What feedback to give to users about why drag & drop does not work here?

I’ve been struggling to find good examples of this online, basically, the issue I’m trying to solve is that I want to provide feedback to users on why they’re unable to rearrange the order of their documents (in the outline) while they have filters set.

Normally users can rearrange the order by dragging, but when filters are turned on, it’s too prone to mistakes, however simply disabling drag & drop doesn’t feel like the right way to go either. The fact that filters are set is made clear through chips, but I don’t think users will just understand that those filters relate to why they can’t use drag & drop right now.

What I considered:

  • Change cursor to “unavailable” cursor while dragging (This doesn’t explain why it doesn’t work)
  • Show message such as “turn off filters to use dragging” in a temporary toast after trying to drop it (I don’t want to waste the users time by first pretending everything is fine)
  • Show message such as “” on the drop location (same as above)
  • Show toast message once the user tries to drag the item (so far this feels most logical)

Would love advice!
Thanks a lot.

real analysis – Give an example of a function f(x,y) with continuous partial derivatives that satisfies the following:

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exploit development – how to overflow fgets asm x86 32 bits. i want to give a input from a file such that i overwrite the local variable

; Fill buffer with data from standard input.
; Buffer is stored on the stack.

extern printf
extern puts
extern strlen
extern gets
extern fgets
extern stdin

section .data
    read_message: db "insert buffer string: ", 0
    buffer_intro_message: db "buffer is:", 0
    byte_format: db " %02X(%c)", 0
    null_string: db 0
    var_message_and_format: db "var is 0x%08X", 13, 10, 0

section .text

global main

    push ebp
    mov ebp, esp

    ; Make room for local variable (32 bit, 4 bytes).
    ; Variable address is at ebp-4.
    sub esp, 4

    ; Make room for buffer (64 bytes).
    ; Buffer address is at ebp-68.
    sub esp, 64

    ; Initialize local variable.
    mov dword (ebp-4), 0xCAFEBABE

    ; Read buffer from standard input.
    push read_message
    call printf
    add esp, 4

    lea ebx, (ebp-76)
    push dword (stdin)
    push 64
    push ebx
    call fgets
    add esp, 12

    ; Push string length on the stack.
    ; String length is stored at ebp-72.
    push ebx
    call strlen
    add esp, 4
    push eax

    ; Print data in buffer.
    push buffer_intro_message
    call printf
    add esp, 4

    xor ecx, ecx
    xor eax, eax
    lea ebx, (ebp-76)
    mov al, byte(ebx+ecx)
    push ecx    ; save ecx

    ; Print current byte.
    push eax
    push eax
    push byte_format
    call printf
    add esp, 12

    pop ecx ; restore ecx
    inc ecx
    cmp ecx, (ebp-76)
    jl print_byte

    push null_string
    call puts
    add esp, 4

    ; Print local variable.
    mov eax, (ebp-4)
    push eax
    push var_message_and_format
    call printf
    add esp, 8


java – Will this time duration measurement in two threads give correct result?

A program I’m developing has two threads running similar but different task:





I want to compare the writing performance of the two external database. I have timers around the write operation so that I can collect some metrics. Those two threads are running concurrently.

My question is will this design give correct measurement result regarding to the time spent by each write operation?
My understanding is probably not because the processing time given by CPU to each thread may be different. Let’s say for thread1, after timer1 started, cpu will not move forward to the followed write operation, but switch to processing thread2 instead. This may introduce some gaps between timer1.start() and writeToExternalDB1(consumedData). However, in that case, should we regard this gap as negligible if we are processing a lot of data? What should I do to give the correct measurement result?

newversion – Magento2: how to give option in custom extension for new version update in configuration

I have created my custom extension. But I need to add the new version update option in my extension configuration.

How I can do? Please suggest any idea in admin configuration and in code wise.

When I update the version then how I can show in the admin configuration to update the new version with the previous.


networking – How do you give two routers access to a network device? (Network drawing included)

Network Drawing

I want “House LAN” and “Computer A” both to have access to the surveillance camera. How is this done?

I was considering creating two VLANs on “Dual WAN Router A”:

VLAN_A: Port 3 and Port 4

VLAN_B: Port 5 and Port 4

This way, the “House LAN” and “Computer A” will remain isolated from each other, which is also a requirement.

Naturally, I will also create a static route on “Dual WAN Router A” to route traffic from “Computer A” onto subnet 192.168.1.x, where the surveillance camera resides.

Does my approach make sense? Will this work?

dnd 5e – Does the envoy warforged’s Ability Score Increase trait give you a +1 to Con and +1 to two other ability scores? Or just +1 to two ability scores?

+1 to Con, as well as +1 to any 2 ability scores of your choice

The version of the warforged from UA: Eberron Races has the following traits, among others:

Your warforged character has the following traits.

Ability Score Increase. Your Constitution score increases by 1.


Subrace. As a warforged, your body was designed for a specific
purpose. Choose one of these subraces: envoy, juggernaut, or skirmisher.

The envoy subrace gains the following additional trait, among others:

Ability Score Increase. Two different ability scores of your
choice each increase by 1.

Per the description of subraces in Chapter 2 of the basic rules/PHB:

Some races have subraces. Members of a subrace have the traits of the
parent race in addition to the traits specified for their subrace.

Therefore, a UA envoy warforged character gains the +1 to Con score from their base race, but also gains the +1 to two different ability scores of the player’s choice.

Note that the two different ability scores from the envoy subrace’s Ability Score Increase trait only need to be different from one another; nothing prevents you from choosing Con again as one of these two ability scores for the subrace (so you could have +2 to Con and +1 to another ability score if you wanted).

Note that the final published version of the warforged race, as it appears in Eberron: Rising from the Last War and the final version of Wayfinder’s Guide to Eberron, has no subraces; its Ability Score Increase trait is worded such that there is no confusion on this subject.

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