Old Nerd playing old pc games

Hi, I'm just an old man and still play nostalgic titles like Diablo, Gothic, Morrowind, Doom, Mafia, Age of Empires, etc.

Check out my new YT channel >> https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCOrY4jt1Qh_mMIKZfHXIA2A

Thank you for any feedback

One of my videos – "Mafia: The City of Lost Heaven" (Voiceless Playthrough 1080p):

Unity – Are 2D platformer games still popular with gamers?

I'm currently working on a 2D platformer game that I wanted to release as a first game, but the popularity of other games by Voodoo and others has been quite disturbing, making me ask that question, and now, folks. Will the 2D platformer games that were so popular become so popular with developers that they are interested in future projects and live on them, or can they work on the more popular games like Color Bump 3D?

Steam games on pop OS

I have Pop OS 18.04 LTS. I recently built this desktop and my brother recommended Linux, but I really do not know much about it. I just want to play Nancy Drew PC games from my Steam account. I downloaded wine and Playonlinux on the recommendation of the Internet. I can download games, but when I open them in Steam or the desktop icon, a black screen pops up like loading and then closing and nothing. A little frustrated. Any ideas?
Many thanks

android x86 – games AgeOfZ – App will stop at startup

I'm using Android x86, in KVM (Virtual Machine Manager) VM, installed by the ISO. It loads great and I have the Playstore.

When I install an Age of Z game, does it stop every time I start it?

How can I continue debugging, or are there things I could try to fix?
I am not sure if the screen requires a portrait because the game is normally played on a mobile phone.

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Graphics – What kind of texture composition do 3DS games (Pokemon Sun) have?

I am just trying to extract the Pokemon models / textures / animations of the Pokemon Sun game so I can use them in Godot.

Right now I have the model, the textures and the animations in separate files and now I try to put them all together with the mixer.

Merging the smd model and the animation into a dae file works perfectly. The problem I have now is that the texture map is completely wrong.

Looking closer at the textures, it looks like there are two or three files for each texture. One is the texture itself, one is a gray scaled image and the third is a rainbow colored image.

I do not really know much about texture compositions and wondered if anyone knows how these files work together.

Enter image description here
Enter image description here
Enter image description here

Temperature – Cooling Problem Causing Throttling in Games (Mid-2012, 15-inch MacBook Pro (Without Retina))

The problem is that fans sometimes make loud noises and have recently encountered stuttering in games after a very short playing time.

I'm trying to fix a cooling problem with my Mid-2012 15 "MacBook Pro (without a retina), I brought it to a local specialist and changed the thermal grease for the CPU and GPU and blown compressed air on the two fans asked him to oil the fans but he said, these fans do not require such treatment.

After I return the machine, the fans still sometimes produce loud noises, and I think the fans work at a higher speed than in normal mode (generally louder, ie they turn faster than usual).

So I plan to bring it back to him, but I asked him what else he could do to fix it, and he did not say anything.

My question is, is there anything left to do? For example, is my GPU damaged and how can I find out?

This is the report of the OpenHardwareMonitor app after only 5 minutes of intensive gaming: Enter the description of the link here

Many thanks.