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Hello @Carey Baird – sorry I'm a little confused.

I have two stores, both of which have been updated Version 10.2.1.

Today I received the following email from the Amazon Associates Program and am confused as to what to do. ,

Everything seems to be fine and I don't know if I have to do the following:

This is a reminder that you need to complete the upgrade to Amazon Product Advertising API Version 5.0 (PA API 5.0) from March 9, 2020, We noticed that at least one of your applications has called PA API 4.0 in the past 30 days.

PA API 5.0 is a simpler, more detailed, and more consistent API that allows you to quickly and easily link your content to Amazon.
Thanks for any advice.

Paid / Free – RPRage forums that need staff Forum promotion

Hello everybody,

I've been in the forum industry for a while now and am working on two great forums that are now huge as a super / section moderator, but it's time to create my own forum because I think the games that I like to play are not supported enough.

Anger includes several games like;

Overwatch – Members can join to discuss the game themselves and join teams through the forum or discord, so filling competition roles is no longer a problem. There is also discussion of the new version of Overwatch 2.

Fortnite / Apex – Opportunity to discuss the new future seasons, take part in competitions to win skins, etc.

Elder Scrolls – Popular factions can have their own subsection to promote their faction for PVP or PVE.

Much more.

I currently need section moderators interested in any type of game to contribute and connect with other members.
I also need a graphic designer to help create logo banners, etc. The graphic designer can also act as section moderator of the graphic section or as a sub-administrator if he has experience.

The sub-administrator role is also available. However, due to certain tasks, the sub-administrator does not have full access and is not considered for ownership status.

The forum is operated by a full Xenforo license and all employees must be at least 16 years old for security and professional reasons.


Moderator wanted
Graphic designer wanted (moderator)
Sub-administrator wanted

Email Marketing | Forum promotion

Has anyone thought about email marketing? Note that it was a big deal in the 2000s. Nowadays, however, I think it has been replaced by social media marketing. Social media behaves similarly to an email list.

I suppose the main problem with email is that many people ignore commercial email even if they signed up for it, but I could be wrong.

: GSA SEO & Marketing Forum ::.

I can't get my campaign up and running a bit. When I started I got links that were green, but it stopped – now nothing. I can't make it work because I have no idea how.

Is there someone out there who can give me important information to get started, whether to scratch a list or what? I have no idea how to do it, and it's pretty annoying.

I tried watching a video that showed me how to get URLs with gsa, but when I do it it doesn't work.

The screenshot shows the part I'm talking about. For example, I go to save the file to another location and after a while I check that no URLs have been saved. Do I have to save them externally or does gsa save them? I guess I tried to find out all day, because if gsa saves them automatically, I don't even worry about saving them for other campaigns because I don't currently need them.

No goals to post (when scraping), private proxies are fine. :: GSA SEO & Marketing Forum ::.

I remember a few questions about this problem, but these are not proxies (other projects that scratch, run fine).
Here is the error message:
"2020-02-20 20:38: No goals to post (posts per account: 6, posts per site: 6, minutes to wait for the first post: 1-3, minutes to wait for the next post: 10-20 , Minutes until the next registration: 4-6) (first appeared on 02/20/2020 at 20:32) "

Tried to index 72 URLs.
Using 305,017 keywords (ALL ENGLISH)

Search engines by language: ENGLISH, SPANISH, FRENCH, GERMAN

You will see the planned posting in the error message

No jumps by country or language

The search engine project is scratching again.
+ Use private proxies (scratch and post other projects)
+ Errors may occur once a day.

Please help, this project is lagging behind, not sure why.
Many thanks in advance to everyone.

SakugaCity.Com – Anime and Gaming Community | Forum promotion

The smaller print: Although we are flattered to receive such attention, please note that Sakuga City is not for sale and will never be for sale. We are of course open to working with people in the industry, but the community belongs to the members. We had too many requests to purchase SC and I don't want to waste people's time.

Site name: City of Sakuga
Type (forum, blog, website or partner): Forum community and article / reviews page
Category: Anime and gaming
keywords: Anime, manga, gaming, geek culture, films, comics

Website start date May 23, 2016

Description: Sakuga City is a forum for fans of anime, video games, comics, cartoons and other elements of geek culture. We love everything! We want to be a safe and inviting online community. We are proud that we are exclusively a work-safe PG13 environment. This means that our members can feel safe when surfing the forum in public space.

The site is operated by former volunteer admins and moderators of a once popular 14-year-old, 120,000-member anime forum founded in 2002. We have the experience of running successful, entertaining communities. The old site was sold and no longer exists, so we had no choice but to start over. Sakuga City is jointly owned, which means that it is never sold, so our members always have a home. It is very active for its size as the community is much older than the website. We have of course added new members and hope that more new people will come and join our unique little community.

Over the years, some of our older members had long outgrown the anime, but were still actively posting on game themes. The old site was more of a general forum, but since the URL contained anime, it was only marketed as an anime site. We decided that the new website puts more emphasis on geek culture as our community has always been more than just an anime forum. Our anime and gaming areas are currently the most active themed areas on the website, so we definitely made the right decision.

In December 2016, some of our members and employees joined together to form an employee team. These are all members of our forum community who have a private forum to work together on designs and concepts. Contributors are responsible for articles, reviews, and podcasts that are only available in Sakuga City. New people can join as permanent or guest authors by contacting (me). Shannon Apple, or Pinky the blue flamingo (our editor-in-chief) on site.

Check out some of the great content from our team at the link below.

Articles, reviews and podcasts:

To date, we have over 130 full-length articles, reviews and podcasts written by our great team.

Other links:

Chat rooms:
Steam Group:
Xbox One group:
Sakuga City products
PSN group: Sakuga City products

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Exchange posts with Outlaw Star Nexus | from Forum Promotion

Hi there! I would like to do some post exchanges. This will be a long post, but I take the exchange seriously, so I want to tell you what I can bring to the table. My forum is mostly about entertainment. If you are interested in any of this (anime / games / film / television mostly) you are probably already eligible. Brownie points if you like games. Double brownie points if you like anime too. Check it out in my Sig.

While an interest in entertainment is preferred, a general discussion (occasional discussions or controversial discussions have their own forums) is usually more popular. Sports discussions are usually avoided, but the technology is good.

I promise high standard posts. I will never publish one-sentence responses (unless they are forum games for which we can set rules) and I expect the same from you. If I'm going to be a temporary or long-term member of your forum, I can enjoy my time there as well and don't consider it a chore.

We have two options with regard to the booking amounts:

Short-term exchange

We can agree to a number between 6 and 29. This can be any number, except multiples of 5. So not 10, 15, 20 or 25. The reason I do this is that I have exchanged a lot in the past New members with 5 or 10 posts ( for example) look a bit suspicious. Please offer one of these numbers as an equal ratio. The number of threads can be negotiated on a case-by-case basis, but I'm looking for at least two threads.

Long-term exchange

My forum is doing pretty well, although it's not a big community. One problem I'm facing is that I've probably posted far too often. A long-term exchange can help improve the sense of community by using more active users. So I can agree with that. If you are interested, I would like us to test the water beforehand with a short-term exchange and continue from there.

I like most things in terms of the type of content I can provide. Obviously, I am best at entertainment discussions. I like retro and modern games. I mostly like retro anime, but some modern ones. I love to watch live action TV shows. Movies are great! My favorite genres are probably horror and thriller, but I'm open to most of them. I am a tech junkie. I know most of the devices. In addition to hardware, I like to talk about software. I can program a bit, but I'm not very competent. My music skills are pretty poor, so I'm probably not suitable for a music forum.

I can contribute to the general discussion because I do a lot on forums. Politics, but sometimes not an issue that I would say I am Good at the. Religion is a no. I would like to post on a religion forum if you just want me to write about other topics. Sport, I know next to nothing, so think about it.

By the way, I don't expect all of your posts to appear in the entertainment areas. Feel free to make many of them general. One thing I forgot to mention is that I shouldn't exchange more than five posts in a single day. Too many can look like a rush job. You can take your time if necessary.

Thank you for reading. Let me know about your forum and your strengths and weaknesses if you are interested.

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