Samsung maintains cryptocurrency functionality in Galaxy S20 models!

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While the main function is undoubtedly the new camera, according to official marketing material, the phone will also improve the built-in blockchain security features that were introduced on the Galaxy S10 a year ago.

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How to repair a bricked Samsung Galaxy (SC-02B). Without JIG or JTAG

All of this happens because I want to update it to Android 4.4 (Kitkat).
I have successfully downgraded Odin to standard ROM / firmware (Froyo).
2.I upgraded from Samsung Kies to custom rom / firmware (gingerbread).
3.I root a wrong root, it's for Odin's I9000, causing it to get stuck in boot, but being able to fix it by clearing caches and others etc.
4.I roote a correct root for SC-02B, but I don't know why it softly bricked up my phone. I tried to clear caches and others etc. It doesn't work.
5.So I decided to downgrade it to standard ROM / firmware, but it makes it worse, I even ticked repartitioning. It's repartitioned, but the PIT files don't even start flashing it for 10 minutes.
6. I close Odin, remove the battery and pull the USB plug out of the socket. What happens to my phone can only be charged using a charger. A few weeks later I bought a very cheap JIG that was ordered over the internet. There was only heat on my phone, no download mode. Please give anyone who comes across this situation instructions or instructions to fix my phone.

Place the tablet pixel on the Samsung Galaxy Tab A6

I am a student who received a Samsung Galaxy Tab A6 tablet from my school 2 months ago (with Android 8.1.0).

And run after a week; I noticed a green pixel appearing on a blue and black background.

My stuck pixel is a bit strange as it shows up at around 15% opacity when only the Samsung Knox Manage app is running and is fully displayed when I run another app with Samsung Knox Manage.

I feel Samsung Knox is the reason for this stuck pixel, but I can't close it because my school is remotely managing my tablet.

I also tried the stuck pixel solutions and apps, but nothing worked.

There is no guarantee either: /

Any ideas?

Thank you very much.

9.0 pie – Samsung Galaxy J7 2017 drop calls (Android Pie)

Remember I have had this phone for at least two years.
It has recently started rejecting calls itself (the operator generates a "missed call" text message and the calling person has to try again). This does not happen when the phone is in use.

Are there software solutions for this? I know my SIM card is bad and the signal may be bad permanently (city center and rural areas).

Samsung Galaxy S 3 – How do I get the standard music app functionality back from "Music Square"?

When I bought my first Samsung Galaxy phone, Music Square was a feature I liked the most.

Music Square

I didn't even know that I could select multiple fields at the same time until I read this article:

Draw music squares

This functionality was available in the standard music app for Touchwiz. Now the standard music app is no longer available on Samsung Galaxy operating systems. The only option is Samsung Music.

If this can't be reactivated on my phone, are there any other apps that support Music Square functionality? Or similar functionality?

Samsung Galaxy S7 – The apparently non-rotatable Sammy Snapdragon S7

I have a Samsung Galaxy S7 Verizon Qualcomm Snapdragon. I bought it refurbished on Amazon and it was a great phone in every way except for the battery life. I learned about rooting and superuser permissions, but most of all, I learned that I chose the worst phone to try for root. I tried everything damn and got bupkis.

Isn't there a way to root one of these things? I'm sure if I dropped the bloated apps this thing would be a beast. I managed to find an old S3 sprint for a friend and wanted the freedom that I experienced.

To hope?

Galaxy S7 Edge Setup eth0 interface with USB / Ethernet adapter

The Galaxy S7 has no Ethernet settings like other devices like the Galaxy S8. So I rooted my phone and installed the Nethunter kernel that supports Ethernet.

I opened the terminal emulator and typed lsusb and my phone recognizes the ethernet adapter. It is a Realtek RTL8153.

Then I connect it to my Rj45 cable and type: dhclient eth0

it seems to work because ping -c 4 Give answers. But the strange thing is that apps don't recognize the eth0 interface. I can't surf or download apps from Google Play.

Thank you in advance.