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Hi @Migi

Thanks for the kind words. Oh yes, I have lost motivation once or twice before. We were fairly quiet from 2011ish until the end of 2015 with only 4 or 5 members keeping us going. Start of 2016, the inspiration returned and 2016 was possibly our best year ever. Not really any secret to be honest, new members always keep it fresh, at the very beginning way back in 2003 there was about 15 people who all knew each other on another forum that ended so that helped kick start us. Only 4 from way back then still remain though.

Just a short while ago, the 10,000th thread was made on the forum.

Total Threads: 10,000 Total Posts: 493,915

41 members online in the last 24 hours :]

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Why does the average internet atheist tend to hate and judge friendly people who simply urge others to trust God and love?

"Really?" Why don't you watch it while WE try to save you from brainwashing? All religions HATE other different faiths, speak love out of their mouths and spit out hatred of gays, abortions and other religions. You are in a PRISON of mind control, giving your time and of course money to monsters who preach hatred of EVERYTHING that has not been approved by Sky Daddy. But he loves you! Is the cry coming … WHO loves me? Old Testament fire and sulfur god? Or the hippie PR representative of the new? All the death and destruction of the world in the name of God is a horror show, thousands of people tortured and killed for unbelief, or an alternative belief shows evil, not love …

dnd 5e – How to deal with friendly NPC treasures

This is a nice cross-system question, but I'll start with a quote from Dungeon World. If you ignore the small amount of mechanics in it, it essentially answers the question:

If you influence and manipulate a GM character,
roll + cha. Leverage is something you need or want.

With a 10+, they do what you ask for when you first promise what they ask for
She. At 7-9, they will do what you ask for, but need something specific
Pledge your promise right now. Parley covers a lot of ground
including old standbys like intimidation and diplomacy. You know
You use Parley when trying to get someone to do something
for you by keeping a promise or a threat about them. Your leverage can be
evil or nice, the sound doesn't matter.

Just asking someone politely isn't parleying. That only speaks.
You say leverage is all that could attract your goal
parley to do something for you. Maybe it's something you want or
something they don't want you to do. Like a sack of gold. Or hit
their faces. What counts as a lever depends on people
involved and made the request. Threaten death to a lone goblin
and you have leverage. Threaten a goblin supported by his gang
Death and he might think he's better off in a fight.

So you're right that they wouldn't just hand over the treasure. You have to get something for it.

That could be something tangible (here's some money). That could be the lack of something (hand it over and we won't smash your face). Something based on a lie (the dark Lord Zzzz & # 39; Zxxxx will rise and burn the city and we can only stop it if you give it to us).

The trick is to convince the NPC that the deal is worth it.

If you ignore the "persuasion and intimidation" options that gamers like and rule out killing, you have several forms of theft.

Sneak past them while stealing it.

Disable them (without killing them) and steal them.

Use magic to steal it remotely (I don't remember any spell D&D has that would do this, so it would likely require something custom).

Friendly URL with variable ID

I have the following code, but it doesn't work for me. It doesn't get me to the side that has to lead me. I pass the name of the game, although I would like to do it based on the ID and that it doesn't appear in the URL.

RewriteEngine on
RewriteCond %{REQUEST_FILENAME} !-d
RewriteCond %{REQUEST_FILENAME}.php -f
RewriteRule ^(.*)$ $1.php

RewriteBase /
RewriteRule ^g/(.*)$  game.php?name=$1

It changes the URL in the browser, but doesn't take me to the game.php page

facebook – Where do I put this code on Sites.Google.Com to implement a friendly chatbot?

Here is the code for body and I'm not sure how to implement it on using my G Suite administrator account. Any information would be greatly appreciated! God, I'm a terrible web dev. I am such a noob.

<div class = "fb-customerchat" attribution = setup_tool page_id = "110973723883703"

theme_color = "# 7646ff"
logged_in_greeting = "(ERROR ERROR ERROR) What can I do for you, user?"
logged_out_greeting = "(ERROR ERROR ERROR) What can I do for you, (user)?">

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