Personnel required Forum promotion

We are currently looking for new employees!

We are a general discussion community. At this moment we have a lot of ideas. We are looking for some forum mods & graphic designers!
If you like media, we are also looking for some people for our media department. We'll be posting site-wide contests soon and we'll need some mods to keep the forum inline. If you are looking for something that is fun, look no further!

Once we can get started, it will be possible to pay to those who help.

Forum moderator
Media manager

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Last Shelter Survival Community Forum Exchange Forum promotion

I would like to start generating activities in this forum to try to get the actual players to join the forum, to be active and involved.

Right now I'm going to do most of the exchanges as long as it's not absurd. I could do a daily exchange as long as I have no problems getting to them (number of posts, daily life, etc.). And for clarification, I will not immediately switch to the active for active train, since I have to be able to say whether I will have no problems with a forum in the future.

If you don't want to deal with the standard grid layout, go to the profile page, click Edit Profile, go to the Settings tab, and change the topic to a more readable format. with the rest of the information. The last two options in the topic list are the standard forum display. :) :)

If you start posting before I decide to accept it, I will ask you to change the number if I accept the request.

I am ready to do the following exchange:
Answer / topic combinations – Up to 25
Answer only – Up to 20
Subject Only – Up to 15

For active people, 15 is the highest I would like to accept per day.

Chat! Tori Chic | Forum promotion

Site name: Tori chic

-New content every day!
-Various types of forum games in our game hub!
-Fun job to keep you entertained!
-Weekly newsletter
-User ranks (coming soon)

Hello, the name is Tori. I created Tori Chic forums where people can come and hang out. We have different things for you to do. We want to add games and a reward board. We are just beginning. If you want to take the time, have a look and sign up! We would be very happy.

04/07/2020 – We have reached 27 threads, 50 posts and 6 members!

Linkin Park Frontman committed suicide | Forum promotion

There are tons of posts on Facebook for these messages. It seems that I have so many friends who are fans of Linkin Park. Come and think about it, the guy got famous and rich and he had the gall to waste his life just like that. Tsk, tsk, some people are very lucky.

You don't know anything about this guy (and if you're wondering, I'm doing this because I'm a huge Linkin Park fan and have been following them for years), so tsk tsk, so you have the courage to do so about a legend like him say who did it did nothing but good in his life

This guy has been struggling with life since childhood, he has been harassed / abused and this is something that will hurt you for life. He was a wonderful person who made incredible and epic music with his band called Linkin Park and has given a lot of hope and love to the world for people who are also struggling and have a hard time coping with a stupid life.
The music he made with his band literally saved lives, including mine.

They have no idea what he went through, no matter how famous and rich the guy was, etc.
Sounds like you completely forget that people like him are just like us humans
Just because he had all the things that none of us are likely to ever have does not make him invisible to normal things that we all go through … pain, suffering, depression and other psychological problems, etc.

RIP Chester Bennington

New forum hubs!

Hi Guys! I've been working on adding tons of new hubs to my forum! Look for users like you to fill them with threads / posts!
New hubs
– Serious conversation
-Gamer's hub
and a few more.

We are also currently looking for employees if you would like to set off

Tori chic

Check Tori Chic to get started!

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