freenas – offline deduplication software for ZFS

I have a 300 TB Freenas server to back up multiple Linux nodes. Backup works with daily snapshot and rsync tasks.

The user often moves large amounts of data (2 to 5 TB) between servers. As a result, large files are often backed up multiple times on multiple servers.

Online deduplication would be too expensive (1.5TB of RAM …). Is there an offline deduplication software?

I mean, the files have the same name and often the same access times – fdupes would see them as identical with minimal effort …

User Management – What is the purpose of the group "wheel" under FreeBSD (FreeNAS) OS?

I'm setting up a new server based on FreeNAS, a FreeBSD-based operating system. The system has a group, wheel, I have a vague idea that sysadmins should be added to the group wheeland that the group gives the ability to use su (Super user). However, I can not write this down anywhere.

What is the purpose of the group wheel? Under what circumstances should I add my users? If you can refer me to a FreeBSD System Administrator's Guide that explains this, great. Otherwise, ServerFault will become this guide.

backup – How to thin snapshots on freenas

I have a freenas server as backup server – a snapshot of a record is taken every night and a few minutes later a rsync task starts to backup the data on my freenas.

In Webui I have only the ability to take snapshots automatically and after a certain time to delete automatically.

Does anyone have a script to extract snapshots? I just want to have a daily snapshot of the last week, a weekly of the last 6 weeks and a monthly for 2 months before that …

(Data is volatile, saving space by thinning snapshots.)

Transfer the Raid 0 array from Freenas to Windows

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