server – Do developers watch player match recordings for their online games?

When developers plan and decide on new buffs and nerfs, do they gather information from online game matches, recorded secretly from their servers’ data feeds and reconstructed / analyzed offline – for such data as player movement trajectories and popular paths, weapon preferences and gamestyle behaviour?

unity ads – Why does Ads (Rewarded Video or Intersititals) in games skips when you press home and tap on games icon in Android?

I have stumbled upon an issue wherein Android when I play rewarded video or any interstitial and do following steps:

  1. In the middle of a video Ad I press the home button
  2. Resume back from background tray the ad plays where I left off.

BUT if,

  1. In the middle of a video Ad I press the home button
  2. Tap on the game icon to resume back then it skips the ad and game continues without getting any reward.

I thought this might be anything specific to my code but then I tried playing many other games including Mr. Bullet, Hospital Inc, Idle LumberJack, Super Salon and the list goes on and all had the same issue.

Is this some android thing? As for iOS, this doesn’t happen.
I would like to have some information on why this happens and can we prevent it from happening.
I am using Unity 3D for my game development and AppLovin MAX for ads.

Millionaires Games –

I am not the admin or the owner of the project, I don’t know the admin!

Millionaires Games

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Find maxmin in non zero sum games

I can’t figure out how, in a general-sum game, you can find the maxmin for a player. In some games it is trivial (e.g. player 2 chooses the pure strategy L that no matter what player 1 chooses it will always lead to a worse payout that R for player 1). But for some it is not and I can’t find anywhere how you can do it.

wine – Ubuntu only using CPU not GPU when running games

Today I installed Ubuntu 20.04 and installed amd radeon rx 550 driver (didn’t showed any error while installing driver). I downloaded Counter Strike 1.6 and i noticed that it runs so slowly. When i checked everything was fine (fps wasn’t limited), but fps was fine in lobby 100 fps, but in game when i’m moving left right it drops on 20-30 fps. When i played last month on Windows 7 it runs in 100 fps without problems. While playing game i saw on htop cpu cores are used above 60%. I think that ubuntu not using my gpu on games. How to active that?

Ads on games; a good or bad way of promoting bussiness | Proxies-free

For the owner of the app , it is a good way of making money , as he gets paid by the ads but then , the users don’t feel comfortable with it , as it disturbs them whenever they are enjoying the game .

Yeah that’s right but he can let his app interesting and brilliant that make users want to watch ads in order to get something bonus for their games.
For example Score Hero it’s a game, when you miss a shoot they will give a chance to try again for watching ads
Of course I will watch the ads, no way because the game is amazing and deserve

input – Why do console games not allow completely custom key bindings?

So I plugged in my PlayStation 2 for the first time in ten years and realized that I could not customize my key bindings, only pick from select pre-sets that the developers put in, which I thought was strange. So I checked through a few of my games on Xbox 360, PlayStation 2, and Nintendo 64 and realized that none of them had customizable controls, only control schemes (if even that)!

Why is this? Is it a limitation of the consoles or is it policy from Sony’s and Microsoft’s part that games should only offer select pre-sets, not completely customizable key bindings? The same games have customizable key bindings on PC and have no issues with binding to my Xbox 360 PC controllers.

I don’t own any more modern consoles, so maybe it’s different nowadays. If so, why did the old consoles have these limitations that the new ones do not have?