Looking for payments or gateways procesors

Looking for payments or gateways procesors. Thanks!

Hello, good day, I am searching for processors or payment gateways to link them to my website. I offer a series of services and I have a project to implement premium services, more detailed and personalized to the taste of users. In addition to this, I could also cut paths, if there are people here with the ability to sell me these gateways or payment processors, we offer attractive payments for these accounts once we verify them. We want…

Looking for payments or gateways procesors

modeling – Creating models for for a subscription-based service using third-party payment gateways

If this question is too broad for Q&A format, I’d appreciate a pointer on where to ask it.

Suppose that you’re using Stripe (or some similar service) to manage the payments for a service of some sort. Stripe has built-in support for recurring payments, a payment gateway.

What I’m struggling to understand is how much of that logic is mirrored over to the application?

For example:

  • Where does the subscription/payment data is stored? Is it mirrored in some local DB or just wrapped from Stripe API?
  • How does one handle various states of a subscription that can’t be fulfilled (card declined, card missing, card fradulent)? Suppose that Stripe only handles payments and not subscriptions, how does one invalidate a subscription if a payment fails?

In other words, should User.first.subscription return something that’s stored in the application or essentially just make a call to Stripe every single time? If that’s the case, should my application not even have a Subscription model as it’s essentially just piped in from Stripe?

My gut is telling me in this case Stripe should handle the entirety of the payment and subscription logic and the service application itself should only wrap Stripe, is this fair to say?

Netplan, two gateways for two subnets

I’m trying to get working following:

Have 2 subnets (ie. and and two gateways (,, and Ubuntu 18.04 server with netplan as router (.1/24 in subnets, .2/24 in gateway subnets).
Goal is to use one gateway for for one subnet and other gateway for second subnet.
Even if I’m using source-based routing as in netplan docs, ending with two gateways (random order) and only one subnet can access internet.

Please, how can I make it work?


What are the security dangers of using Security Groups instead of NAT Gateways for isolating AWS RDS databases from public access?

As I have learned, there are two main ways of isolating resources in AWS VPC

  1. One through public/private subnet separation using NAT Gateways to route communications between resources (e.g. public web servers) in the public subnets and resources in the private subnets (e.g. Aurora RDS instances)

  2. On the other hand one could just have public subnets but all resources that should not be reachable from internet should be inside Security Groups that allow only other resources in the public subnet to stablish a connection with them

As I understand both approaches attain the goal of impeding the Internet to be able to connect with resources that are desired to keep private, but where NAT Gateways are quite expensive, Security Groups are available for free

So my question is, what are the security pros and cons between both approaches? Given that NAT Gateways seem to be much more popular and Security Groups much simpler and cheaper, I would expect the former to have some kind of stronger security warranty

Until now the only “advantage” I have heard of is the possibility of forgetting the proper use of Security Groups, which I believe should not happen if one properly applies programming best practices to deploying infrastructure as code (e.g. Terraform, Cloudformation)

what I need if I want create 3rd party Payment Gateways. as a payment service providers

what i need for create a 3rd party Payment Gateways. like coinpayment or bitpay . my programming language is java and php . I can’t imagine what i need . i think i need bitcoin core is right. and if you run bitcoin node I can use bitcoin json rfc api but how I can access to litecoin and bitcoin cash and doge coin for create 3rd party Payment Gateways.

linux – Stretched ESXi cluster with HA enabled has two different gateways at each site

The hypothetical situation is as follows:
There are two adjacent sites where a spanned Vlan is created, lets call the sites “Albuquerque” and “Mesa”.
The sites each have their own gateway and the ESXi hosts are in one large cluster with HA enabled. Storage replication allows for the guest VM to be started at Mesa if Albuquerque is down.

How can a Red Hat Linux 7 guest be provisioned to use the correct gateway at one site and the other when it is started by VM HA to the other site?

I’ve looked at Vrealize and I think it may be feasible via a scripting action but am I missing something simpler that can be done at the Linux VM Kernel level? How can a VM be aware of it’s current site and update the gateway accordingly.

Iptables, how to block entire subnets except their gateways?

Using IP tables, how do I drop a an entire subnet that I am connected to, except for the gateway, in a manner that still allows me to retain my connectivity to it?

I’m looking for two iptable rules, one for just incoming, and another for outgoing.

For example, lets say I want to connect to gateway, with an ip .159 I want to block everything else, and need to retain connectivity, DNS is set to gateway,

Payment Gateway For eCommerce Business – Payment processors

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