Dynamic pages and SEO friendly URL in the sitemap

I have a C #-created website that contains some dynamic pages. And I've recently added code to allow the use of SEO-friendly URLs.

For example, I have a page: "/products.aspx?itID=1" and you can also access it with "/ Product-Name".

My question is whether to include the SEO friendly URL in my sitemap instead of the actual URL. I think the answer is yes, but I am very new to this area and would be very happy to receive confirmation from someone with more experience.


Best Freelancer Friendly Immigration Countries?

I work as a specialist for search engines and operate only a few of my own online resources. Originally from Eastern Europe, I lived the digital nomadic lifestyle for the last 5 years. Which countries are suitable for digital nomads who want to settle and apply for a residence permit or even citizenship? What advantages do I get beside the right to vote?

Ease of Use – User Friendly or Not?

My first introduction to Word was in 1995, when I was hired by Nortel Networks. I am a disappearing dinosaur breed that existed before the birth of some of today's users. Word was pretty easy to learn and use at the time. And I was able to adapt to several subsequent versions of the app.

But then something happened. I was a rare user after leaving the company, and when I downloaded the latest version, it was almost unrecognizable to me. The placement of the drop-down menus had changed as well as the content of the same drop-down menus – the overall look and feel (as the term is used by usability experts) had changed dramatically.

BUT I often have questions about Google for which there should be obvious answers (because you know that the usability experts have made them so user friendly and of course have done the necessary tests – NOT! )

Please someone at Microsoft, engage Jacob Nielsen, the guru for everything related to UX!

options – How do I set wp_editor to be email friendly?

I send emails about wp_mail() with a text / HTML header. So I need HTML formatted content.

I want to use wp_editor() to edit my custom e-mail template options. It has a Visual and text Show tab. When I write HTML, I use that text Tab, and then click Visual, That looks great! I can see the preview! buuuuuut unfortunately it also removes my html and replaced it with another format ..

I noticed that there are options with wp_editor. Are there any that are completely HTML-friendly?

How can duplicate content be handled?

Hello everybody,

Please tell us about your duplicate content experience and how to remove it from another website.

If you know someone who can copy and paste content from your website and use it on their website.

What steps have been taken by your side to remove or remove this content from another website?

Waiting for the return?

Many thanks
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