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Google will announce future updates of the core algorithm in advance

Apparently they are doing this to prevent the SEO community from giving their updates false / unfavorable names.

Two reliable sources for future update announcements:

Will they also announce WHAT their updates will concern? Not sure. Stay tuned!

: ha

BlackHatKings: Crypto speculation and investment
Posted by: MervinROX
Post Time: June 15, 2019 at 18:08.

What is the future of the Democratic Party?

Hard to predict. In recent decades, both parties have left the center. This is driven by the McCain fine gold reform of the early '00s and computer-aided gerrymandering from the' 00s census cycle. Both have led to parliamentary elections being a consummate fact. Preselections are the place from which the main threat to the incumbents comes from, what the parties would prefer and what McCain-Feingold was about (contrary to the myth).

Moreover, it is very clear that the Democrats have moved faster and further from the center than the Republicans. Republican positions on most topics have not really changed. Where they are, in fact, it has been to move to the left, such as on issues of gay marriage and freedom of speech. However, their economic and fiscal positions are similar to those of Republicans in the 1980s or 1990s.

Democrats are now bombarding voters with radical new spending plans that will cost not just tens, but in some cases hundreds of billions of dollars, in the first decade. Proposals such as Medicare for All, the Green New Deal, a federal employment guarantee, housing subsidies and much more were the domain of a handful of extremists three decades ago … now almost every Democratic president hopes to see who the can spend most of the time to buy votes.

But I would suggest that this can not last. US voters historically reject this kind of thing, and it seems likely that they would do it again. Will the Democratic Party learn from this? Or not? Nobody can know it. Is AOC and its contingent really the future of the Demcoratic party, or are they just a temporary fad?


View future dates and end dates with a view

I have a look at events. Currently, start dates / future dates are displayed for the events. If an event has a start AND an end date, only the start date of the event is displayed and the event disappears even though it has an end date and has not yet ended. I need a way to show events with a start date and events with an end date that have not yet ended.

How do you see the future of pixel resolution for websites?

(Let's try to answer that while avoiding the speculation this question asks for and the last part is more of a detail of the technical implementation that is not a problem for this site.)

Instead, let's focus on the user. In the time when we saw how HVGA becomes 720p, 1080p, 4k, 8k, one thing stayed constant: human vision and cognitive skills,

  • People can still only read text that is at least a certain size.
  • People can still process only a certain amount of information at the same time.
  • People can only keep a handful of details in their short-term memory.

These and other skills have remained relatively unchanged during this time, so I would bet on that Web design should remain relatively stable due to the increase in average device resolutions,

Validation – How do I validate the date picker in Infopath so that the user should only select the future month?

I have Datepicker in Infopath 2013, where the validation must be done so that the user should only select the date for future months. Past month data and current month data should not be selected. An idea on how to enable validation in date picker.

I tried it like this:
In my rules under validation I have condition as stated

If DatePicker is <today (), the screen tip says, "Please select a future month."

With this code, I can also select the current month date. Can anyone suggest me how to restrict the selection of the current monthly data.

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Future improvements for the finite element method

How should the FEM framework (finite element method) be extended in the language to be more useful?

With version 12.0 all basic FEM solvers (linear, nonlinear, stationary, transient, harmonic, parametric, eigensolver) are implemented. As many of you know, I'm the developer of FEM in Mathematica. As such, I have no questions about the language or the framework that I can put here. My main purpose on this website is to help you make the most of the FEM framework. However, on this page, I would like to name people who they are to actively use the FEM framework a voice in what you think could be useful extensions / improvements to the framework.

What are suggestions for improvement or missing functions that you think would make working with the FEM easier?

When writing an answer, please try to be as accurate as possible. You may receive code that demonstrates the problem. Limit your answer on Items. Try to be reasonable. Hopefully, when I vote on different proposals, I get an idea of ​​what is useful to most people, and can prioritize accordingly. Please also understand that I can not promise that all the action requested will be implemented and that it may take some time for the requested action to actually materialize in the product.