New to the forum, nice to e-meet you!


Ex-digital marketer here, I'm going through forums to see what I could learn new about this domain that I left a few years back and see if it has changed or not!

The reason I have quit a few years back is because of how what used to be a field of constant creativity and awesomeness became a war of "who can spend the most money first" and I got fed up to see the same ads over and over and over again from the people that had the financial capacity, while the smaller more creative…

New to the forum, nice to e-meet you!

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I will create 60 dofollow forum posting backlinks authority links

I will create 60 dofollow forum posting backlinks authority links

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Info – Package Service Temporary Closure | Forum Promotion

Hello Forum Promotion,

As of May 8th, 2021, the Package Service will be temporarily closed to all new requests to allow for revisions to the Package Service to be made. All existing package requests will be completed, while any new package requests submitted while the Package Service is closed will be rejected.

Thank you for your continued support of Forum Promotion.


Package Team Leader

PG rated Romance Movies Recommendations please! | Forum Promotion

Well, none of those Hallmark Cinderella ones please. Some teenage themed romantic thrillers movies recs for me please on either Youtube premium or Netflix Canada. Kissing, flirting and touching are okay for me personally, just nothing too graphic please thanks. I can’t stand sex or nudity in entertainment. Thanks for helping me, you guys.


theming – Drupal Forum customizing: Get Taxonomy field value in Forum overview forum-list.html.twig

i am customizing the appearance of the drupal standard forum. Drupals standard forum is based on taxonomy terms. I added all my forums and container. So far so good.

Additionally i added a custom taxonomy field and i want to show the field for each forum category. (See on attached pictures)

how can i call the custom taxonomy field in forum-list.html.twig?

I know how to call content fields from nodes in node.html.twig. for example, but how to call custom taxonomy fields in forum-list.enter image description herehtml.twig (core moduleenter image description here).

(Drupal 9.17)

I appreciate every help.

Thanks in advance!

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Note Canvas | Forum Promotion

Hello user! Welcome to Note Canvas!

Note Canvas is a notes app (web-based) that I have been working on for years! You can store notes from business notes, school notes, among other things. Available in all browsers, web and mobile.

The main reason that I even wanted to start the application in the first place was because I found a common pattern amongst most of the traditional note-taking apps. One of the main reasons were curiosity, but the other is that I found that the more features a notes app had, the steeper the learning curve is for said app. This is not a slight towards any well-featured app in particular, but rather just an observation on the user experience of the apps and who they are targeting to. My approach is that I want a notes app that both has a lot of functionality AND has practically no learning curve, because it is based on familiar user interfaces that computer users have been using in the past.

All that being said, however, our current target market aren’t users of those apps, or people who use apps like that, but rather a demographic who may not use it at all–students.

Here is the link to to be able to try it for free.

It’s available across all browsers, desktop or mobile.

We also have a blog related to productivity, if that’s something you’re into.