('pagination') = Timber::get_pagination();
$context('posts') = new TimberPostQuery();

Timber::render( $templates, $context );