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I Can Do German, English, French, Spanish And Italian Translation

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I offer translation services of letters, websites, video games, apps, marketing, ads, SEO, e-books, manuals, etc. that can grow your business by reaching out more clients in more than 20 countries around the world.

I am a professional translator, proofreader, and editor. I own a multi-lingual translation, proofreading and editing agency. I have 5 professional associates with whom I can provide ; spanish, german, english, italian and french translations.

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❕NEWS – French insurance company AXA starts accepting Bitcoin in Switzerland | Proxies-free

With a decision taken by AXA, Swiss customers have the opportunity to pay their insurance premiums in Bitcoin. According to the official statement made by AXA Company, customers in this country will be able to pay all their premiums in Bitcoin, except for life insurance.
What do you think of AXA Company’s initiative?

car rentals – Where can I rent a car in French Guiana to cross to Suriname/Brazil?

Flying into Suriname is much cheaper than flying into Cayenne. The airport taxes in Cayenne are generally sky high. Don’t know where you’re coming from, but going to the US from Paramaribo is half-price compared to Cayenne.

That being said, if you do find a cheaper way to get to Cayenne and then want to cross a border, it’s not a big deal as long as you have the proper paperwork to be in each country. There is a list of rental car agencies at the airport on the site of commerce chamber:
However, you would have to make arrangements to leave the car somewhere in St. Georges or St. Laurent, which could be complicated.

There are also different taxis collectifs that run around FG. You might be able to find info on those on blada.com

Lastly, as of a few months ago, there’s a flight that goes from Cayenne to Parbo.

driving licenses – As a French national (as well as Mexican), what nationality am I if entering to another EU country (say Spain)?

The two are totally unrelated. There is no requirement for French citizens to hold a French license in either France or Spain. For example, a license that a French citizen obtained while residing in another EU country is fully valid in both countries, even if you were to take up residence.

I am not familiar with the requirements for your Mexican license to be recognised in Spain but I would be extremely surprised if it was tied to your Mexican citizenship. In Spain, like in many other countries, what definitely matters is whether you are a resident or not. If you were to move to Spain, you might be required to get a local license (rather quickly in most cases, after 2 to 10 years for EU licenses).

To the extent that citizenship would be relevant, you could certainly “play the Mexican citizen card” as you put it. You are and remain a Mexican (and French) citizen. Contrary to what many people seem to believe, the passport you use at a border crossing doesn’t change that, there is no notion of being-in-the-country-as-a-X. It can work to your advantage (e.g. EU freedom of movement rights remain intact even if you don’t have a French passport) or to your disadvantage (e.g. you are not entitled to consular assistance in France, even if you enter using your Mexican passport).

customs and immigration – My daughter’s US passport is expired but she has a valid french passport. Can she can travel back to the US with her french passport and approved ESTA

We are flying to Mexico from Boston on 4/10 and we have just noticed that our 10 year old daughter’s US passport is expired. She does have a valid French passport to travel on. I dont expect any issues going in to Mexico, but have concerns for the way back. I have applied for an ESTA indicating her dual citizenship and it got approved, so technically she has the paperwork to board the plane. But I’m concerned that once the airline sees the rest of the family with either green cards (for me, me husband and our other daughter) or US passport for our son, they might ask why she is traveling on ESTA and deny her boarding if they realize she has an expired US passport….
I’m less concerned about immigration once in the US as we can prove her citizenship by showing the expired passport and they cannot deny her entry…
Is there a big chance that american airlines might deny boarding??

france – Is leisure travel a valid reason to get a second French passport?

I have an ordinary French passport, which expires in a few years. I am looking into getting a second French passport to make it possible to cross borders while my first passport is stuck in some postal service warehouse or at some embassy for visa purpose.

https://www.service-public.fr/particuliers/vosdroits/F21517 states:

En principe, vous ne pouvez pas avoir plusieurs passe ports français. Toutefois, un second passeport peut exceptionnellement être délivré dans 2 situations : si votre passeport est immobilisé pendant une période de voyage ou si le passeport risque de faire apparaître des destinations incompatibles.


In principle, you cannot have more than one French passport. However, a second passport can exceptionally be issued in 2 situations: if your passport is immobilized during a period of travel or if the passport risks showing incompatible destinations.

So my case seems to fit the first case “if your passport is immobilized during a period of travel”. Must these travel be for business or in some other way compulsory, or is leisure travel a valid reason to get a second passport?

Note that 2 travels have to be considered:

  1. The future travel causing the passport to be immobilized (e.g., passport stuck at embassy waiting for visa)
  2. The current travel causing need to have a passport in one’s pocket to cross the borders.

Therefore, I wonder whether it is ok that both travels are leisure, and if not, whether it is ok that 1 out of 2 travels is leisure and if so which one.

I am asking as https://www.service-public.fr/particuliers/vosdroits/F21517 is unclear on it. Later on the page they say “immobilized for a period during which you must travel” (emphasis is mine), which made me wonder whether leisure travel is ok:

Votre passeport peut être immobilisé pendant une période au cours de laquelle vous devez voyager. Par exemple, le passeport peut être conservé par le consulat pour une demande de visa alors que vous en avez besoin pour voyager.


Your passport may be immobilized for a period during which you must travel. For example, the passport can be kept by the consulate for a visa application when you need it for travel.

france – In which conditions is one’s French ID card not a proof of one’s French citizenship?

I right on some French embassy website:

La carte nationale d’identité est un document officiel qui permet à tout citoyen de justifier de son identité et, sous certaines conditions, de sa nationalité française.


The national identity card is an official document which allows any citizen to prove their identity and, under certain conditions, their French nationality.

In which conditions is one’s French ID card not a proof of one’s French citizenship?

Example of a French ID card:

enter image description here

The content of the red rectangle means “French citizenship”.

French Language for XenForo

Dr.Manhattan submitted a new resource:

French Language for XenForo – french french translation translation xenforo 2 french language xenforo 2.2 french

French language file for XenForo 2.2.4.

Read more about this resource…


Offering translation service from any language to English, french and any other for $5

Offering translation service from any language to English, french and any other

Translation will be done professionally and manually (Never trusted those translation apps anyway). I always proofread the translation before delivery to the client.

i will translate any text up to 400 words in less than 48 hours for $5.Translation will be done professionally and manually (Never trusted those translation apps anyway). I always proofread the translation before delivery to the client.

All documents and personal information absolutely confidential!

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