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Please fix – project / thread stuck? -. :: GSA SEO & Marketing Forum ::.


Has anything been changed recently with blog commentary, picture commentary, pingback or trackback?

I have projects that only target blog comments, picture comments, pingbacks and trackbacks. And these are the only projects that get stuck. These projects build links, but then hang and do not continue. So I have to manually stop and update in SER and restart projects. Whats strange, when I restart these projects, the submitted and verified numbers go back thousands. Another strange thing is that when I stop these projects, the number of active threads still shows example T: 35.

Other projects targeting all other platforms such as articles, directories, forums, social networks / bookmarks, guestbooks, etc. work well and never get stuck.

This has caused a huge problem for me, since I have to restart these projects over and over again, please fix it.

: GSA SEO & Marketing Forum ::.

I know that this is not a forum for Serengines, but I just wanted to make sure that others have problems with Serengines. It worked well and has not worked since the weekend. Support says it's a captcha issue, so I added another service and still have the same problem. These are the messages that I get.

How do I get traffic in a small blog? Forum Promotion

Tips to drive more traffic to your blog:
1. Write more: Studies show that the more often you update your blog, the more traffic comes. Google gives websites with fresh content a higher priority. So if you want to get more attention from the search engines, update your blog at least twice a week.

2. Promote with social media.
3. Write better titles.
4. Include keywords.
5. Integrate links.
6. Invite guest contributors.
7. Invest in advertising.
8. Perform give-away events.

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Undoing more than 2 years of abuse of GSA-SER! -. :: GSA SEO & Marketing Forum ::.

Greetings, people! :)

As some of you might notice, I begin to understand how to use SER properly. (At last!)

How did I make a mistake? : |
I think I just like to learn by experimenting, but doing that with money pages on which to depend is a Bad Idea. :(

Anyway, where do I go from here?

I * just * started indexing links. (no joke) If these are links pointing directly to my money page, is that a bad plan?

Should I stop creating new links directly to MS, but continue to reach lower levels?

At least my job now is to create many, many Social 2.0 buffer pages that I can use to hit GSA.

Promotion ideas for website? | Forum Promotion

1. Go viral with quality content that customers will love

Above all, you must fill your website with good, relevant, high quality and targeted content. The content is king and will cling to this throne for years to come. High-quality content that can become viral is a surefire way to get targeted visitors to a Web site – visitors who eventually become paid customers.

The content is at the heart of your website and the linchpin of all your digital marketing efforts. Content can be anything that you can place on your website: from great tutorials to very informative step-by-step video tutorials. You can create this type of content yourself or have that content created by you or a freelancer for you. You can even have guest authors or bloggers create something for you to publish on your website. The possibilities are virtually unlimited and guarantee targeted traffic – if your content is well written, innovative, interesting, relevant and of course original.

2. Use the power of social media for your advertising

Digital Marketing Philippines's Social Media Marketing articles are some of the most exciting things this site has to offer our readers. It's free to create profiles about your brand, products or services on the various social networking sites available. Statistics on how effective social media marketing is across the internet, with reliable information from well-known organizations such as Nielsen and PQ Media supporting these claims.

Nielsen tells us that online users spend up to 21.3% of their online time reviewing their status, sharing photos, and reviewing posts on social media sites. PQ Media translates this in hours, highlighting that US Internet users spend up to 33 hours a month online, with 8 hours spent on various activities on social media sites. Just tapping and accessing a fraction of those numbers will give you valuable miles for your sites.

Using social media, you can create a separate profile page for your website, brand, or product that you can use to connect directly with your existing and potential customers. You can also set up discussion groups and communities on these social sites and build a network of like-minded people – all potential audiences and customers for your brand.

3. Make your content viral with Social Media Share

Social media is not only a highly effective tool for connecting and interacting with audiences on a personal and social level, it also makes it easy for high quality content you share with the use of social sharing buttons to achieve even more range. You should include social media plug-ins for each of your content, so your visitors can quickly and easily spread the word about your site with just one click on these buttons.

As search engine algorithms change and align with social relevance, the ongoing social media sharing activities on your websites are definitely a plus that can help your sites achieve a better ranking. The more social media sharing activities take place, the better your social outcomes can be.

4. Make your content even more viral with social media bookmarking

Social media shares can make your content viral, but with social media bookmarks, your audiences can count your site as their favorite. This will keep your readers up to date with your latest posts and uploads, reach even more targeted audiences in your readers' networks, and give your sites tons of quality backlinks from high-traffic social bookmarks such as , StumbleUpon, Digg, and Reddit, just to name a few, and fast-growing specific bookmark sites such as Sharebloc, Snapzu BizSugar, Triberr, and You can not go wrong by publishing your content here. But do not forget the golden rule. Do not just apply for your content. Curate and publish the best links on our other websites.

5. Improve your online presence through local business directories

Local online directories are one of the best ways a local business owner can promote their business. Sites like Google+ Local, Bing Local, Yahoo Local, Yelp, Manta, and others have been able to list your local business and target your audience in your area. Maximize all the features that these local directories offer you, and always try to convince your customers to give honest reviews about your business! The more positive reviews you get in your listing, the better the visibility for your business.

6. Get a Better Website Presence Through Niche Forum Marketing

Forum marketing is not a very popular topic these days, as most people are currently in social media groups rather than in a niche-related forum. However, since our goal here is to provide you with the most complete list of free website promotion ideas, we also wanted to offer the most comprehensive options, including forum marketing. Basically, you can do a search like this in your Market + Forum and check the top 10 in search engine results. Then select the top 3-4 forums by checking which forums have the most conversations and how many active members there are.

The idea of ​​forum marketing is that you share your expertise and profile yourself as an expert in your field. So do not just go into these forums and promote your business in a blatant way, but share your expertise and commitment with the members. Who knows who you might find in these forums? In the past, I've met some great people I've found on forums, and to this day, they're still a great resource person in the digital marketing niche for me.

7. Get high quality backlinks by being a guest author or guest blogger

As a guest author or blogger, you can author and post articles for these websites to get more attention and quality backlinks from other websites that are relevant or relevant to your own niche on your website. There are blogging community websites where you can log in as a guest author. So you can create the biography of your own author, in which you can embed backlinks to your websites. You can also work with individual blogs or websites, or be a guest author in local newspapers or magazine blogs – and increase your online credibility and really get valuable backlinks.

8. Get great publicity by getting guest authors to write for you

Writing in blogging communities and other blogs or websites will expand your network and introduce you to other site owners who are related or relevant to your niche. You can ask these authors to write for you by inviting them as guest bloggers for better presentation and organic links. Of course, these authors advertise this article published on your website. This will give you free advertising from the search engines that may be considered authorities in your niche

9. Gain a good reputation by writing in content pages

You can enhance your reputation as the authoritative source of information or expertise in your niche by writing and publishing niche articles on content sites such as Squidoo, Hubpages, and Business2Commuity. While there are some arguments for whether the backlinks from these sites are still relevant in the current search engine algorithm, the reputation you as the author of your niche could earn would make all your efforts worthwhile.

10. Answer questions and build your brand

Social media sites that focus on posting questions such as Yahoo Answers and Quora, where people can answer and rank based on the relevance of their answers to the question, are also a good idea for a free website -Promotion. You can build your brand by being an authoritative source of information that leverages its expertise by attempting selflessly to answer relevant questions. You can build your brand, gain a better reputation, and build relationships with potential customers.

11. Build relationships by responding to comments and responding to requests

Online users can really get upset if they post inquiries and comments on specific items or topics about a brand, product or service – and in return receive no replies or acknowledgments. By commenting and responding to requests, you can build your online relationships with these audiences. This is a great way to build your brand and promote product loyalty. You can also translate these requests or comments into a kind of Q & A article and post it on your site, a move your audience will surely appreciate.

12. Use video to promote your websites

YouTube and other video-sharing sites have become an incredible phenomenon that has spurred the careers of very popular modern artists and generated valuable traffic to websites through video and advertising. Most of these videos speak directly or indirectly about relevant topics or links to a brand, product or service. You can leverage the power of these video-sharing sites by creating your own creative, thought-provoking, and exciting videos and slideshows that become viral through social media and drive tons of traffic to your site

13. Build your own fanbase with Social Media Groups Marketing

Social media groups in the top social media sites like Facebook, Google+ and Linked-In can also be used for the free website promotion. The first thing you will do is find the most relevant and related groups for your business. Then join the most busy group (in terms of engagement and commentary activities). I think it's better to join at least 5-10 niche groups on these 3 social media sites. Do not forget the golden rule here too. You join these groups to demonstrate your expertise and make yourself and your company a great resource for your niche. So join the members' posts, share their posts with your accounts, share your ideas and opinions on their posts or questions, do not advertise yourself too much, and do not forget to include your relevant content from time to time Post.

Of course, this list of FREE ideas for website advertising is not exhaustive, as there are countless innovative but effective ways to promote your websites and grab the attention of the target audience. Try to investigate which of these methods will work well with your digital marketing campaign. When you find a method that meets your needs and desires, try to develop a marketing plan that works best for you – and deliver targeted results that allow you to take more steps closer to achieving your goals.

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