Give your Creative Business Card for $ 10 within 24 hours

Give a creative business card within 24 hours

I will offer you a creative business card design for only $ 10 within 24 hours or less.

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What is the BUSINESS CARD?

It is the most useful tool to personally connect with potential customers, customers and other business owners and to promote your brand.

Are you starting a new company and looking for a professional business card?

We warmly welcome you! You are in the right place!
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We are a team of experienced and creative minds who create one-sided and double-sided innovative, slim, minimalist, fantastic, outstanding and professional business cards.


  • A single or double-sided design.
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  • Print-ready files in JPEG or PDF file format.
  • Editable PSD or Ai source file.
  • 100% customer satisfaction.
  • 24 hour express delivery.

Note: – The business card size is 3.5 inches x 2.0 inches. If you want to change this size, please do not forget to indicate this on the order page.

Hooks – How to give access permissions for custom text box plugins in Drupal 8 views

I want to give the custom text field handler access permissions in views to display the field based on the user permissions.

This is my custom view field handler referenced:

This is my custom link = & # 39; / group / {{raw_arguments.gid}} / admin / title / {{nid}} / assets & # 39; which uses the argument value from the Replacements pattern.

 public function render(ResultRow $values) {
    $path = $this->options('alter')('path');
    $url = Url::fromUserInput($path);    
   //return ViewsRenderPipelineMarkup::create(Xss::filterAdmin($this->options('link_title')));
    $url = Url::fromUserInput($path);
    if($url->access(Drupal::currentUser())) {
      return ViewsRenderPipelineMarkup::create(Xss::filterAdmin($this->options('link_title')));
    //return Link::fromTextAndUrl($this->options('link_title'), Url::fromUserInput($path, $options))->toString();


Output is shown in the code above, but access permission cannot be verified due to a custom argument that could not determine the actual URL path

ok trump card, we will give up abortions if you give up your guns sounds fair?

The government is killing you with high-frequency electricity. The Virgin of Theotokos prayed "Scheme nun Antonia" how to save aborted babies from hell. If you pray these prayers diligently, abandoned babies will be released from hell. There are 40 demons on each painted nail. Smoking is an incense burner for the devil. Pagan deities (also known as demons) are called with bad language. The Holy Spirit leaves at 7 meters. People who use drugs see demons who cleverly disguise themselves as ghosts and extraterrestrials. America will be the last country to convert to the euro (the Antichrist's global currency). Contraceptive = abortion; Use of contraceptives for 1 year = 5 abandoned children. Miscarriages occur due to high heels; Caesarean section due to tight pants (second generation Caesarean section will be sterile). 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The United States gives its people a single check. How is it that countries like Australia give people more every two weeks?

some complications with this guess:

– They also spend $ 600 more per week in unemployment benefits for four months.

– You are working on a second stimulus package with more checks, although Congress has not yet passed it

– 1500 Australian dollars = 923 US dollars

The value of N / A shouldn't give 0 if not zero, but the recommendation could give me

Dim Sheet As Integer
Sub-percentage ()
sheet = InputBox ("Enter the number of the sheet on which the percentage of progress is calculated" & vbNewLine & "1.-SUPERVISION" & vbNewLine & "2.-WORK", "Sheet selection")
initial_contract = InputBox ("Enter the number of the field of the first contract for which you want to receive your progress percentage", "Contract area")
final_contract = InputBox ("Enter the number of the field of the last contract for which you would like to receive your progress percentage", "Contract area")
initial_box = InputBox ("Enter the letter at which the concept table begins", "Table area")
final_box = InputBox ("Enter the letter where the concept table ends")
box_percentage = InputBox ("Enter the letter of the field in which the progress percentages are placed")
Total = Range (end_box & 1) .Column – Range (start_box & 1) .Column + 1
partial = -0
For i = initial_contract to final_contract
For j = area (start_box & 1). Column to area (end_box & 1). column
Select Fall Sheets (Sheet). Cells (i, j)
Case 1:
partial = partial + 1
Case 0:
partial = partial + 0
Case "NA":
Leaves ("Filtered Data"). Cells (position, j) = "NA"
Select end
Next j
Leaves (leaf). Cells (i, area (percentage_box & 1). Column) = round ((partial / total) * 100, 2)
partial = -0
Total = Range (end_box & 1) .Column – Range (start_box & 1) .Column + 1
Next i
End sub

ux designer – Can you give me feedback on my school assignment?

I'm Justin, a student from Creative Media Technologies and designer / front-end developer from the Netherlands. I am currently working on a school assignment to create an international innovation. Since I am currently in the concept and research phase, I am looking for feedback from other creative people, since you are the target group of my concept.

I see a lot of passionate creative people around me. People who want to do something extra to improve their skills, play their creative muscles and gain knowledge. Especially creatives who are just starting out have to do their work to be seen. There are online platforms to help you get feedback and present your work, but I think there is room for something new and challenging.

I want to create an online section for creative people who want to do something special. Companies can use this platform to pose creative challenges. The challenges are open to everyone to register. In this way, people who want to express their creativity and try new things have one goal and one goal. In contrast, companies receive creative ideas and solutions.

What do you think about this idea? I need as much feedback as possible to determine whether my concept is sufficiently valuable for all target groups.

Would you accept a challenge?

Thank you in advance,


Magazines – Sir, can you please give me instructions on how to download Princeton Math Annals for free?

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Parallel arithmetic – why do Amdahl's law and Gustafson's law give us different accelerations when applied to the same task?

I get a task in which exactly 50% of the work can be parallelized. When I use Amdahl's law to calculate the acceleration when 2 processing units are used instead of one, I get a different result than what I get when I calculate the same acceleration according to Gustafson's law. I don't understand why.