magento2 – Point-of-sale (POS) has built-in gift card

A retail sells their products on their Magento Commerce site and in physical stores, they want to give customers the ability to purchase and use gift cards online or in-store, including cards which have already been sold through both channels.

Their in-store point-of-sale (POS) has built-in gift card capabilities and allows cards to be created or adjusted through an API.

Which three items must be included in the requirements for this project?
Choose 3 answers
1)Exiting Magento cards and balances must be imported into the POS
2)An additional payment method must be added to the Magento checkout
3)Existing in-store cards and balances must be imported Into Magento
4)Magento and the POS must share the same product catalog
5)Gift card records in Magento and the POS must be synchronized when any gift card transaction takes place

Any help on this question ?

dnd 5e – Are there any rules outside of Chapter 7 of the DMG which prompt the DM to give a player an Epic Boon or Supernatural Gift?

The Aberrant Dragonmark feat from Ebberon, Wayfinder’s Guide to Eberron and in Eberron: Rising from the Last War says:

At the DM’s option, a character who has the Aberrant Dragonmark feat has a chance of manifesting greater power. Upon reaching 10th level, such a character has a 10 percent chance of gaining an epic boon from among the options in chapter 7 of the Dungeon Master’s Guide. If the character fails to gain a boon, they have a 10 percent chance the next time they gain a level.

What are some rules from sources other than Chapter 7 of the DMG, that might prompt a DM to give players a boon or supernatural gift, from official WotC sources only, excluding UA?

mobile application – Gifting flow for e-wallet app (moneytary gift) need ideas

My friends,

I’m a PO of an e-wallet app. I’m working on the project to optimize the current Gifting flow (monetary gifts for birthdays, weddings, lucky money) to be more delightful and clean. Do you guys have any ideas/suggestions/case studies from other products? As I tried searching around but so far couldn’t find anything interesting (in my view)

Thanks a bunch for helping out!!

UK based Gift Ship droppers


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Best homemade gift received? | Forum Promotion

I can’t pick. To me, as I’m sentimental lol, ANYTHING made with love & thought was ‘the best gift ever’.

I’m trying to find new ideas to make for Christmas gifts! So if there are any that stand out then let me know!

My mom passed away a year ago and I used her old pillowcases to make bowl cozies and hand warmers. I have leftover pillowcases (even after making dresses for the little girls in Haiti) that aren’t good enough for some projects but I am cutting them up now to make “yarn” and I’ll crochet a couple baskets which sounds like fun. My niece cried last year when I used my mom’s old yarn to crochet hats, bags and mug cozies for everyone.

dnd 5e – What is the interaction between Gift of the Ever-living Ones and Dhampir Vampiric Bite ability

The healing isn’t rolled, so Gift of the Ever-living Ones has no effect.

Gift of the Ever-living Ones affects your healing rolls, not your damage rolls. In the case of the Dhampir trait, you roll damage, and then heal an amount equal to the amount rolled – the healing itself isn’t rolled, it’s simply set equal to the amount rolled by another dice roll. As a result, Gift of the Ever-living Ones has no effect, since the healing itself isn’t rolled for.

If, on the other hand, you had some sort of effect that heals you and then does damage based upon the amount rolled for the healing, then you would deal maximum damage with that effect, since the healing would be maximized as well. I don’t know if any such effects currently exist in the official content for the game, though.