Unprofessional behavior hetzner.de (fraud) Web hosting talk

Hi there
I registered on hetzner.de and order 1 cx server
After receipt of payment they block my server without giving a reason

first email:
Dear Sir or Madam

Your account K0146410720 has been fully verified. You can now access Cloud Console and Robot, our administration interfaces, via Hetzner accounts.

second email:
We will no longer accept orders from you and your account will be closed on the next cancellation date in accordance with our terms and conditions.

This decision is final and cannot be challenged.

Sincerely yours

Your Hetzner online team

You blocked my servant information and did not return it
Why did you block my account? And why don't they answer?

Dear admins, remove this from your fraud filters, which is spfbl.com

Dear members,

Please read this and consider taking action against this fraud company wherever possible. That happened to me:

Remember: I've been in the hosting industry for a little over 9 years. During that time, I had problems with bad customers, where IP addresses were blacklisted for a number of reasons. These reasons could be hacking, phishing, spam, or anything you might consider outside of the limits of legitimate online behavior.

I have worked with organizations like Spamhaus, Sorbs, Barracuda and many others, but today I had to deal with this new company (for profit): www.spfbl.com.
When an IP address is blacklisted, the companies above (with the exception of spfbl.com) usually have automated methods that you can use to delete an IP address if the old customer has been removed from your network or you have ended the client. Etc.

The first thing to understand is that we don't borrow IPs from an ISP, we have our own IPs from RIRS (lacnic, mature, etc)

Today I have a client that rents a very simple VPS server with an IP address that was previously misused by another user. The new customer notices the problem and tells us so we want to take action immediately. One of the most frustrating mornings that have ever tried to solve this problem.

I emailed the company (they are in Brazil, their English is not the best). No Answer.
Your website has a WhatsApp number for contact. I thought it was cool and contacted them.

The guy comes to chat, asks me what it is about, I explain what I said before: old client has listed the IP, new client has the IP, I have to delete it.
what happened next was kind of crazy.

1. You stipulate that there must be an MTA behind the IP so that an IP address is deleted. Then they refuse to clear the list if you are the IP ISP OWNER. Yes, you read that right, if you are the OWNER of IP, you won't do anything to delist it. The only way to delete an IP is to contact the person who manages the MTA over that IP (my customer) and the MTA must be RFC 5321 compliant (…).

2. If there is no MTA behind the listed IP, the deletion is simply refused, even if there is no customer on this IP. You claim that because you don't have a user for that IP, it doesn't harm your business. Then I asked the guy if I wanted to protect my network's reputation, what I could do. He just said the following: If there is no MTA on the IP, there is no way to delete the IP. End of the story.

3. Asked for feedback loops: According to him, we as an ISP have to send an email with all our prefixes to his personal email address: leandro@spfbl.net so that the case can be "investigated" and then when If you’re welcome, get in touch to let you know if they can configure a feedback loop for you.

4 No classification system. When I asked this guy for an IP address that is listed, but the customer had already been terminated without using an MTA for that IP, and after the reputation cleanup process for the IP, he said: This IP was not listed by reputation status. Its reputation is neutral in the SPFBL P2P network. It is only labeled as
However, this is the ********************************************** ***************************************.

This company, which hasn't even finished its website, messes up Portuguese and English, a technician who has no idea what a reflection is, his ruthless methods of listing IP addresses, and his unwillingness to acknowledge that we are IP address holders who request a Delist, and many others that I am certain will take place, are a good reason to delete their pointless SBL data from all of the servers you manage.

Your management email address is admin@spfbl.net. I recommend that you contact them regarding this procedure.
I understand everyone wants to make money, but it's not the right way to take your network / reputation hostage from people who really don't know what the hell they're doing.

Kind regards,


Adblade is fraud. Please avoid

We no longer run AdBlade because the ad mix has a chance, but it's ridiculous to call it a scam. They're part of the larger ad networks, and we've received more than 100,000 payouts in the past 12 months.

You cannot post a picture without further answers from them and say that it is the proof.

If you are not satisfied with the answer, call the company. You have a listed telephone number.

Money – recourse to ATM fraud in China

When I was recently in Beijing, I had an ATM from the largest bank in the world (the industrial and commercial bank of China) that gave me a bundle of beautiful, crisp new counterfeit notes. I noticed this shortly afterwards when taxis, fruit shops etc. rejected the banknotes. A closer look revealed that several of them even had the same serial number. I went to the bank (branch next to the ATM) with an interpreter from my whereabouts. They basically shrugged and sent me away. When I went to the police station with the same interpreter, it turned out that I would be there for hours doing nothing, and I gave up there too. The bank's position was: "We do not operate ATMs that are a different company." This is despite the fact that the ATMs are operated under the ICBC brand and are located in the same building as the ICBC branch.

The money was withdrawn using an Australian credit card, about AU $ 250. I assume the ATM was programmed to target foreign credit cards only to avoid locals arriving with pitchforks to burn the bank down.

My question is: Can I apply for a credit card refund? In the same way as I can when a seller does not deliver goods.

Also: is there any other recourse against a reputable bank that you would assume?

PlanetOfBets LIVE IN-PLAY betting fraud or LEGIT? – Gambing & Casino

PlanetOfBets live betting review

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IQ option fraud? How to Check the Credibility of an Options Trading Platform – Discussions and Help

All Options bookmakers love those who want to get rich quickly and have gambling blood. In fact, options are not easy to make money. You can read this article to learn more – what are options?

And if you really want to try this options game, you may have some doubts when choosing a platform to launch, right? Is Binomo doing well? Is Olymp Trade OK? How about IQ option? In this article, you will learn how to verify the credibility of these platforms. From there you know where to open your trading account.

Check the website name of the option platforms in Hypestat

There are many reputable websites where you can check the domain name of the platform you know. However, in order to use the full features, you have to pay a fee. For example similarweb.com, alexa.com etc.

With a website like Hypestat.com that specializes in "checking", you don't have to pay a fee, but you can check all the information you need. Then you know where the platform you choose is in the world.


To fully understand this, look at the following: https://iqtradingpro.com/iq-option-scam-how-to-check-the-credibility-of-an-options-trading-plattform

In the following articles, we will practice checking the credibility of other options platforms to give you more information.

TorF – Now every democrat knows that impeachment is total fraud. But are they so deeply anchored that they cannot stop it?

I think they want to believe in a big lie.

This kind of embarrassed mentality is why people think Darwinism is science and facts, or why the Holocaust is not exaggerated. People need something to believe in, even if it's a lie.

Dems want power. They don't care if Biden was the one who called Ukraine, Obama spied on Trump with Chinese hackers, or Hillary is a Russian agent.

Or "there is no deep state".

Libtards are useful sheep.

"9/11 was not an inside job".

Fraud – Am I Cheated?

This is absolutely 100% a scam. You are recruited to be a money mule. Stop dealing with that person right away, Firstly, your username and password are not required to deposit money.

At least part of the scam is likely to be as follows: The scammer bought passwords for bank accounts that were stolen with malware. He will use this credential to transfer stolen funds to your account and you will launder the funds for him. Eventually, those whose accounts have been hacked will complain to their banks and the police, and payments will be canceled. You will owe the bank a lot of money, the scammer will go away and you will have a very bad time.

This may not be the exact scam, but it is definitely 100% scam in one way or another.