Hyperlinks – Why can not site links be clicked in the Gmail app?

If I want to share a link to something interesting on the web, I'll click Share and Gmail. The web address is inserted in an e-mail. If I send the email to myself (or presumably to someone else) and read it, the link is in black and white rather than blue. If you click on it, nothing happens.

I've tried this with Gmail on my Nexus 10 tablet and my Nokia 5 phone.

The e-mail account is an IMAP account.

Calendar – Gmail notifications

I've set up a Google Calendar that sends me notifications when an event is due.
How can I set it to show when the computer is off at the time of onset?
If the computer in Thunderbird is turned off when the alarm is triggered, it will be displayed when the computer is turned on.
This is not the case in any other app.
Is there any way to display the warnings when booting the computer when the computer is turned off when the warning goes off?

Need a Gmail filter that ignores older emails

I want to set a filter that:

  • Sets the filter for matching new emails
  • Does not filter emails before a specified date

This is because I have thousands of old emails that I do not want to filter. But apparently the "data to …" setting does not work in combination with new emails.

I thought of e.g. Put the filter without a date condition and then remove older matches, but I have many such filters that I need to adjust, so you prefer a more elegant solution.

Thankful for your suggestions.

How do I keep emails I've received from specific email addresses from my Promotions tab in Gmail?

I am fine with GMail promotions When I want to read my emails, I keep most company newsletters out of sight.

However, sometimes GMail believes that an order confirmation is qualified promotion, I do not want that. And for some companies, I'd like to receive every single promotional e-mail through my regular mail, so I miss them less often.

I read somewhere that adding an email address to the address book should prevent this, but it definitely does not always work. For example, if an email is sent through MailChimp, it does not seem to matter to GMail if there is an email address in your address book and an email will be placed below it promotions Tab, even if it is from address is an address in my address book.

Is there a better way to configure GMail so that e-mails from a specific e-mail address (or domain) are never marked as promotionsregardless of whether they are sent through a mass mailer provider like MailChimp?

Gmail – Run Android (Web) App on Windows PC?

Gmail has a nice new design since January. However, it looks like the rollout will take some time because it has not yet arrived for the regular web version.

So my question / idea was: Can I somehow run the (Android) tablet version on a Windows PC? In the end, most likely a web app is running in the background? This would allow me to use the new design without having to buy a tablet …

PS: It's so unfair (in my opinion) that today's mobile devices are preferred over PCs for most applications. Although the most productive use of certain apps is still done with one PC … that's another story for another day.