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Hey Im looking for forums, social media page, movie stream owners who share files and movies and stuff. If you are own anything like that contact me – Im newly launched a file-sharing site. Where you can share files normally or stream videos and files directlink by WebDAV. Im not sure about how much my servers can take it so Im not posting my site here.

I give you a maximum of 5 PREMIUM ACCOUNTS for free too.

Let me know.


Primary for Forums | NullScripts

Primary by Threadloom identifies products forum members are discussing, and automatically creates monetizable assets for your site. You can display the most-discussed products in each node, give your visitors detailed product information on your site, and insert featured products into Threadloom Newsletter. Primary automatically attaches your affiliate IDs so you can earn additional revenue. Forums using Primary have increased their affiliate revenue by…


CafeDiscussions.com General Forums Community | Forum Promotion


Site Name: The General Forums Community
URL: https://www.cafediscussions.com
Site Info:

Hey guys Brad here wanting to share Cafe Discussions with you. It’s basically a general discussion forums but the type of topics we have vary giving us a broader and more wider range of ideas and topics to post about. We recently changed domain names from my old site Mind Piff. I found one of the best and most fitting domains I could ever find on expireddomains.net and decided on changing the domain from Mind Piff to CafeDiscussions.com. No progress was lost and the site was simply migrated with redirects on the old one.

We are using Xenforo 2, the same software forum promotion uses. I am also using my MostEverOnline add-on I created myself to show the Most Users Ever Online at once as well we are using UI.X Classic by Themehouse for our default style. There is also a moon icon on the light style and and a light bulb icon on the dark style in the header for easy alternating as there is also a dark theme. We some good add-ons too including one that is very good at keeping bots off the site the @Ozzy47 made. Shout outs to him. Also customized the node icons with custom premium FlatIcon.com icons.

But aside from the theme we have topics ranging from gaming all the way to politics, religion, movies, music, web technology, programming, and even paranormal and aliens. It’s basically a very wide range.

Interested in hearing what you guys think. Thanks for having me :D


New to digital point forums

Hello all I have just joined the community and wish to learn and be inspired by other members on the forum. I like music and WordPress things. A few years ago I had some blogs but I gave up on them because I had been suffering with depression. I let one of those blogs which was getting about 2000 page views a day just expire.

I needed to get rid of many toxic people in my life who killed any source of inspiration and motivation I had left in me. So I hope you guys can keep me inspired here…

New to digital point forums

Software to post on forums | Proxies-free

Discussion in ‘Internet Marketing’ started by htt117, Jul 14, 2021 at 8:41 AM.

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    I am selling this software. It helps you to post your contents to thousand forums

    • The software supports 8 forums VBB, phpBB, IPB, XenForo, Discuz, MyBB, Yaf, SMF
    • Create forum accounts automatically
    • Automatic email activation
    • Post articles to hundreds of thousands of forums with only one click.
    • Create signatures on forums that already have accounts
    • And many other functions..

    You can see it here


    Jul 14, 2021 at 8:41 AM


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Discussion in ‘The Lounge’ started by FairSpinInvestment, Jun 28, 2021 at 3:36 AM.

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    Hello everyone , It is nice to be here … Hope am welcomed


    Jun 28, 2021 at 3:36 AM


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What do you think of non-active forums? | Forum Promotion

I’ve browsed some forums that have been around a long time yet the last post was several years ago & nobody, not even Admin, has logged in. Do you think forums like this should just be deleted? Not by others I mean, but the owner finally deciding enough is enough & calling it quits. What irks me is joining a forum where I can’t see posts only to find, again, the last post was several years ago.


Using Chrome/FireFox custom search engine to search your forums.

I was recently introduced to a feature where you can simply type a keyword and search a site for a particular query using Google Chrome. Being a Firefox fanatic I wanted to use this feature with my browser but it proved a bit challenging to configure. However, after a bit of research and tweaks, I have finally gotten this work. And I wanted to share it with you. I have shared both the instructions for setting up custom search engines using Firefox and Google Chrome.