Donald Trump pounces on Glenn Beck after being accused of voting for Obama

The Cold War is long gone and socialism in Western Europe has been going on for a long time. The results seem to be the same: for the most part mediocrity.

The beginning of our debts was the financing of World War II and grew and grew during the Cold War. There were no complaints from Europe when the need was there and we had covered most of the financial cover. It turns out that US military spending is now as low as in decades. The reason that we are in debt (and note that the government is in debt, not the Eeevil corporations or the citizens – most of us manage to live within our means.) Is the government trying to do so? To meet growing needs of the "takers", because if they can no longer move out of the "makers" in the country, they are looking for debt financing. So, above all, we have so much debt for claims programs and not for military spending. By the way, the guilt does not bother me so much. It has been proven over and over again that we can grow our economy to reduce debt in percentage terms. We just do not have to have idiots in the Oval Office.

LOL … the fifties call and want to have their business theories back. :) In the US, Walmart closes hundreds of stores (maybe a thousand or more). Online sales will kill you. US Steel, General Motors, IBM, In general, this does not last long, because if they charge what they want, or are lazy or arrogant or whatever, it opens the door to competition, which, if not controlled by a command and control economy (e Socialism), will arise wherever it is an opening. Always happens and always will. His human nature.

So you have to like Trump because he supports his own campaign with his own money and does not have to worry about big donors?

One thing about capitalism: There will always be winners and losers; It is the nature of the system. Down the street from my house was just a new gas station next to an existing. You have a gas price war that saves me a lot of cost per gallon from other nearby gas stations that did not go along. My point is that it took only two competitors (not even a handful) to show capitalism in action. Yes, the price war is probably temporary, but not everything in the business, including monopolies.

The liberal Lamestream media in the US and around the world are trying to push their agenda by choosing the Clinton Sacking and Corruption machine. Nothing new there. Take a look at the absolute dishonesty with which they finished Obama in 2012. If you listen only to the liberal media, you would not understand that EVERY Republican candidate stands above Billary and her bat colleague.

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