dnd 5e – Can three conjured rabbits form a circle?

With DM approval, it is possible for a high level player to summon a trio of Hags (either a trio of Sea Hags from a single casting of Conjure Woodland Beings level 8 or a trio of Hags with higher CR through three separate castings of Conjure Fey). Both spells are one hour long (or two if the "Extended Metamagic Spell" option is applied to them in any way). Then the witches disappear.

Can such a trio of temporarily summoned rabbits with DM approval form a circle (they may have the time) and / or can it be said again with DM approval that they were already in a circle when summoned?

This is within the framework of the organized game of the Adventurers League, where the rules must be followed as written, with a minimum of rules being considered cool. I ask because maybe I'm missing something.

Email – contact form not sent. Just refreshing. No mistakes … nothing

I'm sorry if this is a repeated topic, but everything I can find is out of date and not for my version.

New problem in the very long line of problems … with Magento 2.3.2. CE

The contact form does not work on our website. It is displayed correctly and all configuration settings are activated. I know the email addresses work because account setup etc. works.

If you enter all the details and click "Submit", the "Contact" page will only be updated with no messages or errors and no email will be sent.

I'm using the Xstore theme, but the bolts and nuts are the same as the standard Magento form. I even have the Xstore & # 39; form.phtml & # 39; replaced by the standard and still achieved the same result.

I have a CMS contact page and use the following code:

{{block class="MagentoContactBlockContactForm" name="contactForm" template="Magento_Contact::form.phtml"}}

according to Magento documentation.

Any ideas as to why this happens would be appreciated.

Thanks a lot.

Riemannian geometry – when is this differential form harmonic?

To let $ (M ^ 3, g) $ be a (closed) Riemannian manifold and let $ u: M to S $ be a harmonious function where $ S $ is a closed, orientable surface. If $ omega $ is a $ 2 $-Form one $ S $what are adequate conditions on $ omega $ okay $ u ^ * omega $ to be a harmonic $ 2 $-Form one $ M $?

The specific case I'm analyzing is this: we have $ u_1, u_2: M to mathbb {S} ^ 1 $ harmonic functions, $ u = (u_1, u_2): M to mathbb {S} ^ 1 times mathbb {S} ^ 1 $ and $ omega = d theta_1 wedge d theta_2 $, Where $ d theta_i $ denotes the volume shape on each $ mathbb {S} ^ 1 $.

In both cases, I would be happy to have a solution.

Plugins – WordPress, search form with Ajax

I am completely new to WordPress and my maximum is to create a plug-in with a function that shows "Hello, I am working". I have a search form with first and last name and a working API that I wrote on another server on Laravel.

My job is to make sure that when the page loads, the first 20 records from this API are loaded into the search form and actually do their job. In theory, that shouldn't be difficult, but can anyone tell me how to do it right? Where to use the plugin and how to tap my API. I know Js / Ajax, but how to use them in a WordPress environment – no.

I would be most grateful for any tips

Differential equations – find the canon form of $ u_ {tt} + (c + d) u_ {xt} + (cd) u_ {xx} = 0 $ (hyperbolic)

$ u_ {tt} + (c + d) u_ {xt} + (cd) u_ {xx} = 0 $

c, d are real numbers

we have to find its canonical form. I found that when $ c = d $ it is parabolic, otherwise it is hyperbolic.

$ delta $ Calculate is here.

I managed to find the equation if it is parabolic (delta = 0), but I tried to find the hyperbolic form (if delta> 0) and I did it.

On this picture you can see my calculations,
and here after inserting it into the given equation.

Website Design – How Many Input Fields on a Line of a Form?

If you really want columns in your forms

When designing forms with multiple columns, the following quick rule applies:

Double your font size and enter the largest realistic value that the input should accept. If it fits, your input is large enough.

The reason for this is that many people increase the font size in their browser and WCAG 1.4.4, although not entirely clear, suggests that this should allow an enlargement of up to 200%.

I'm not saying what it says as long as the page can be zoomed in, and this has always been a matter of controversy over what the rule actually means.

Even if this point is not clear, it is good practice.

Provided you use rem or em Units at 1rem / 1em, just adjust font-size: 200% In your HTML code, enter the longest realistic information you can think of (i.e., enter "thisisalongemailaddress@alongdomainname.com" as the email address) if it suits you.

Since the font size is complex with Rems, Ems, etc., you can manually set the font size to 32 pixels with each input, as this is the equivalent. Also, don't forget to check your labels to see if they work.

If you find that there is still a lot of space left at the end, add another entry to the line if this makes sense.

A couple of additional considerations

Since this is labeled "Accessibility", make sure that the edge of your entrances has at least a 3: 1 contrast ratio to the surroundings. At first glance, it looks okay, but it is borderline.

One last thing to consider is, do items belong together? First name and last name do, but is the ID number related? I would be tempted to have the ID number on a different line.

Should you design forms with more than one column?

With all of this said, put an input on one line.

As soon as you start adding error messages, all of the above points fall apart (since error messages are usually longer).

Error messages still have to work with larger font sizes and usually become unclear if there are two or three columns.

Also, don't worry about vertical scrolling, it's common nowadays, and since a form ends with a submit button, users know when they have reached the end of their form (so you don't have to worry about people having fields miss.)

8 – Checkbox values ​​cannot be obtained from the Drupal administrator form for the branch

I created a check box option for a field.


– One

– Two

– Three

– Four

This is the field name I'm grinding content.field_room_category

    {% for key, item in content.field_room_category if key|first != '#' %}
  • {{ item }}
  • {% endfor %}

    By doing liI get all checked values ​​like one, two, four. But I have to get all values ​​with activated or not activated status, e.g. B. One – True / 1, Two – Right / 1, Three – False / 0, Four – Right / 1

    For this purpose I tried {{item.value}}, {{item.content}}, {{item [& # 39; # title & # 39;]}} none of them worked statues.

    Enter the image description here

    I want to achieve something similar to the picture above. If the element is activated, I can display an icon if the element is deactivated. Another icon is displayed.

    8 – Paragraph with custom form is not displayed for anonymous users

    I created a basic form in a module and am trying to add it to a page via a custom paragraph.

    function my_module_preprocess_paragraph__my_paragraph(&$variables) {
      if (!Drupal::service('router.admin_context')->isAdminRoute()) {
        $paragraph = $variables('paragraph');
        $form = Drupal::formBuilder()->getForm('Drupalmy_moduleFormMyCustomForm');
        $variables('content')('form') = $form;

    This form is displayed for registered users, but is not anonymous. There are no other fields in this paragraph … just the code above that adds the form.

    How can I allow this form to be displayed to anonymous users?

    USA – I booked a British Airways flight that flies from London to Philadelphia on a "Visa Package" (I have an Immigration Visa Approval Form I-797).

    Nobody knows whether the current travel restrictions will be lifted by April 21. The lifting of the restrictions is a political decision that will be made in the future, and the people who will make the decision may not even know what they are going to do.

    The longer you wait to trade, the smaller your options and choices will be. And if your options and decisions narrow, your tensions and uncertainties will increase.

    Therefore, it is best to now change your flight so that it arrives at the approved airport, and as @phoog comments below, to ensure that you can enter the United States as an immigrant if you are not from the UK, Ireland or Ireland the Schengen area and has been outside all these areas for at least 14 days.

    PHP problem with WordPress Ajax form

    I am trying to save data from a form using Ajax in user meta, but am unsuccessful.

    I am fairly new to jQuery and am not sure where I am wrong since there seem to be no sun control errors.

    Here is my code in my plugin file:

         * Action hooks
            // Register and Enqueue plugin styles and scripts
            add_action( 'wp_enqueue_scripts','load_css_and_js');
            function load_css_and_js() {
                wp_register_style( 'krv-style', plugin_dir_url( __FILE__ ) .'css/custom-setts.css' );
                wp_register_script( 'krv-script', plugins_url( 'js/custom-setts.js', __FILE__ ), array('jquery'), null, false );
                wp_localize_script( 'krv-script', 'krv_obj', array( 'ajax_url' => admin_url('admin-ajax.php'), 'check_nonce' => wp_create_nonce('krv-nonce') ) );
            function aj_save_setts_settings( $user_id ) {
                check_ajax_referer( 'krv-nonce', 'security' );
                $krv_user_setts = $_POST('user_setts'); 
                if ( !current_user_can( 'edit_user', $user_id ) ) { return false; }
                update_usermeta( $user_id, 'user_setts', $krv_user_setts );
            //Hook Function into WP_Ajax for Admin and Frontend
            add_action('wp_ajax_aj_save_setts_settings', 'aj_save_setts_settings');
            add_action('wp_ajax_nopriv_aj_save_setts_settings', 'aj_save_setts_settings');
            //Add (setts) Form Shortcode
            add_shortcode( 'setts', 'add_user_setts_shortcode' );
            function add_user_setts_shortcode(){
      // (Loop)
    • type="checkbox"/>

    And I got that in js/custom-setts.js::

    jQuery(document).ready( function() {
            var user_setts = user_setts;
            var str = {
                    'action': 'aj_save_setts_settings',
                    'security': krv_obj.check_nonce,
                    'user_setts': user_setts,
                    type: "POST",
                    dataType: "html",
                    url: krv_obj.ajax_url,
                    data: str,
                    success: function(data){
                        // Code after ajax success
                    error : function(jqXHR, textStatus, errorThrown) {
                        $loader.html(jqXHR + " :: " + textStatus + " :: " + errorThrown);

    Any help is greatly appreciated!