Is it possible to find the owner of a GitHub Pages site that is connected to a custom domain?

Yes, you can identify the Github username of the person. This works because CNAME records are public. CNAME records essentially work like a redirect, and tell a DNS resolver to use the records from elsewhere.

For example, is hosted with GitHub pages. How do I know? I can run dig CNAME and get the following response:    1608    IN      CNAME

From this I can see that the GitHub user or organization “jgm” controls the repository from which that website is built.

In this case, that is an individual user. But if it is a GitHub organization, it might not be possible to know who controls that organization, since members can set their membership to private.

node.js – GitHub action with access to private repo

I would like to run the CI part of my Node / Ionic project where I just yesterday added a custom capacitor plugin – repo A.

This plugin sits in repo B.

On my dev machine I added B as

npm install --save

to project A.

package.json now contains

"B": "git+",

and I pushed this to my current merge request.
However, the CI pipeline is telling me now:

  npm install
  shell: /usr/bin/bash -e {0}
npm ERR! Error while executing:
npm ERR! /usr/bin/git ls-remote -h -t https://***
npm ERR! 
npm ERR! remote: Repository not found.
npm ERR! fatal: repository '' not found
npm ERR! 

Project B is a private repo. My account owns both repos and I am using my newly created Personal Access Token.

What should I check? I can pull the repo on my local, but there I am setup with my git+ssh env credentials too, so it might work just because of that…

github – unable to import a Keras network in MATLAB

i am new to the community:)
i need to import a network from keras ( keras version 2.2.2) in MATLAB, but MATLAB returns the following error:
error using nnet.internal.cnn.keras.importKerasNetwork (line 20)
Error reading Keras model_config from file ‘model.json’. The error
message was: ‘Reference to non-existent field ‘keras_version’.”

is anyone willing to help?
thank you! 🙂

github – How long does it generally take for an opened Hibernate issue to be resolved?

github – How long does it generally take for an opened Hibernate issue to be resolved? – Software Engineering Stack Exchange

git – Automating commits in a github repository every sunday?

I am using :

  1. Google Drive Desktop (as D:/)
  2. Github Desktop
  3. Windows 10 OS

I have :

  1. A directory called “myNotes” on my Google Drive ( Which is D:/myNotes on Windows Desktop ).
  2. I have a private Github repository named “myNotes” on my Github.

I did:

  1. Made D:/myNotes into “myNotes” repository.
  2. Made some changes, which Github detects & I committed it successfully.

How do I commit & push automaticallymyNotes” repository from Windows 10, every Sunday, with Date as commit summary?🤔

note: If I don’t turn on the computer on Sunday it should run the next day.

github bitcoin/doc/ – Automatically versus Manually creating a Bitcoin Core tor onion service

The doc I’m asking about: TOR SUPPORT IN BITCOIN. Section 1 describes how to “Run Bitcoin Core behind a Tor proxy.” Then…

  1. Automatically create a Bitcoin Core onion service

(I)f Tor is running and proper authentication has been configured,
Bitcoin Core automatically creates an onion service to listen on.

This section describes how to establish proper authentication.

  1. Manually create a Bitcoin Core onion service

You can also manually configure your node to be reachable from the Tor
network. Add these lines to your /etc/tor/torrc (or equivalent config
HiddenServiceDir /var/lib/tor/bitcoin-service
HiddenServicePort 8333

This section then describes the externalip, listen, and discover command line or bitcoin.conf options.

I am confused about the relation of sections 2 and 3. Are they alternatives or is 3 additive to 2? If the user, per section 3, adds the HiddenService… lines to torrc, and includes externalip=(user's public 64-char code).onion and listen=1 in bitcoin.conf, can the authentication steps of section 2 be omitted? The externalip with the user’s onion address of section 3 seems to provide advertising of the node’s reachable tor address. But if it’s omitted, how do inbound peers contact the onion service that, per section 2, is being “listen(ed) on”?

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