forms – How to ask about biological gender

When asking the question about gender we need to take into account the person’s identifying gender but still need to know their biological gender. I would like to understand the best combination of questions to ask this.

The current system is just “Male” / “Female” and we don’t the people who just use that have extra to click.


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I was thinking of changing this first to “biological gender” and adding a third option to allow the user to show that their identifying gender is different.

Or alternatively a second question is “This your identifying gender” but then everybody would have to answer it.

What is an ideal sequence of question and answers to determine both biological gender and identifying gender?

Also considering mobile vs desktop.

why is free speech continually under attack when it comes to gender studies-related topics…?

In a previous answer to one of your questions, an answerer stated feminism relies on interpretivism but doesn’t hold up to positivism.  Essentially what that means is feminists have an agenda, but their interpretation doesn’t hold up under scrutiny.  Therefore they want to censor relevant facts.

For example, actual, objective studies of the gender wage gap prove factors other than discrimination to be the major reasons women earn less, but that doesn’t suit feminist agenda.

Feminists talk about male privilege, but if one actually looks at laws that provide sex based privileges, they almost all privilege females, not males.

Feminists claim cultural marxism is a myth, that it doesn’t and never has existed, yet a quick google search will reveal books written about cultural marxism and even journaled articles written by cultural marxists.

It’s that way with almost every single feminist issue.  Their agenda simply doesn’t hold up to scrutiny so they try their best to hide the facts that allow people to see this.   Flooding the internet with false information and censorship are two ways they do this.   

Air Travel – Are there active, regularly scheduled commercial flights that are reserved for one gender or other demographic factor?

I read on (Spiegel):

From 1953 to 1970, United Executive offered men's-only flights between New York and Chicago, and between Los Angeles and San Francisco.

These flights were operated by DC-6B aircraft and later by Caravelles. The flights are usually operated at 5 p.m. in each direction between the two cities (usually six days a week, except Saturdays). They banned not only women but also children, and flight attendants provided these business flights with special meals and offered free cigars.

Are there active, regularly scheduled commercial flights that are reserved for one gender or another demographic factor?

Will Biden's decision to choose a running partner based on their gender, not just their qualifications, will improve or affect their chances of winning?

Overall, practicing positive action will do more harm than good to Biden. I think most of those interested in identity politics will vote for Biden regardless of who he chooses, so he gets few votes there, but I think many of the centrist swing voters are fed up with identity politics and want the best possible Person regardless of gender So he will lose many of these voters.

It's not just about the election of the Vice President. By taking positive action in his election as Vice President, Biden sends a strong message that he will generally support identity politics through equal opportunities if he wins. Again, I think most Americans are tired of identity politics in the middle of the street.