Import – Transport Gmail label to Zimbra

I have several hundred emails in a Gmail label that I want to forward to Zimbra. I want to do this systematically, just like "Accounts and Import" in Gmail, so I can send those emails with this Gmail label to my Zimbra email account and leave the original mailing time and sender (instead of to display a new time to send my Gmail account).

Any body can do this easily? Thank you in advance!

Migrate all IMAP4 mail including the folder structure to Gmail

When adding a new external IMAP4 server to Gmail, I am offered the option to specify a label that categorizes all emails from that server into my Gmail account.

If I do this, Gmail will rebuild the entire folder structure under this label, or it will map all retrieved emails directly to that single label, and I'll be forced to manually rebuild the folder structure manually.

I have 6610 emails organized in 196 folders to be imported into Gmail from an external IMAP4 server. Do I have to import them in mass mode?

Gmail does not let me download any suspicious attachments

My Gmail account received a message with an attachment from someone I trust.

Enter the image description here

There is no "looks safe" button. The only "banner above" is:

Enter the image description here

The message is not in the spam folder. In fact, there is no "Not Spam" button as usual, probably because the message is not marked as spam. It's just in my inbox.

I found this solution online:

What can work, but there is certainly a way to download the attachments from the Gmail website?

gmail – How to block emails sent from other accounts in Sent

My setup is as follows.

I have two Gmail accounts: a Gmail main account and a secondary account I have so I can use Google's SMTP server.

This SMTP server account will be used whenever I need a server / script / IOT device / whatever to send emails to me, so that I can access my main Gmail credentials (or more specifically an app). Password) within the unsecured device.

My main Gmail account (for example, is set up to retrieve emails from the SMTP account (for example, with the option "Get email from other accounts." "be retrieved.

An example of a setup would be a cron job on Linux that sends me the run result. This would be sent to root @ localhost and .Forward contains, The server is set up to use Gmail as an SMTP relay with credentials for and that works great.

However in Sent for I see all mails that are sent through, I have Send mail as Also configured for this account, I turned off the Alias ‚Äč‚Äčoption, which I thought caused what I see.

Is there a way to prevent this? sent email from in Sent in

Gmail labels removed – where did my emails go?

I have been using Gmail for quite a while and have about 15,000 emails that are only partially sorted with labels. Sorting Gmail itself is a nightmare to me. So I chose Thunderbird. My plan was to download the emails (IMAP, not POP3) and move them to a local folder to save and remove from Gmail. I assume that the emails from Gmail disappear when I move them to a local folder. However, this only seems to be the case if you move the email from the Inbox rather than "All emails".

Here's my problem: I sorted the emails in Gmail using labels. I removed all these labels from the conversation and me expected All my emails would end up back in my inbox, but not. They are all visible under "All Messages" of what I saw, but they are not in the Inbox. The Inbox has a fraction of the number of emails that "All Mail" contains.

Where did the emails go? All I want is to move all my emails to a local folder on Thunderbird and have them automatically removed from Gmail. However, I can not because the folder "All Mail" seems to be a copy of all emails. So if I move it, the emails are still in Gmail.

The new phone had the same #N GMAIL ACCT FOR 5 PLUS YRS

So I bought a new phone to try to sync my Gail. CAUSE IS GMAIL N PHONE # I GA for over 5 years. Around November 22, an old phone I had in an MT car was the name the information was in when it changed, but the information was not. I will not take care of days to get it. VACK N can not, but everything is tied to those email skills that will help me to help me

Gmail Filter does not forward email

I had the same problem, and in my case it turned out that I expected to see multiple emails with commas delimited in the list From Field when setting up a filter. It turns out that I have to use OR as a separator. Now the forwarding works for me.

Expected to work:


Actually works:

From OR

The autocomplete in the filters works with commas, but not ORwhich confuses UX. Here's a list of all operators: