malware – I think someone hacked into the Android of my friend but not sure

malware – I think someone hacked into the Android of my friend but not sure – Information Security Stack Exchange

dnd 5e – What qualifies as a “friend” for the purpose of the Totem Warrior barbarian’s Totem Spirit (Wolf) feature?

Consider the Interaction at Hand

There is no game definition of what is a friend. However, the PHB does tell us what being “friendly” means (p. 185):

In general terms, an NPC’s attitude toward you is described as friendly, indifferent, or hostile. Friendly NPCs are predisposed to help you, and hostile ones are inclined to get in your way

Thus, a “friend” of the Barbarian is someone who is predisposed to help them. Now, you could go down a rabbit hole questioning what this means – what if they are a spy and only pretending to help them? What if they personally don’t like the Barbarian but their master has ordered them to help? What if they like the Barbarian but it is not reciprocated? Fortunately, you are not adjudicating a Wand of Enemy Detection, where motivation is relevant. Rather, this is a combat ability – you only need to define what a friend is for the combat at hand.

Both mechanistically and thematically, the Wolf Totem Barbarian’s ability is similar to Pack Tactics. My closest personal experience with this came when, as a graduate student in Brazil, I took a wrong turn walking back from lunch and instead of arriving at the Uni, I found myself alongside an overgrown river in the territory of a pack of feral dogs. The big dogs would charge forward to menace me, threatening to bite, but staying just out of my reach so long as I was facing them. The little dogs would then come in behind me and actually bite my ankles and legs when I could not see them or respond. It was well-coordinated and terrorizing – a bit of googling will likely find you a video of an actual wolf pack taking down something like a bull elk in a similar manner.

As the “leader of hunters”, this strategy is what the Barbarian’s ability is simulating. From the Barbarian’s perspective, a “friend” is an ally in combat – someone for whom the Barbarian is willing to risk themselves by attacking from the front, in order to give their friend advantage on their attacks. From the friend’s perspective, it is someone who trusts the Barbarian enough to know that they will not back away and allow the target to turn on them, and trusts the Barbarian enough to allow openings when the Barbarian could actually attack them if desired.

Thus, you need only consider the motivations of the parties involved for this particular combat. Is the Barbarian predisposed to take a hit so that the hired escort can get in a better shot? Then the escort is a friend. Is the skeleton controlled by the party necromancer unwilling to allow the Barbarian opportunity attacks on itself as it moves around the target because it obeys the necromancer, not the Barbarian? Then it is not a friend.

air travel – I go round-trip from USA to China and back, friend only goes from China to USA

Two single tickets will almost always be more expensive than a return, unless you book a very flexible return which is going to be much more expensive that the cheap fares.

Actually, in some cases, it can be cheaper to buy a return ticket than a one-way ticket! Remember that you must use the first (“outbound”) flight even if you ditch the second one (“inbound”), you can’t skip the first flight or it is very likely they will cancel the rest of the flights on the ticket (so you can’t just book two returns and only use one of the outbound then the two inbounds).

To be on the same flight is easy, you can just select it when you book.

To have seats next to each other, the ideal option is to find airlines/fares that allow you to select your seat at booking time. Some airlines may allow it for all fares, some only for more expensive fares, some will charge a bit extra for the convenience, some don’t allow it at all, so you’ll need to do some shopping around. It may also depend on frequent flyer status. Note that in some cases you can do it if you book directly with the airline and not through a travel agent, and it may also be more complex if it’s a codeshare rather than the operating airline.

The next best option is to pick your seats at check-in time. Again, this varies a lot, with policies varying based on airline, fare and frequent flyer status. Check-in online as early as possible. If online check-in is not possible, then you need to be at the airport very early to be at the very start of the check-in process (but remember that even if it’s not possible for you, it may have been possible for others). Avoid dates where there are lots of people travelling (e.g. around holidays), the less people on board the higher the chances of getting seats together.

Another option, but that’s highly dependent on the airline, is to have them join the bookings. You’ll nearly certainly have to call them for that, and you should probably call them before booking to make sure this is even possible in this specific combination.

air travel – I would like to book single round trip ticket from USA to China, but would like to have my friend in the same plane in my return trip back to USA

Me: USA to China (round trip)
my partner China to USA only.

But I would like to have my partner in same flight and next seat.

or should I book like, single one way ticket from USA to China and 2 one way ticket from China to USA for both of us.

which is less expensive? any thought or suggestions?


ag.algebraic geometry – Find the speed of the Third friend

You and two friends want to meet up at a location equally distant from each of your homes. One of your friends lives 4 miles north of your home and the other lives 4 miles east. Determine the best place to meet such that you each travel the same distance to that point. A third friend will ride her bicycle to your meeting point from her home 4 miles northwest of your home. Assume that you and your first two friends walk at 4 miles per hour, what speed should the third friend ride to meet the group? Fully explain your answer in essay format to show your work.

Need a small generator made $3 paypal as friend

i need the format like this
original data will be on one line , delimiter " i paste my data in a text area and hit the button

Code (markup):

i need to generate one per line format

transactions – What is the best way to send money to a friend overseas using a Bitcoin ATM?

Ask your friend to send you their Bitcoin receiving address – they should use their Bitcoin-Wallet to create and show them a new receiving address for this transaction. They can then send you the Bitcoin-address in email etc. It will look something like one of the following examples (don’t use these):
bc1qar0srrr7xfkvy5l643lydnw9re59gtzzwf5mdq or
3J98t1WpEZ73CNmQviecrnyiWrnqRhWNLy or
They can instead send you a QR-barcode that you might be able to scan into the Bitcoin machine. This is probably less prone to mistakes. If you make a mistake the money is lost – bitcoin transactions cannot be undone, cancelled, or reversed.

At the Bitcoin machine, make sure it is not creating a new wallet or a new account with some business but is instead sending the purchased BTC directly to an address of your choice. The details depend on the make and model of Bitcoin machine. You may have to choose some specific options on the machine. Enter or scan your friend’s address as the receiving address and double-check it. Make a note of any transaction-ID and/or keep any paper receipt.

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