Machine Learning – Can anyone imagine applications of a 3-way scalar product in computer science (or in general in k-way)?

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Is there a general or typical symbol for an external link to a company website?

I am creating a website directory listing thousands of companies. Each company has an external company website and several social websites such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. I have a nice set of square symbols that represent each of the social websites.

For the link to the company's website, I have a text link that says "Visit our website". However, this doesn't look as good as the icons.

Is there a general or typical symbol that links to a company's website?

Fear of Death – SEO Help (General Chat)

The fear of death

The fear of death reflects a fake fear. The fear is fake because people understand that one day they will surely die. But what causes the fear of death? The fear of death is caused by the ignorance of what is before and after death, but not by death itself. What lies ahead of us after death remains a mystery to most people and, at best, a speculation. However, the religious scriptures mention life after death. Hence, it is the individual's decision to believe or not to believe in life after death. The fear of dying is caused by the unwanted loss of social ties that arose before the illness. When an individual is attached, there is fear that one day it will end and cause pain. Such bonds include friends, family, relationships, material possessions, circumstances, and even the body. The process of dying attracts the attention of many scholars. Nevertheless, Kubler Ross's death model is one of the generally accepted and emulated models. The work will examine the phenomenon of death in relation to the Kubler-Ross model.


Death is a personal journey that approaches the individual in a unique way. Nothing is certain about death because there are many ways that lead to death. When a person comes close to death, a process of dying that begins on the mental path of discovery and understanding that death is about to occur makes you believe in your own mortality. As a result, the trip ultimately leads to a physical departure from the body. In her work entitled Kubler-Ross, the hypothesis of the dying process has been established About death and dying based on their experience with incurable patients. Driven by the scarce medical education that dealt with the issue, Kubler-Ross developed a concept for the process of dying that is still popular in explaining the process of death.

After the five stages of Kubler-Ross's death, the first stage involves refusal. The person ignores the facts about death and turns into lies. This includes lying by omitting or exaggerating the circumstances to alleviate the pain. People in this phase avoid all aspects of personal responsibility by minimizing, justifying and blaming them. The ultimate goal is usually to divert attention away from yourself. In addition, the denial is characterized by the denial of the denial. This involves a self-deceiving form of denial that includes behaviors and actions that hide a person's true grief. The behaviors mislead others into believing that everything is fine.

In the subsequent phase of the process, the individual realizes that the denial cannot continue. As a result, the anger takes over and the person tries to hold everyone accountable. The anger is directed at friends, family members, himself or God. It is important to note that anger does not have to be valid or logical during this time. Anger arises from the inability to stop the suffering that eventually leads to death. Anger arises, according to Kubler-Ross, when a person feels insecure and certainly does not survive whatever comes. Kubler-Ross further notes that it is usually very difficult to take care of the disgruntled person because they have the wrong feeling of envy and anger. However, it is important to be careful when dealing with people who are in this phase.

The third phase brings hopes that death will be delayed or postponed. It includes attempts to negotiate for an extension of life made with God in exchange for an improved lifestyle. From a psychological point of view, a person understands that they will eventually die, but negotiate even more time through negotiations and compromises. Such negotiations, however, can rarely solve the problem specifically in matters of life and death. The style of negotiation often occurs when the person is on the verge of death. The survivors try to negotiate with supernatural powers to save lives. In most cases, people seem desperate at this stage, so false hope is not advisable.

In the fourth stage, depression occurs when the person understands the inevitability of death. As a result, the individual becomes silent, avoids guests and devotes a lot of time to crying and crying. It also makes dying

Separate person from affection or love. Depression also indicates that the dying person has gradually started to accept the fate ahead. This phase leads to an intense feeling of guilt, dealing with the dying and thoughts of suicide. In addition, it leads to slow movements and speech, as well as a tendency to stay in bed all day.

In the fifth stage, the dying person accepts the certainty of death. The urge to keep fighting is diminishing. Although this process takes a long time, most people who go through the grieving process learn to accept death. However, acceptance does not mean that the individual agrees with the situation or returns to normal life. An individual accepts that life will never be the same again and thus learns to live with the situation. He / she assumes that God may not exist and is just waiting for the time of doom. This phase offers the individual a moment to make peace with family members and friends. In summary, it can be said that dying takes a while before it finally comes to an end. Excluding fatalities, deaths due to an incurable disease can be defined using the model. It is therefore important to support the dying person. Counseling and therapy must be provided to prepare individuals to go through the stages with little difficulty.

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general topology – Infinite, Odd Möbius Strip

I've never dealt with topology or anything nearby, but I'm a curious outsider:

The standard Möbius strip is "rotated" once (is there probably a suitable terminology for this?); I am assuming that Möbius strips are created with an odd number of revolutions.

How would a Möbius strip work with infinite, if always odd, rotations compared to finite rotations?
Had it been assumed that the length of the material should not be extended, would the structure collapse to a point or to an infinitely thin line circle (would convergence / divergence come into play)?


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You need to tap the latest DAT file version you want to download and then save the file to your desktop.

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Combinatorics – How do you calculate the general term formula for the number of complete binary tree clusters that can be formed from different elements?

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