any good gdrive seller? | Proxies-free

ehm for a couple of years i was using gdrive for downloads and later just for backup. both had deleted m 5-6 accounts . 3 of them i got it free bbut just last months and all my backups are gone. is there any seller who can guarantee they wont delete me afer months etc? ots its just impossible to backup on gd unless i pay a lot of money?


I need some advice on uploading to Gdrive | Proxies-free

Hi all, I want to get some tips from you on how you people uploading movies on Google drive.

Do you upload Movies with its name? or just rename with something random?
Are you using any kind of software or bot for uploading many files at a time or uploading a single movie?
Which are the best way to uploading quickly and as many possible per day?
Is there any limitation on uploading from Google or we can upload as many we want?

crash – Restoring the GDrive folder from a crashed computer

First, I say that I know this may sound terrible given the impact. Still, I still need a solution.

A client of mine suffers a crash on his computer and now he is no longer bootable. Inside was a GDrive folder that stopped syncing about a month ago.

Needless to say, he needs the files in this folder for his work, and since they are not in the cloud, I need to get them from the local folder.

The thing is, I can not, the folder does not allow a copy, I suspect it's a security feature, so I ask the awful question if it's possible to bypass it?

Is there a way to open the folder on another computer, eg. For example, if the other PC has logged into the gdrive account?

Or is there a tool for that?

google drive – images from GDrive in GSheets

I'm trying to create a teacher's seating plan that matches the student's name (from a dropdown box) with his student's number and then puts the image file (stored in GDrive under Student number .jpg) in a box.

The answers I could find are those where sharing all the pictures is public and findable. Of course I can not do that with student pictures. Any ideas?

I've already used the script from, so I have the "google" filenames / links but it does not show the picture. Once the pictures are displayed, I can program the rest.