firefox – What is a good way to archive webpages in a form that that is “future proof” against browser software updates?

I want to be able to store webpages, from various websites of interest, long term, for later reference. How do browser software updates affect me being able to do this? Is there some form they can be stored in which is not affected by software changes?

Also, is there a way to save webpages so that they can be loaded by any particular browser software (Firefox, Chrome, Explorer etc.)?

wp cron – Error trying to publish immediately. Post status = future (Missed schedule error)

We have moved a to new server and now we can’t publish. At least, we can’t publish instantly.

Maybe can be useful: we are using Plesk & CloudFlare.

When we publish a new post, the post_status value in wp_posts table is, automatically, future instead of publish

We have already taken a look at this post with no lucky:

What we have already done is:

  • Checked server time
  • Everything OK into site health info
  • Disabled all plugins & changed to default theme
  • Disabled WP Cron and setted custom cron
  • Installed My Missed Schedule and WP Control plugins
    (thanks to the first one, a cron event that is running each 5 minutes forces to publish missed scheduled post).
  • Installed wp-cli and trying to run with wp cron event run publish_future_post --due-now with no lucky
  • Checked PHP extensions according to this
  • An exact backup in my localhost is working like a charm

Here are some snapshots when trying to publish a post at 12:57pm…
Missed schedule

And here the cron thas is created just after trying to publish:
cron list

This is how post_date & post_date_gmt looks on the database:
post date

And this is how the time looks in WP:
wordpress time

So, until 2 hours later, the post isn’t published…
This is being a nightmare. We can’t use, for example, the ACF plugin. We add a new field, and it doesn’t appear until 2 hours later…

Any clue?

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