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My deposits

Date of the transaction: 19 Aug 2019 18:39 ID of the transaction: 845374308 Type of transaction: Transfer Business: Status: Success Withdrawn: 10.00 $ Credit: 10.00 $ Description: Deposit to RICH COINS LIMITED User fathermonitor

08.19.19 23:35 Account Transfer -10.00 Sent Payment: 10.00 USD to account U19224436 from U11961422. Batch: 276618584. Note: Shopping cart payment. Deposit a deposit with RICH COINS LIMITED User fathermonitor.

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08/20/2019 03:00 Received: +0.84 Batch: 276625324 Received Payment 0.84 USD from account U19224436. Note: API payment. Payment to the fathers of RICH COINS LIMITED

Date of operation: 20 Aug 2019 05:27 ID of operation: 845599446 Type of transaction: Referral Status: Success Credited: 0.84 $ Comment: Withdrawal from Father Monitor by RICH COINS LIMITED From: P1015714973

Date of operation: 20 Aug 2019 01:45 ID of operation: 845555224 Type of transaction: Transfer Status: Success Written: 0.27 $ Comment: Withdrawal from Father Monitor by RICH COINS LIMITED From: P1015714973

Date of the transaction: 20 Aug 2019 01:08 ID of the transaction: 845546886 Type of transaction: Transfer Status: Success Written: 1.11 $ Comment: Take off from RICH COINS LIMITED to Fathermonitor From: P1015714973

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Hello BMFers,

I would like to introduce a new page that I have tried today.

You can only earn by typing in words that appear on your screen within 2 minutes. All the points you have earned will be converted into cash. The faster you enter the words, the faster you will earn. And you keep playing after 1 hour, so we can balance the users by collecting points.

Minimum amount to withdraw from GCash, E-Load, and Razer Gold (for Mobile Legends, PUBG, survival rules, and more …): $ 2 = $ 100
Minimum payout with Palawan and Steam: $ 5 = ₱ 250.00

Register here:

NEW – Megatypers Reviews: Fraud or legitimate? | Proxies-free

I have not seen anything new about MegaTypers being a scam or not. I have seen many people say it and some say it is not. So I decided to try it myself for a week and get the minimum amount to withdraw. As most of you know, if you choose PayPal, you'll need at least $ 3 before Monday if you choose PayPal and $ 100 at the end of the month if you choose Western Union.

To my surprise, I was actually paid on Monday. Proof attached

I have no idea why people say it is a scam or that you are banned on the day of the payout. Follow the rules and I'm sure you will not be banned.

Do not use automatic solution software. They have traps for it.

I was kicked out or time was frozen when I typed 100 times, but after explaining the problem, they lifted the suspension and actually paid me on time.

So in the end, I can say that megatypes are actually legitimate. It certainly does not pay much, but compared to other websites that solve Captcha, their rates are highest.

I can not do surveys and / or offers because I am in a third world country. Megatypers is good for people who are stuck in a place like mine.

Last but not least, here is the website (

You need an invitation code when you register. You can either google one or mine to help me out a bit.

Code 1 = F2BL
Code2 = F2BN
Code3 = F2BM

I'm sure mega types have been mentioned here many times, but like I said, I did not see anything new about it.

It is 100% legitimate.

Why has nobody ever found credible evidence of a large-scale electoral fraud?

Why was California forced by court order to remove 1.5 million voters from the list?
The registration of motor voters in California can not guarantee the sanctity of the vote and Foreign Minister Padilla says, "Mistakes in the DMV threaten to undermine confidence in the program." LOL

"Today, the Public Interest Legal Foundation has issued documented evidence that in just 138 districts and cities, Virginia's voters have tacitly canceled 5,556 non-national voters over the past few years, and one-third of them have cast ballots duplicated in many other states, which is why a national investigation is inevitable. "


Update to comment: Apparently, the courts have taken them seriously ….. LOL Review: Fraud or Legit


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Project name: CryptoSun
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