dnd 5e – Can Aasimar / Genasi come from other stocks than man?

Inspired by this question: Can Tieflings come from other stocks than humans?

Roughly speaking, ties are half human, half devil. However, as the answer to the other question shows, there are nonhuman half-devils / demons, such as the Fey & ri, who are half-elves and half-demons.

Aasimar are half human, half angel and genasi half human, half spirit. Are there any non-human half-angels or half-genius races?like a half-elf, half-angelic race or half-dwarf half-genius race?

Again, these descriptions of Aasimar and Genasi are crude approximations, but they make my point clear, I hope. I'm not that interesting in a certain environment, but when it comes to hiring, we go to the Forgotten Realms (or at least not to Eberron / Ravnica).

NB: I'm asking for Aasimar and Genasi, I can split that question into two questions if people think that's the best.