I am Ads Limit serving since Started Website but Revenue is Generated

Hey Digitalpoints Friends , recently i have Applied for Adsense My Adsense is Approved but Revenue is very low. Even My Website Traffic is High and Backlinks are created Paid Backlinks . But Revenue is very low .. Please Need Your Suggestions and Guidelines. Here is my Website . https://groworganic.com.pk
and here is Screenshots of Earning with CPM etc .
and i have Ads Limit Serving Since Started Website but Revenue is Generated…

I am Ads Limit serving since Started Website but Revenue is Generated

customization – When is the wp-settings-[time] cookie generated?

I created a custom plugin for login and registration forms.
When I log in for a new user, 4 cookies are set : PHPSESSID, wordpress_test_cookie, wordpress_logged_in_, and 2 wordpress_sec_ .
But I don’t have wp-settings- and wp-settings-time-.
However my admin account have these cookies.
I can’t find a wordpress documentation that explain which function set these cookies.
It is just said : Without plugins installed, WordPress sets the following cookies:

I don’t use “setcookie” at the moment .

The functions I use to allow him to access his account :

wp_set_current_user($info->ID, $username);  
wp_set_auth_cookie( $info->ID, true, is_ssl() );

unity – How to add some organization to my PSD Imported image with bones generated by the Skin Editor

I have an Image in PSB format imported using the PSD Imported and I have generated bones using the Sprite Editor > Skinning Editor, all good.

The problem is that when I try to add some organization to the object in my inspector I can not do it without breaking the Prefab. We can just Unpack the prefab but then I can not modify the bones anymore using the Skinning Editor. I am trap here.

How can I add some organization to the generated Prefab?

enter image description here

ac.commutative algebra – Is Koszul homology of a monomial ideal always generated by the “obvious” things?

Let $R = k[x_1 , dots , x_n]$ be a polynomial ring over a field and $I$ a monomial ideal in $R$. Then, is it true that the Koszul homology of $R/I$ is always generated by elements of the form
$$r e_{i_1} wedge cdots wedge e_{i_k} quad textrm{where} x_{i_ell} r in I textrm{for all} 1 leq ell leq k ?$$
These elements are certainly contained in the Koszul homology. Moreover, this does constitute a generating set, for example, for stable ideals, since one can show that the Koszul homology is actually minimally generated by a subset of elements of the above form. I have computed a fair amount of examples and it seems true more generally that this is a generating set.

I’m not sure if this is well-known or perhaps false, and any help or references for this would be greatly appreciated.

unity – save generated gameobject to an array for shuffling

hey everyone i have this script here that breaks down a sprite into pieces and makes each one a gameobject. How can i save them into an array so i can shuffle them as gameobjects?

 public void Start()

        GameObject spritesRoot = GameObject.Find("SpritesRoot");
        Debug.Log("Array length: " + array2D.GetLength(0));

        for (int i = 0; i < array2D.GetLength(0); i++)
            Debug.Log("x: " + array2D(i, 0));
            Sprite newSprite = Sprite.Create(source, new Rect(array2D(i, 0), array2D(i, 1), array2D(i, 2), array2D(i, 3)), new Vector2(0.5f, 0.5f));
            GameObject n = new GameObject();
            SpriteRenderer sr = n.AddComponent<SpriteRenderer>();
            sr.sprite = newSprite;
            n.transform.position = Camera.main.ScreenToWorldPoint(new Vector3(array2D(i, 0), array2D(i, 1),0),0);
            n.transform.parent = spritesRoot.transform;


my shuffle function is this

 public void Shuffle(GameObject() gameObjects)
        for (int i = 0; i < gameObjects.Length; i++)

            // Find a random index
            int destIndex = Random.Range(0, gameObjects.Length);
            GameObject source = gameObjects(i);
            GameObject dest = gameObjects(destIndex);

            // If is not identical
            if (source != dest)

                // Swap the position
                source.transform.position = dest.transform.position;

                // Swap the array item
                gameObjects(i) = gameObjects(destIndex);

private key – Python: Why the addresses and keys generated by pywallet and bip32utils using the same 12 mnemonic words don’t match?

I tried to generate wallets by using pywallet and bip32utils (Python). But I noted that the addresses/keys of the 2 wallets, namely wallet_pywallet and wallet_bip39 don’t match with each other.

I noted that the addresses/keys of wallet_bip39 match with Exodus, but wallet_pywallet doesn’t. We have been using pywallet for such a long time so I believe wallet_pywallet should be correct as well. Why is there such a discrepancy?

Below is the code, while the code for wallet_bip39 is obtained from this post.

from pywallet import wallet
import binascii
import mnemonic
import bip32utils

def bip39(mnemonic_words):
    mobj = mnemonic.Mnemonic("english")
    seed = mobj.to_seed(mnemonic_words)

    bip32_root_key_obj = bip32utils.BIP32Key.fromEntropy(seed)
    bip32_child_key_obj = bip32_root_key_obj.ChildKey(
        44 + bip32utils.BIP32_HARDEN
        0 + bip32utils.BIP32_HARDEN
        0 + bip32utils.BIP32_HARDEN

    return {
        'mnemonic_words': mnemonic_words,
        'addr': bip32_child_key_obj.Address(),
        'publickey': binascii.hexlify(bip32_child_key_obj.PublicKey()).decode(),
        'privatekey': bip32_child_key_obj.WalletImportFormat(),
        'coin': 'BTC'

mnemonic_words = wallet.generate_mnemonic()
wallet_pywallet = wallet.create_wallet(network="BTC", seed=mnemonic_words, children=0)
wallet_bip39 = bip39(mnemonic_words)

What characters should, and should I absolutely not use in generated passwords?

I’m currently setting up a KeePass database after switching over from another password manager, and it has the option to change the character set for generating a password.

This has a lot of options, but now I’m wondering if you could possibly use all of the given characters,

enter image description here

Upper-case, lower-case and digits would obviously be no issue.

But how about the other characters? Why would a website disable you from using certain characters? The only thing I can think of is that the space could get forwarded incorrectly, and that enabling brackets could make your system vulnurable for xss attacks.

nodes – Derivative images are generated in Private filesystem but the editor shows a non existent public folder path

Im saving my images into a private filesystem.
The derivatives are also generated in the same private filesystem.
When the images are uploaded, the thumbnails are displayed but after the node is saved and the node is selected to edit, all thumbnails don’t show because the URLs are pointing to the public filesystem.

I new to Drupal and I want a work around this, i am using Drupal 9.2
I am not using any modules.
Are the derivative image URLs saved with the node in the database?
Or how can I redirect the node to point to the Private filesystem’s location for the derivatives

sql server – Continuous windows events 4648 and 4624 generated when ODBC driver is configured with Integrated windows authentication

We are running a C# application in my VM,which is configured to run as a windows service. The service runs as local system account and talks to a locally installed SQL database server. I have access to the source code of this application.

I am seeing that this application is generating 4648 and 4624 events every 4-5 seconds. For example — Event 4648

A logon was attempted using explicit credentials.

    Security ID:        SYSTEM
    Account Name:       WIN-NGGM12KCB4T$
    Account Domain:     DomainName
    Logon ID:       0x3e7
    Logon GUID:     {00000000-0000-0000-0000-000000000000}

Account Whose Credentials Were Used:
    Account Name:       DomainUser
    Account Domain:     DomainName
    Logon GUID:     {a17ff1a5-bd09-a254-fd6d-20ce35788bf5}

I played around sometime and found that this because of the SQL server ODBC driver which is being configured with our product database. When this driver is configured with “Integrated Windows authentication”, it generates these continuous events. However, if you configure this driver with “SQL Server authentication”, you will not be seeing these messages. We are using SQL Server Native Client 11.0. Is there any way to suppress these messages ?enter image description here

html – How to allow user to download data generated by your website

I’m relatively new to front end web development, though I’ve been working on game development for several years. I have a self-organising node-based mind map program that I would like to be available as a web application. The app enables people to generate nodes and write information on them. What I would like to enable is for the user, once they have made a map on the webpage, to export / download the data in the form of a .txt file (or other appropriate file) – so that when they return that can import the data and restore their map.

So, two questions:

  1. How can I use data generated on the page with Javascript and write a file that can be downloaded? (can I do this within Javascript?)
  2. How do I facilitate a save and open dialogue (and can I do this in Javascript?)?.