I can manually translate up to 1500 words in 1 day. for $ 5

I can manually translate up to 1500 words in 1 day.

I will translate any text from ENGLISH TO FRENCH, FRENCH TO ENGLISH. The work is done PROFESSIONALLY and MANUALLY.

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sus – Correct translation of the questionnaire into French and German

We are working on a free tool that can be used to create PDF documents for the system usability test with a few additional questions. You need help with the proper translation of the following two questions for our French and German questionnaire:

Overall, I would rate this product's usability as [hardest to imagine, terrible, bad, fair, good, excellent, best imaginable].


How likely are you to recommend XYZ to a friend or colleague?

We would be very happy to receive any help.

uk – Traveling through France: subject to French restrictions for Covid-19?

If I am currently traveling (20/03/2020) from Great Britain to France, I have to prove that I am on an "authorized trip" according to the regulations listed here:


I have booked a Eurostar train from London to Brussels. The route naturally leads through France for a short time. Eurostar informed me via SMS and email that these restrictions apply, but it is unclear whether these rules apply only to their trains to France. Do I still need a certificate to comply with the French government regulations, even if I go directly to Belgium?

French – Foligray: "side effects" benefit, review, pills, it works! | Proxies-free

You can conduct various customer audits to show signs of a better understanding of the competency and feasibility of achieving the ideal results. The aim of this framework is to avoid sparseness, prevent breaks, stop hair loss and improve hair thickness.

Foligray contains some of the normal, essential ingredients needed to maintain and care for hair and wellbeing. These pills also provide an enormous range of parts that improve retention of a component known as DHT. DHT is a part that is normally present in the body and retains the hair for new development, which prevents the hair follicles from developing again. That way, reviewing the DHT plan is essential for you to make sure you have strong and firm hair. In addition, the improvement while restricting DHT also helps to restore your hair's well-being and strengthen the basics of the hair.

Visa – passport not stamped French Carte de Sejour

I am an Egyptian citizen living in France as a student and when I left in 2008 my Carte de Sejour had expired about three months earlier. At the airport, the official noticed this, but I apologized and said that my renewal appointment was much later, but I would leave France. He said nothing more, there was no fine, no paperwork or stamp, and he let me go. However, there was no exit stamp on the passport.

From then until now, I have received many long and short term visas for the UK, US and Germany, and for the past few years I have also had a new passport with other visas (Australia, Brazil, Canada). A few years ago I also received a French short-term Schengen visa for a business conference. Now I have to apply for a long-term French visa (VLS-TS), but I wonder if my old stay in France will cause problems as I have to mention on the visa form and if I have ever stayed in France for more than 3 months you probably need one Provide a photocopy of the old French student visa (do not have a copy of the Carte de Sejour).

The French official did not have an exit stamp on my passport when I left with my Carte de Sejour in 2008. Will that be a problem? Will the French believe that their border guards haven't stamped my exit, which means there was a problem? I noticed that Germany never stamped or stamped me out with my temporary residence card (I am not a family member of an EU citizen).

French – slim Max | Proxies-free

slim max Even these reduced carbohydrate diets do not affect the right problem and are effectively rendered worthless by the loss tips after the economic crisis has subsided. Why could it really feel that these fast weight loss diets are extremely ineffective? Here are certainly a few steps to ensure that the quest for balance begins with your life. An individual feels out of sync with life, an individual feels that circumstances are ahead of you, and returns to this practice. Do it daily for a month and watch as you gain the power of thought, your actions as your focus.

French – Acv Plus Ireland | Proxies-free

Acv Plus Ireland Train yourself to fidget. Research has shown that many people who are inherently thin tend to move loss peaks in a fidgety manner, e.g. B. by tapping on their feet. Healthy eating is about having a balance that contains lots of raw vegetables, fruits, and protein, and you will be able to. Eating possible types of healthy foods can really give your body the best nutrients. You can choose from a selection of foods such as vegetables, fruits, cereals, beans, organic poultry products, seafood and organic meat.