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Posted By: Alinka94
Post Time: 21st Apr 2019 at 05:33 PM.

[ Politics ] Open Question: Why is not George w Bush angry that his parents have died?

At their respective funerals, he showed no true feelings that he had died. He also showed no signs of annoyance at any other time. Does this man have any feelings? Is he a robot? Is he a reptile? What's wrong with this sick man? Or maybe he just does not like her. To be honest, they do not look like very nice people. I would not be surprised if they would abuse him as a kid. ,

Why are the media praising John McCain and George H.W. Bush, even though they died? Because they faced Trump?

NO … it's because they seem to respect the dead much more than you. Meaningful, when did the FAKE NEWS MEDIA respect everyone who has really created a better country for American citizens or is trying to do so …

At least you get … BUSH 41 was not good enough to be elected for a second term … He's also the one who brought us to the BS WAR IN THE MIDDLE EAST …


[ Politics ] Open question: Will Donald Trump be allowed to attend the funeral of George W. Bush?

Please remember that he was not allowed to attend the funeral of Barbara Bush or the funeral of John McCain.
Do you think he will crash it, grab the microphone and go into one of his riots?
What do you think will happen? ,