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Hello, I am new to this forum and would like to ask you a question.

A few days ago I uploaded a Hyip that I have as a project, but at the time of payment I get the following message: "BTC address error"

I have tried 3 different scripts and everyone has the same problem. Do you know why that happens?

I need help, my project is serious, I have invested a lot of money in advertising and I want to help people who have been cheated.

General Topology – How can I see that this map is a null homotopy?

To let $ A subset mathbb R ^ n $ be star-convex, that is, it exists $ a_0 in A $ so for everyone $ a in A $the line segment of $ a_0 $ to $ a $ is included in $ A $, Define $ H: A times (0,1) to mathbb R ^ n $ by $ H (a, t) = (1-t) a + ta_0 $,

The book (Dieck & # 39; s Algebraic topology) asserts that $ H $ is a null homotopy of identity, and therefore star convex sets are contractible.

I see this as a null homotopy of a map $ f $ is a homotopy between $ f $ and a constant map, and that a null homotopy of identity is a contraction of the underlying space. However, I do not see what homotopy is like $ H $ defined here is a null homotopy or that it is a null homotopy of identity. Can someone help me to understand that?

Ag.algebraische Geometrie – Definition field for general font surfaces

In the survey


from Bauer-Catanese-Pignatelli mention a question from Mumford:

Can a computer classify all surfaces of the general type? $ p_g = 0 $?

I played a bit with the surface of Craighero-Gattazzo (CG) (a
certain surface of this type) using various computer algebra
Systems, and my life was complicated by the fact that
Standard equations for this area are defined by a cubic extension
from $ mathbb {Q} $ rather than over $ mathbb {Q} $ self
Run calculations longer and not use different algorithms
) Reacted.

That worried me about Mumford's question: Because
$ bar { mathbb {Q}} $ is only countable, a generic complex surface in
This module space is only defined by a certain transcendental
Extension of $ mathbb {Q} $, which probably makes Groebner the base
Calculations even less understandable. My question is:

Everything is known in the module space of general surfaces
the existence or density of surfaces over defined $ mathbb {Q} $ or
$ bar { mathbb {Q}} $? Should I be able to disrupt the pluricanonical
Ring the CG surface and find a "near" defined surface over
$ mathbb {Q} $? Should each component of the module space contain an area defined above it $ bar { mathbb {Q}} $?

If this question is too general, I would be glad to know the answer
to the next more specific question.

The CG surface has one
Explicit birational model as a quintet in $ mathbb {P} ^ 3 $ with four
simple elliptic singularities. The standard model is defined via
$ mathbb {Q} (r) / (r ^ 3 + r ^ 2-1) $, It is known that it is necessary to work
above this cubic extension or could there be a similar quintessence defined
over $ mathbb {Q} $ with the required properties, i. whose minimal
Resolution is biholomorphic to (or at least deformation equivalent to)
the CG surface?

If you're a Christian and you do not support general health, does that make you a hypocrite?

Cite for us the article or the amendment to the constitution that allows the federal government to interfere in health care. BETCHA CAN NOT !! No, the "general welfare clause" does NOT apply. Why should we support an illegal program aimed at buying votes so that corrupt, yielding, professional politicians can save their fat and laziness when parked in the swamp? Tell us how this program is paid. Tell us who will do the research and discover the remedies if no profit is made to anyone. Tell us about the last successful constitutional program of the Federal Government. Tell us about the latest federal program, which has not become a huge, bloated monument to bureaucratic inefficiency. BETCHA CAN NOT !! Tell us why NO ONE proposing these communist programs has ever stated that they would apply to members of Congress, the Executive and the Judiciary.

No, I'm not a hypocrite if I expect the law to be obeyed. Maybe a bit naive, but not a hypocrite.

fa.functional analysis – most general definition of differentiation

I think that depends on what you mean by "general" and what qualifies as a derivative. There are some purely syntactic definitions of differentiation that appear in category theory.

Cartesian differential categories axiomatize a differentiation operator that satisfies all higher order chain rules from the normal differential calculus (and every differentiation operator that satisfies these higher order chain rules yields a Cartesian differential category due to a free construction of Cockett and Seely).

Tangent categories axiomatize the differentiation function of mappings between manifolds. They can be described as categories with an effect according to the category of Weil algebras, which fulfills the same characteristics as the Weil extension in the category of smooth manifolds.

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