physics – What is transmitted over the network during multiplayer first person shooter games?

In games like Half-Life 2, Team Fortress 2 etc, when you play against other players online, your local game communicates with a game server.

If you’ve built one of these games, what sort of information is sent by your local game to the game server, and what sort of information is sent to you by the game server?

I recall reading that in Team Fortress 2, the computer tracks the trajectory of every projectile including every bullet, rocket. It seems like that would generate a tsunami of messages, yet my game works reasonably well over distinctly average broadband.

I’ve noticed gaps in the magician’s curtain when severe lag occurs. Sometimes other players “teleport”; they’re not where I think they are. Other times, I can peer around a corner and be killed when there’s no-one there; except shortly after I see the other victorious player.

So roughly, what is being communicated over the network to create the illusion of real time.

I’m generally interested in simulation games but have never built one. I’m just trying to get a feel for how it’s done.

If you could direct me to other articles to read about all of this, that’d be great.

Let’s start with

  • The position x, y, z, speed, and direction of every player.
  • Player switches weapon
  • Player fires/stop firing.

Is good idea to use single threaded server for games? Also can it handle multiple clients?

I was developing an game. I using single threaded nodejs( server. It is good for simple games or games like basic 3d world? Usually game will have 10-20 players(clients).

Also is single threaded server can handle multiple clients same time?

like player 1 walks player 2 jumps same time.

javascript – In regards to real time turn based games, where should the turn handler be?

I’m currently developing a pool-like browser game. I’m stuck on where should I handle the turn changing, timer, etc.

Currently, turn timer (i.e. 15 seconds left to do action, then turn will change) is handled by the server. But the changing of turns itself is handled by the client (the browser itself).

Now in my current setup, whenever a player leaves window focus, the game gets out of sync. Should I migrate the turn change handling to the server instead?

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mining software – Cryptomining in Games

Following the press last months, you could read articles about cryptomining via javascript. Basically, you open a web page, and a villiant person/company/organisation put some code in website which uses your computers or mobile phone cpu to mine various crypto currency. At the first look, this doesn’t look very effective, but the one using this approach is

  • distributing the (possible small) processor load over many clients, and
  • does not need to pay the energy needed for mining

The problem with this approach is, that the user could detect this cpu-hijacking pretty easily, either by a high cpu load or a rapidly fast decreasing battery. Plus, many users tend to use an adblocker or similar things to avoid this.

Thinking the whole thing one step furter: How to keep people from recognizing this? Assume you play the newest 3D shooter, you expect your cpu to be at high load. So what would prevent a software studio from putting some mining algorithm into the game’s source code? No one would ever notice.

So the question is: Is there a theoretical or even pratical way to prevent this? Are there any games which are known doing this?

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legal – In my browser game’s website description, can I use a title of another game?

First up: I am not a lawyer, and the following is not legal advice. For legal advice, you should always consult a lawyer.

Drawing from Examples & Explanations for Intellectual Property by Stephen M. McJohn, there are multiple actions that might be considered infringement of a trademark, including:

Implied Endorsement

…If a consumer sees a mark used in marketing goods or services, she may consider whether the mark owner has authorized the use. If she assumes that every legal use of a mark requires permission of the mark owner, she would likely assume that almost any use of the mark was endorsed by the mark owner.

Initial Interest Confusion

The “initial interest confusion” doctrine finds liability when defendent’s use of the mark may attract the attention of potential consumers looking for the products associated with the mark, even though the confusion is dispelled before a sale is made.

Based on this, it’s conceivable to me that the IP holder for one of the games you reference could try to sue you for using their trademark without permission, claiming that you are implying an endorsement or exploiting initial interest confusion to promote your game off the value of their IP.

Whether such a lawsuit would actually succeed in court, I cannot say. But it doesn’t have to succeed in order to bankrupt you as you try to defend against it.

You could however reference the genres of related games, to attract players searching for similar keywords, without drawing the ire of a specific company’s legal department.

applications – How do I run 2 Android phones on a PC simultaneously So that DroidCam for number 1 & TC games screen mirror for number 2?

I have 2 android phones and i want to connect both of them to my PC via USB cables like this: 1- Motorola Moto G3 5.1.1 (Lollipop) goes to DroidCam app for using as a webcam. 2- Samsung S4 zoom (KitKat) goes to mirror screen android to PC app called “Tc games” for screen share and control my phone from my PC. Right now i have Universal Adb Driver installed on PC and i can’t run both programs at the same time. this message pops up when i use DroidCam at the same time with Tc games (adb server is out of date. Killing…). How can i connect Motorola always to DroidCam as a default, and Tc games to Samsung and run both of them at the same time without any problem ?