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How to give certain users access to your admin site on firebase?


In my company, we have one firebase project which is linked to our iOS application and an internal tool(purely for our use and not the consumers). Now since the database is common to both the website and the iOS app, all the users who create an account on the iOS application automatically have access to our internal tool. I wish to allow only a handful of people or one person to have access to the internal tool.


Is there a way for me to give certain users access to the internal tool? (If it involves manually giving them access from the firebase console?)
Is there a way to make the user authentication check different for the internal tool?

[ Politics ] Open Question : Why did a white liberal get upset when I as Black man asked them when will they give me a personal check as reparation payment?

I’m am a black man. Your belief is not required. Because I see in the mirror every morning. This is why I considered liberals more racist than conservatives. just because I questioned the system they automatically assume I’m white.

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active directory – Is it possible to give windows 10 access to a sql server hosted on windows server 2016?

Is it possible to give windows 10 access to a sql server hosted on windows server 2016?
Let me elaborate. I have found resources for setting up a domain for my pcs using a windows server.
The windows server will host an instance of SQL Server Express. I have Windows PC’s that will need access to the SQL server. Each Windows 10 machines will have Visual Studios and thus will need the access to the data from the SQL Servers installed on the Windows Server 2016.

Is it possible to do this without giving each user access to the domain on the Windows Server over a Network connection or do I need to give each user access to the domain and thus allowing for individual users to be given access to using the SQL Server from the domain?

I read literature on Microsofts Documentation that states nothing about Active Directory and giving access through a domain.

So currently I am confused. I keep finding a lot of AZURE Active Directory articles and none for Microsoft Docs explaining Active Directory Domains for this setup I am going to setup.

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