Networking – TCP vs. reliable UDP? Send reliable packets in fast multiplayer games?

Running TCP and UDP in parallel only causes problems. You may not need it either all the reliability features of TCP, so it could be overkill anyway.

Most games solve this problem by replicating the TCP reliability functions that they really need at the application level.

  • Do you have the concept of permanent connections? Add a connection ID to each message.
  • Do you need a delivery guarantee for certain messages? Let the recipient reply to this message with a confirmation. Send a message again if the confirmation does not arrive within a certain period.

  • Do you need to know the order in which messages were sent? Add sequence numbers to your UDP messages.

  • Do you need a guarantee that sequences will be processed one after the other? Add sequence numbers and allow the recipient to request a message with a specific sequence number again. Let it do this if a missing sequence number does not arrive within a certain time frame.

If you implement all of this yourself, you have far more control over what actually happens at the network level than just letting TCP deal with it. But the bottom line is Real-time networking is complicated. Every game developer is well advised not to reinvent the wheel and instead consider what reliable UDP game library libraries are available for their programming language.

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Destiny – skill for card games

Evil Hat says "Deceive".

You may or may not have known it, but Spirit of the Century, the pulp adventure game for Fate 3.0, had its own gambling ability that should be used in such situations – gambling where it is possible to play your opponent , not your hand.

The skills of the core of destiny are somewhat less than those of the spirit of the century. Many skills collapsed reasonably, but some others, such as gambling and leadership, had less of a specific home.

As you noted earlier, a variety of peripheral skills can still be used in a showpiece of gambling as a social conflict, but all of the Spirit of the Century gambling stunts summarized in the Deceive conversion guide, including those That Allow You Dice To Take A Slot Machine To The Cleaners Because You Are Just So Good. (In the original, there is no ability to play on games of chance such as slot machines and roulette wheels – you roll +0 instead.)

For most one-off applications and anything less than a conflict, you can probably rely on deceive, although in certain circumstances it is exactly what a stunt is designed to replace one skill with another.

But why fool you?

Well, it may just reflect the pulp paradigm of gambling, but the idea is that successful gambling makes less of a decision itself than it makes your opponents make bad decisions – raise if they shouldn't, fold if they shouldn't. t. Deceive and Provoke are both candidates for the Crown "Make Someone Make Bad Choices", but of the two, Deceive is the one who will rather invite you the next evening.

Do addictive computer games isolate people? Why?

How do I add games to my forum? | Forum promotion

I think if you add something to your forum that is fun, more people would be interested in posting on it. But how can you gamify your forum?

Do you have a business Points etc? What kind of things help you get involved? I am looking forward to your ideas.

I introduced the idea of ​​levels. The more you publish, the higher the level and user badges, etc., but I want to go a little further to make the website more fun.

Games – Does the Logitech F710 gamepad not work on MacOS?

I connected the Logitech F710 gamepad with Mojave 10.14.6 to my MacBook Air 2014 model

It hardly works. In Steam Big Picture, the left node works as well as the green and red buttons. That's it. No other button works.

The game Trine does not even recognize the presence of the controller.

I also have a Sony Dualshock 3 controller that works flawlessly in both Steam Big Picture and Trine.

Am i missing something is there a way to fix this? Or should I send it back?

google play games – How do I disable camera locking without root?

I have Xiaomi's Mi A3 device and am posting the beta update for Android 10 from February 29th. Certain applications sound the trigger.

  1. The native Xiaomi camera app does not emit a trigger sound after deactivating the camera setting.
  2. The WhatsApp camera also does not sound a shutter sound.

However, Telegram and Instagram both cause noises / noises from the camera shutter.

How can I deactivate it?

They also occur in DND mode.
The camera noise only disappears when I used a third-party app to block all the sound from that particular app. games all show the same question

My son had played, but lately most or all of the games on the website (for example King of Math) have repeatedly raised the same math problem. This issue spans multiple devices and browsers. All cookies are activated. How can we fix it?

Note: The issue occurs in our iPad Safari browser and a Chromebook browser (Chrome), but strangely not in our Windows 10 desktop Chrome browser.

Unity – Dealing with data for competitive multiplayer games

I'm a bit new to multiplayer games and really wonder how to handle my data

Should each player send and update their data to the database (server) each time one of their essential variables changes (such as health or in-game currencies), or should they save the data while the game is running and then the data update all at once at the end of each round?

I've been thinking about using Firebase and Unity and here's a scenario:

Suppose 2 players connect to a game. Then one of them gets damage and the other gold. Will the data change be sent to the FireBase database immediately, or should I just update everything when the round ends / disconnects?