The programmer must add the DB function to the bootstrap template

I need functionality added to a bootstrap template. The website must be mobile friendly. Need added DB structure, admin functionality and inclusion of DB in the site.

This link contains the project requirements:

I'm also in a hurry to get this done. Please send me a PM with your bid and your execution time.

Thank you very much.

scripting – How do I fix the error of a function?

I am writing this function, and when I run it, it means that the function has no opening. If I remove the right square bracket, the error "needs more input" will be displayed.

PlaneTrussElement(e_, A_, {{x1_, y1_}, {x2_, y2_}}) := Module({ls, ms, L}, L = Sqrt((x2 - x1)^2 + (y2 - y1)^2);

ls = (x2 - x1)/L;

ms = (y2 - y1)/L;

e*A/L {{ls^2, ls*ms, -ls^2, -ls*ms}, {ls*ms, ms^2, -ls*ms, -ms^2}, {-ls^2, -ls*ms, ls^2, ls*ms}, {-ls*ms, -ms^2, ls*ms, ms^2}})

PlaneTrussElement(29000000, 1.73, {{-60, 420}, {-180, 480}})

If I execute the above line, no matrix will be returned for me.

How do I solve this?

zoom – Which lens has the same function as the lens built into the Nikon P1000?

Simple answer: There are none. The longest lenses for (relatively) large sensor cameras like your D3400 have a focal length of about 1000 mm, only one third of the maximum length of the P1000 of 3000 mm. Also:

  • These very long lenses are first class lenses: no zoom.
  • These lenses are really big.
  • These lenses, if available, cost around $ 100,000.

If you want extremely long focal lengths for a SLR, you can attach them to a telescope, either with birdwatching or astronomical. Note, however, that you do not have autofocus.

sharepoint enterprise – Unrecognized TypeError: visitorIDs.push is not a function

First and foremost, you must declare an array at the beginning of your code / function, such as:

var visitorIDs = ();

Then in setTimeout Function that you can use as follows:


So you need to remove the following line from your code, which is not required:

visitorIDs = ResolvedToUser.Id;

I'm not sure how you feel ResolvedToUser.Id and your logic for retrieving all user IDs from person selection is correct or not.

However, the code above will help you solve your problem Uncaught TypeError,

dnd 5e – Does Shadow Walk Monk's Shadow Step function as a magical ability?

The Sage Advice Compendium (page 17) answers the question of how to determine such a magical game:

It is straightforward to determine if a game function is magical. Ask yourself the following questions about this feature:

  • Is it a magical object?
  • Is it a magic? Or can you use it to create the effects of a spell mentioned in its description?
  • Is it a magic attack?
  • Is it fueled by the use of magic slots?
  • Does the description mean it's magic?

If your answer to any of these questions is yes, then the function is
is magical.

The shadow step is defined as follows:


From the 6th stage you have the opportunity to move from one shadow to another. When you are in low light or dark, as a bonus action you can teleport up to 60 feet into a free space that you can see even in dim light or darkness. You then have an advantage on the first melee attack that you make before the end of the turn.

The feature is not described as magical and is therefore not qualified for the 5th rule. Although there is a spell called "Teleport," using lowercase letters and not referencing this spell in the description of Shadow Step suggests that this is not appropriate for the 2nd Rule.

Shadow Step does not meet any of the above requirements Not a magic feature.

Regarding the changes in magic in the Mad Magician's dungeon, I suppose that you refer to the following (highlighting me):

Changes to Magic

Halaster does not make it easy for creatures to enter or leave their dungeon. No other spell than wish can be used to get into the lower mountain, leave it, or move from one level to the next. Astral projection, teleport, Aircraft shift, reminder word and similar spells Casting for these reasons simply fail, as do effects that banish a creature to another level of existence. These restrictions apply to magic items and artifacts with traits that transport or banish creatures to other levels. An exception to this rule is the magic that allows the transition to the Border Ethereal, such as: B. the Etherealness spell. A creature that enters the boundary-etheric space from the lower mountain is drawn back into the dungeon as soon as it leaves this level.

For the above reasons, the sole purpose seems to be to prevent the player from moving in and out of the dungeon or between levels. Since Shadow Step is dependent on the line of sight, it is unlikely that this feature can be used to circumvent the intentions of the modifications of magic, and other forms of movement that are expressly magical are beyond trying to escape or levels to move, not affected. As a result, it seems unlikely that Shadow Step is directly affected by changes to Magic.

How can I choose a good hash function for the PCY algorithm?

As far as I understand from PCY (Park, Chen, and Yu), Algo uses hashing during the first pass to reduce the number of candidate pairs that will be considered in the second pass. I have 2 concerns.

1 / How can I choose a good hash function? since I've noticed that if we chose a bad func, it turns out that there are many "false loud" bucket that are the home of many failed (mate) candidates.

For example: (3,5) and (6,10) are not frequent item sets, but what if h (3,5) = h (6,10) and this bucket reaches the support threshold = 2. , {5}, {6}, {10} are already all singleton item sets.)

2 / In the filter phase of the Algo, every candidate has to go through all the baskets to see if he meets the threshold, right? So the filter part shatters also slice like h * ll or?

Thank you all.

Customization – add file extension to function wp_get_attachment_image_srcset ()

The function wp_get_attachment_image_srcset () returns the srcset information of an image.

Is it possible to write a separate function to add an extra extension (.webp)?

Output of the function wp_get_attachment_image_srcset ():

" 768w, 500w"

Output of the new function with the extension ".webp":

" 768w, 500w"

Thank you for your help!