Air gap – elimination of possible watermarks by text editors

In which text editor is it easiest to prevent and / or remove watermarks?

It is impossible or almost impossible unless you knows the right text. The watermark is generally a marker that can later be used to distinguish a single copy. This can be as simple as having two spaces in a text. Edit this answer and you will see that.

Other options may be replacing some words. For example, I can substitute "I had noodles for lunch today" with "I had fish for lunch today," and without knowing whether the text is in any other form, you have No Kind of telling. For me as an author, it would be trivial to find out who leaked if each recipient had a clear text, but no recipient could detect it without talking to other recipients.

Another good alternative would be to write a word here and there wrong. This may look inadvertent to the recipient …

That said. If you want to exchange text, swap text. No word files or other obscure, possibly binary formats. Word files can even contain active content such as Visual Basic macros!

If formatting is desired, I would suggest open, verifiable formatting, e.g. Markdown or HTML.

Computer algebra – Manually writing an element of a group ring in GAP.

Suppose we think

R: = GL (29); (Galois Ordnungsfeld $ 29 $)

G: = SmallGroup (7.1); (cyclic order group $ 7 $)

H: = group ring (R, G); (This creates the group ring).

For example, suppose GAP can not retrieve the list of items.

How can I do the following:

(i) check if an element is in H or not and how to write this element.

(ii) how to select an element of H, let's say $ n $th element.

2. Computer / cold wallet configuration with air gap for travel

This seems to be an XY problem. For the vast majority of users, the threat model simply does not need more guarantees than a solution like Ledger.

Of course, if you are dealing with very large quantities, it is advisable to take better steps to secure them. But something like a ledger that parses the text to be signed and displays the output on the ledger itself before signing should cover most use cases.

As Chytrik mentioned earlier, you also have purses, such as the Cold Card, that can be operated without direct connection to a computer and that transmit partially signed Bitcoin transactions via an SD card.

In addition, if you really need the security benefits of a completely offline computer, consider buying a cheap netbook or laptop, sticking the connectors, removing network hardware, and checking it as much as possible. Safe Condition – When When traveling, in fact, to move amounts that earn this kind of security, it is best to take the extra 800 grams on 1 kilogram of weight.

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Gap year essay

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Learn English Write essay …

Gap year essay

hd wallet – Gap Limit, is it always possible to fix a problem?

You will never lose money due to the gap limit. They are not lost forever. You can still get it.

The gap limit is really just a problem when restoring backups. Restoring a backup uses the wallet's hole limit to determine how many addresses must be anticipated to ensure that all funds are displayed. If the gap limit is too small, a long string of unused addresses can cause the wallet to run out of credit at higher indexed addresses because they are not generated when the backup is restored.

The gap limit is not a problem for normal use. It only restores backups and with such restores it is easy to increase the gap limit if you find that not all of your funds have been seen by the wallet.

hd wallet – is Gap Limit only for consecutive addresses?

Suppose we have generated 35 addresses, 1 to 5 are paid, 6 to 34 are not paid / used, and 35 are paid.
Due to the gap limit of 20, no 35 are displayed in our wallet. However, what happens if we send some money to address 19, for example, will the problem of gap-fixing be solved, since it is not in the wallet even if there are still 28 unused addresses in a row?

Private Key Import – Deterministic – BIP32 Derivation gap limit

The BIP44 gap limit approach is a weak or even broken concept for restoring BIP32-based wallets.

An assumption is made about the use case of a BIP44 / BIP32 based wallet.

The default limit of 20 (some even use 5) will quickly lead to revenue losses if the purse has been used in non-super-trivial use cases.

The missing metadata in a BIP39 mnemonic or BIP32-Xprivs tend to form the recovery complex and have one moderate risk of missing funds,

The ultra-secure (est) way to recover a BIP32 seed without metadata is to derive all possible keys (impossible) and all sorts of scripts, and then scan the blockchain again. But yes, your guess is true … that's impossible,

How to recover?

When you develop a wallet or a new scan tool, you are using a very large gap. Maybe 1? 000 or 10? 000.

If you are just a beginner?

  • Make sure you keep your old backup if you've lost money.
  • Do not just trust a BIP32 / 39 recovery, but make sure all your funds are available
  • If this is not the case, contact an expert (look for fraud, use a trusted person) or learn how to extend the gap limit and how to derive multiple types of scripts
  • If you use Electrum, read here the gap limits and expansion possibilities

Cluster Analysis – Checking Gap Statistics with KMeans / KMedoids

Relatively basic question here about Find cluster / clustering Components, I noticed that Mathematica has an option for both of them KMeans / KMedoids as well as gap Statistics for determining the optimal number of clusters. However, it seems that these can not be used together KMeans / KMedoids require the number of previously entered clusters. Both MATLAB and R allow the use of these clustering methods with gap statistics. Does anyone know some Mathematica code that is out there to implement this, or is there a way out that I have not discovered yet?

Many Thanks 🙂