phpmyadmin – MySQL INNER JOIN returns a row but from the front end,it shows no rows

I have this code as my SQL script

        INNER JOIN
    book_details ON lib_use_details.book_code = book_details.book_code
    lib_use_details.stu_details = 0001

When I execute this code directly on the database, it returns a 1 row as shown by this image
 showing database result

However my front-end displays nothing as shown by this
image of the front end

Why is this result conveyed from the db to the frontend?

sharepoint foundation – One Web front end displaying blank page

Our SP farm was patched with windows updates recently and one of our web front end servers is displaying a blank page. We’ve disabled logins to this server now so all users are logging into the other web front end.

AAM was checked,
Reset IIS,
Cleared SP config cache,
Added dword value 1 to loaderoptimization and rebooted

Current farm is
Two WFEs
Two App
One DB

unity – How can I render 3D objects and particle systems in front of a Screen Space – Overlay Camera?

To render 3D objects on top of your canvas:

  1. Create a new Canvas in Screen Space – Overlay.
  2. Add a RawImage to that canvas.
  3. Create a new Render Texture.
  4. Add the Render Texture to the Raw Image.
  5. Create a new Camera.
  6. Set the camera to Solid Color background with an alpha of 0.
  7. Set the output texture of the camera to be the Render Texture you created.

You can now render 3D objects on top of your canvas; however, there are extra steps for particle systems:

  1. Create a material. Set its shader to Universal Render Pipeline/2D/Sprite-Lit-Default.
  2. Add your particle sprite to the Diffuse of your material.
  3. In the Renderer settings of your particle system, replace the material with the one you just created.

You should be good to go!

(If you have any problems, try going to your Render Settings and change the Anti Aliasing to 8x.)

front end – Frontend/Backend Integration: Wait for a Google Cloud function to run and then return result

I am trying to create a tool that receives a user input on the front end, uses that input to run a Google Cloud function and then returns a link to the output, hosted on Google cloud as well.

How can you give updates that a process is being performed, and update the page when it is finished?

I have seen crack like structures near the edges of of the front part of my lens. Are these cracks and should I be worried about it?

As you can see in the image I have seen some structures that look like cracks on the edges of the front part of the lens with violet bluish color around them.enter image description here These seems to be inside the front glass. There are 4-5 of them. I could show two of them. Though they do not seem to affect the pictures taken with it.

rename – Remove any numbers at the front of a file name or remove the first two numbers for Mac

I have a thousand files that are named like this…

01 heartbeat a.wav
02 heartbeat b.wav
03 heartbeat c.wav

I’m looking for a terminal command that will remove the numbers at the front of the name.
And when I use the code do I start with

drop the folder in terminal
Copy and paste the command?

Thank you!!

Identify this – where are these 3 white flagpoles in front of a memorial stone, river and valleys?

I cut my sibling's head out of this picture. Siblings think this was in North America, but cannot remember. Maybe Europe? Does anyone know that?

We see a blackboard with text on a stone like a commemoration? We see a boat cruising. We cannot find out what these black bars are behind the three white bars and what people are sitting on the coast.

Enter the image description here

Versioning – How to design the front end for multiple back-end versions

In my company, we use Spring Boot to implement the backend API and React to implement the front end including web interface and Android / iOS apps.

Because our product is enterprise software, customers actually have to pay to get the latest backend API for deployment on their own servers. However, our mobile apps are regularly updated in the App Store. As a result, the mobile apps on end users' devices may be the newer version, while the backend API on the customer's computer is the older one.

The backend has an end point to return the current version number. However, I have no idea how our frontend implementation can maintain backward compatibility with older versions of the API as we add new features and possibly make important changes to the backend API.

I would be very grateful if someone could point me in one direction to learn more about this matter.

PHP – Laravel, connection between the back office and the front office

Good day,
I am doing a small project with back office and front office in Laravel. All data is created in the back office and then presented in the front office. This means that the messages that users can view are created in the back office and then inserted into a specific layout.
I can't understand how to send the messages to the layout. Can someone explain that to me?