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Administrative fee: 5%
Transfer fees: 5% of the transfer amount

Payouts: Immediate, but a temporary transition to manual payments is not excluded.
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PC Games – Premium Bowling PROPER-TiNYiSO | NulledTeam UnderGround

Genre: indie, simulation, sports
Developer: Sadetta
Editor: Sadetta
Language: English
Size: 1 GB

Premium Bowling is a realistic and easy-to-play bowling game with ten pins, multiplayer, virtual reality and mouse play support.

Start the game and enjoy the best bowling of all times right at your home! Play multiplayer competitions in real time, conquer daily and weekly top lists, and take the league of players and e-sports bowling leagues to the top.

Game features:
– The best bowling physics simulation
– Many beautiful bowling lanes with custom soundtracks
– Many balls with unique physical properties
– Ball editor to create your own favorite balls
– Daily and weekly maximums for game results and series results
– Continuous player rating from week to week
– Weekly and monthly e-sports style leagues
– Many oil patterns that affect the ball hook
– Oil is worn during the game and wears off
– Small daily deviations in the road conditions
– Virtual reality support: Throw like a real bowling with VR headset and controllers
– Games supported on the screen with keyboard and mouse
– Thanks to the unique physics tuning function, the player can infinitely adjust the physics
– Single player, local multiplayer and online multiplayer support

Requires a 64-bit processor and operating system
Operating system: Windows 7 or newer
Processor: Intel i5 2013 or higher
Memory: 4 GB RAM
Graphics: Nvidia GeForce 840M
DirectX: Version 11
Memory: 3 GB of available space
Requires a 64-bit processor and operating system
Operating system: Windows 10
Processor: Intel i5 2016 or higher
Memory: 8 GB RAM
Graphics: Nvidia GTX 970
DirectX: Version 11
Network: broadband internet connection
Memory: 3 GB of available space
Additional information: VR device according to the recommendations of the device manufacturer


Web Development – What are programs (applications, games) and why are they needed?

Today I asked myself Why do I write programs? And only one answer comes to my mind: automation, automation of routine and the needs of people. I think it's good, but I think there should be some more automation.

So my questions are: Why do we write the programs (applications, games, websites, etc.)? What is the purpose of the programs?

I'm the father of a 15-year-old son and he recently started playing a shooting game. What should I do if I hear that video games trigger violence?

I have seen a lot in my free time and researched if video games are causing violence, and there is really no precise answer. Many people say that they cause violence, and many say that they do not cause violence. In my opinion, video games do not cause violence, because after all, it's just a game. And really, it depends mainly on the person playing the game (due to mental issues and other things) and the type of game they play. It all depends on how the player's mind works. If they want to see and repeat violence, take away the game or let them play less graphics / violence games (without blood and SFC) that are in their age group. As long as you watch over them from time to time to see what game they are playing and if their behavior has changed, you should completely remove the game from them and introduce it to a different genre. Like RPGs, side scrollers and even free roaming games like Minecraft. If they want a good fright (and can handle it), then introduce them to the horror genre of the games. So what you should do when you hear that video games are causing violence is that you should allow your child to try out the game and see how it reacts and whether your child has negative or positive effects as a result. hear in the game. If your child has a positive influence, let it play from time to time as you watch it. If your child has negative effects, allow him to play less violent video games or introduce him to a new genre. If this does not work, take the game completely away and give it back to him if he does it a bit older.

[APP][FREE] Princess Pop – Princess Games

Princess Pop Bubble Shooter is famous and played by players from all over the world. Princess Pop is an addictive and cute princess game loved by all.

Are you ready for a magical PRINCESS adventure in a world like no other? !! The creators of popular titles like Frozen Pop Frozen Games, Gummy Pop Puzzles, Space Cats Pop and Bubble Farmer, Princess are proud to bring you the latest fruit bang adventure – Princess Pop! Part of Princess Games

Connect with Facebook and discover exciting destinations in Princess Pop Princess Games with your friends like Barrensted Town, Easter Valley, Cupid's Square, Witch's Hamlet and many more. With more than 2100 (and more added each month) Fruit Popping levels in the game, this adventure will surely amaze you! X

Princess Pop offers:

– Pop colorful Princess Fruits by simply combining 3 of them.
– Save sweet little princesses from the tyrannical Duke Doofus and his evil army.
– Travel through the towns of Fruitopia, celebrate different festivals and seasons of the country and enjoy the extravagant fruit bang.
– Compare your progress with your Facebook friends in Princess Pop.
– Solve the challenging levels in Princess Games with great powerups like bomb, lightning ball and more
– Every day there are many free rewards to win.
– Over 2100 free levels added each month.

Download link:…es.PrincessPop

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Steps in developing casino games – everything else

➼ Understand the audience / brainstorming
➼ Start again or get off the car
➼ Futuristic technique / coding
➼ Testing, Reviewing and Updating
➼ Start and maintenance

Understand the audience / brainstorming

Brainstorming is an important step in developing exactly the idea your company supports. But you can not just come up with concepts that you find interesting. You really need to understand your audience. How can you do that? Participate in surveys, research your competitors and study the industry.

Restart or level up

There are millions of casino games in the market. For this reason, you must bring along a completely original idea or improve an existing idea. Create an attractive theme or game. The players are always looking for variety and you should make sure that you give them what they want and more.

Futuristic technique / coding

Integrate the latest technology and software into your casino app. It is true that casino games have been on the market for many years. But times are constantly changing, so you need to keep up with market trends. Hire casino game developers who know exactly what they are doing.

Testing, reviewing and updating

Always have a prototype that can be tested in the market. Get reviews from the public and work on the proposed changes. This increases your chances of success in the market and can help you to take the lead among your competitors.

Start and maintenance

Finally, start your app and watch how the revenue goes. Then do not make the mistake of neglecting your app. You should periodically provide updates and effectively maintain your app.

Source content: Casino Game Development


[APP][FREE] Kids Games 5: Happy Touch World

■ Kids Games 5: Happy Touch World

Hello everyone, are you looking for the best kids apps that contain good learning content? So we have something special for you : peaceful :: peaceful:

Dear parents, that is happy touch.
100% for children. No advertising. Quality since 2011.

► Funny washing game for kids!
► Airplane washing for children
► colors and shapes + for children
► Princess plays puzzle! 3+
► Kids Games 3+ | Learn to count

Free trial and subscriptions (optional):
• Subscriptions offer features at a price as offered in the app
• The payment will be charged to the iTunes account
• You can access the content for the duration of the subscription
• The subscription will automatically be renewed at the same price and time as the original package, unless automatic renewal is disabled at least 24 hours before the end of the current period
• The account will be renewed within 24 hours of the expiration of the current period at the expense of the selected package
• Subscriptions can be managed by the user and automatic renewal can be disabled by going to the user's iTunes account settings after purchase
• No cancellation of the current subscription is allowed during the active subscription period
• You can cancel a subscription from your iTunes account during the free trial period through the subscription setting

Download link:…d/id1484830489

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How do I avoid a boring late game in strategy games and still satisfy the victories?

In strategy games (of all kinds, 4X, RTS, MOBA, etc.) I've noticed that most games eventually reach a point where it's pretty clear who and the rest of the game will win. Just play the moves and if the victorious Player / the victorious team does not make a big mistake, she wins.

This is just a kind of strategy game. They naturally have a "snowball" effect. Gameplay is about preparing for success against your opponents in the future. Those who do better in the earlier stages of the game should win in the later stages. This happens to some extent in every strategy game, even the most classic ones. In chess it becomes increasingly difficult to win as your opponent takes more and more of your pieces and forces your remaining pieces into difficult situations.

As I said, this is just a basic part of the genre, so I would hesitate to call it a problem. In such games, however, there are occasionally games in which no player / team early on gained a significant advantage and the game to the last round fails. In my opinion, these are the most exciting and interesting games you can have. If this is not the case, the late stages of the game can be very boring for all concerned, as the winning player waits for his inevitable victory and the losing player for his inevitable decline (this may be particularly inappropriate for the losing player). Players, as they probably have very few options and it is very unlikely that they have a good time).

So it would be cool if we could design a strategy game that avoids getting into that state all the time, right? Well, I've seen a handful of such games in which a losing player always has all the ways to victory, no matter how far back. The problem with this is that a victory for the winning player can feel very unsatisfactory if a disruption occurs (if a player has dominated the entire game and a losing player finishes a good game at the end of the game to win). As you may think, they do not deserve it. Similarly, the player who has won most of the game can be very unhappy because he feels the victory has been taken from them and he does not deserve to lose. After all, nobody is satisfied with the result. This approach can also make early play less fun because players feel it just does not matter.

So is it possible to design a strategy game that avoids both problems? A game in which we do not consistently end up in a boring strategy game with a failed deal and at the same time make sure that wins are satisfied and earned? Or are these problems far too basic to overcome the strategy game?

If this question is too vague on its own, we can focus on 4X strategy games as these are the games I have experience with and I like to design.