My best friend and I created a free website to help teachers with quizzes

Hi everyone,

My friend and I would like to share a project my friend and I released recently with the intention to help teachers create quizzes and collect/analyze the data.
SEMrush Every member is capable of creating an unlimited amount of quizzes, questions or answers, for free.

We would love for any feedback you can provide us so we may nurture this service. Thanks for taking the time to read this and I am more than happy to answer any questions you may have :]


My friend unfollowed me on Instagram because of a Black Lives Matter comment. ?

You can listen to everyone else and just take the loss of your friend but you’re obviously hurt and feel some unfinished business. It’s gonna bother you to just let it go.

It’s 10 years of friendship. IDK if your friend is projecting or what and is taking it out on you. If you guys are care each other that’s a friendship worth fighting for.

Go talk to her, call her. Don’t do it by text or DM-ing. Don’t come in aggressive like you’re going to be mad or upset. You guys should talk about it. If it’s a friendship of 10 years that’s going to end you might as well have closure. Realistically, I think you two just don’t understand each other and you do need to stand your ground and say, you need to be respected for the way you do things. You don’t want to be disrespected by being pressured into anything. You don’t want a friend where it feels controlling about what posts you should and shouldn’t have up.

FYI, I was in the same boat as you. I support racial equality but I wasn’t sure if I was going to continue to support BLM this year when I saw ‘defund the cops’ ‘abolish the cops’ I needed more information before getting back on board. So, I donated to the ACLU. I wanted Floyd to have my support, I left flowers to show the presence of my support. 

I really needed to think if I agreed with the defunding of the cops. At EOD, I agree that an armed authority shouldn’t be the first person to intervene with non-threatening civilians. Someone else should intervene before state or government armed authority gets involved. Our fellow citizens shouldn’t be killed over a counterfeit $20 bill or traffic violation. I came to the conclusion, I don’t want my tax dollars to go to someone who’s in a system, able to murder someone for no good reason. I support BLM that we need to reimagine and recreate how things are done if we can figure out a better system than the cop system. Let’s do it.

When your best friend borrows money | Forum Promotion

Never lend a friend a significant amount of money. It doesn’t end well, trust me. I’ve seen it way too many times where people lost both the friend AND their money.

However, if you’re still going to do it, no matter what, you need to draw up a written agreement for when it’s going to be paid back and get them to sign it. Don’t ever say “Just pay it back whenever you can,” put a reasonable time on it. Ask them when they can pay it back and make them stick to it.

I’ve actually only loaned friends money that I could afford to not get back. An example was when a friend was stuck for money to buy food, I gave her €20 to help. I was a student too and couldn’t afford more. Things like that, you can sorta wave off. Not large sums though. On the other hand, I did give a family member €700 once, and I had to fight with them to get it back. I didn’t ever get all of it back, but at least I got some. lol. He knows I’ll never give him money again if he wants to stay in my good books, so he doesn’t ask.

Like someone already said above, you can tell them you don’t loan money for whatever reason. They could always get a loan from a credit union. That’s what they are there for. They have more affordable interest rates than a bank.


nmap – Friend gave me permission to port scan router, can someone make out the likely narrative here?

A friend gave me permission to port scan his router. His security practices thoroughly aren’t very good, hence why I was curious enough to ask. I’m by no means an expert, so I’m hoping someone can tell a more accurate narrative from the results than I can. It doesn’t look good though. I’ll let the results speak for themselves: (nmap -A ip_address)

Not shown: 991 closed ports
21/tcp   open     ftp            Wind River FTP server 6.5
23/tcp   open     telnet
| fingerprint-strings: 
|   GenericLines: 
|     Login:
|     Login:
|     Login:
|   GetRequest, Help, NCP, NULL, SIPOptions: 
|     Login:
|   RPCCheck: 
|     Login:(r
|     (1D|(r
|   tn3270: 
|_    Login:IBM-3279-4-E
25/tcp   filtered smtp
111/tcp  open     rpcbind
139/tcp  filtered netbios-ssn
445/tcp  filtered microsoft-ds
593/tcp  filtered http-rpc-epmap
2126/tcp open     cops           Common Open Policy Service (COPS) 1
3918/tcp open     cops           Common Open Policy Service (COPS) 1
1 service unrecognized despite returning data.

facebook – I deleted a friend request and now I need to retrieve it again

I did not except a friend request by mistake. Now when I go to his page, it does not all me to add him as a friend. When he goes to my page, he can no longer add me as a friend either. Both of our settings are set for Everyone on & off Facebook can request our friendship. When I go into “Friend suggestions” and click “All”, we can no longer find each other under Friend suggestions. My question is, how can we friend each other again? I should have excepted his friend request but I clicked the wrong button and denied his request. Now we can no longer add each other as friends on Facebook. Help. Thank you


My friend sent BCH Fund to my BTC address, but I can't find it in my Luno BTC wallet, but every time I find out my wallet address, I always see a transaction. I think sent it to a bch address that they generated themselves. You can find the transaction information below.
My address is: 32ouYsCH2YcgkMHjeKdM4AR6Uy33TBkGnx
The address generated by is: bitcoincash: pqxytdut66fqs4zqultyxjfduyg9ljxg4sz80pe2sa


It really happened. I have a Luno BTC wallet. So I presented my girlfriend with the BTC wallet ID to send me money. But she used and sent a BCH to my BTC wallet. At this point, I have not yet created a BCH wallet address for my Luno wallet, so Bitcoin. com automatically generated a BCH wallet ID and sent the money to that wallet. Now I have created a BCH wallet ID on my Luno and I still can't find a way to get the money from the generated BCH wallet into my Luno BCH wallet. The BCH wallet that the money was transferred to was generated by and I have no access to it. But if I go to and click Block Exploration and then paste my Luno Wallet address into the search box, the transaction will be shown with my BTC address as legacy and the generated BCH address as cash address. This also happens when i type the bch address in the search box on please help

Customs and Immigration – Termination to visit my British friend longer

So I'm in a long-distance relationship with a man from England. We have been together for a little over a year now. He visited me here in the U.S. for two weeks in April 2018, and I visited him for two weeks in October and November 2018. My goal is to visit him again in a few months after saving some money. I hope that I can stay a little longer than 2 weeks, about a month.

But I'm honestly not sure if my boss will give me a month off to visit him, so I'm considering the idea of ​​quitting my job to see it and just use it as an opportunity a better job to look for when I get home. Obviously I understand that it is frowned upon not to have a job as a tie at home, so I just hope that you can give me some advice on what some of my options might be to be able to see it without causing complete control on the border.

I've read about some people who advise lying a little bit about my reason and so on, and I'm absolutely not interested in lying. Do you all think it would raise too many questions for me to visit him for a month with adequate resources but without work? He is employed and would also help with some financial burdens. We are discussing a weeklong trip in London to see if I can stay a whole month. Would proof of accommodation there help me or not? ?

I'm sorry if I'm stupid for my questions. I only know that I miss him terribly and am ready to visit him again, but I want to do things right. Thanks for all posts in advance!

Why is my friend notified every time I comment on Facebook?

A friend tells me that he sees notifications when I comment on something, not just his posts. That sounds pretty annoying.
I am not on their close friends list and they do not see this for other friends. We don't even interact that much on Facebook.

I can't find notification settings for "Notify me when they post a comment". So what can you do? It is irritating for them and a little creepy for me. FB decides to let someone know about every single thing I do.