Three of my gmail aliases just stopped receiving email. HELP!

Three of my gmail aliases just stopped receiving email. I am able to send emails but as of yesterday, I have stopped receiving emails.

I have been using the aliases for over one year without any problems. My regular emails are working fine. I am just having problems with the aliases that have a domain name that is not gmail.

Any suggestions would be very appreciated.

Thank you!

Import emails from Outlook to Gmail

I have emails in my desktop Outlook and want to transfer them in Gmail (G Suite if it matters).

I exported a folder in a CSV file, however, cannot find a way to import them in Gmail. The solutions I can find online are for importing Contacts.

How to import emails from Outlook to Gmail?

The best is if I can preset a particular label for each file I import.

How can I disable deselecting emails in gmail?

I’m using the Preview Pane feature in Gmail. When I click an email once, it’s opened as expected, however if I click it again, it gets deselected, showing No conversations selected in the right side of the pane.

Previously, if I clicked an email again that allowed me to mark the email as read more quickly or simply do nothing if I clicked it again, even by mistake, but now the item is simply deselected.

Is there a setting where I can disable this behavior and get back the previous behavior? or is this just something Google decided to roll-out for everyone with no option to opt-out?

FWIW, I’m not looking to mark emails as read in this or another way, this I can configure in general settings; I’m looking to stop this deselecting behavior, which I find annoying 😀

Thanks in advance for your help!

gmail – Is Saritha Splendor Apartments are good for investment?

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With over 116 flats of 1,2 and 3 BHK types, the property is widespread in the land of approx 2 acres. The units are spread over 2 blocks of 4 floors each. It is, therefore, one of Whitefield Bangalore’s best societies.

Means to view offline gmail backups with folders preserved and without a mail client

I was able to make an mbox backup of a personal gmail account as per here:

I used a program called mbox viewer which successfully imported the emails, but combined them all to one folder as shown below.

enter image description here

Is there a way to have the tag / folder information be recognized as separate folders in a gmail backup?

google chrome – Search for old emails that are NOT starred (Gmail)

Gmail has a search bar where you can filter emails. For example, to see emails from December 2019:

before:2020/01/01 after:2019/11/30 

Or to see emails before the start of 2020 which are starred:

before:2020/01/01 is:starred

But how do you ask for “Emails before the start of 2020 and which are NOT starred? I’ve tried combinations like before:2020/01/01 NOT is:starred or {before:2020/01/01} - {before:2020/01/01 is:starred} but nothing works.

This Google help article covers more options, but I wasn’t able to work out a way to select a negation (like the C/C++ ! operator).

How to fight spam on gmail?

Like people share with my their google photos, password rests for different accounts, people sending me pictures

Identifying mails you receive from strangers mistaking you with someone else would require knowledge from your real live. No algorithm can do that, and probably will never be able to do so.

and then the common spam which is a lot too.

you can play around with Gmail settings, also look for 3rd party tools they might be helpful.
Still if you have very common name, your address might be at the top of the list of spammers and you will receive spam before it’s identified by any spam filter.

So what to do?

Being in your place I’d probably create another address for mails where my name is not important (automatic mails from bank accounts, service providers, newsletters …), that would help to reduce the mess.

Experiment with white listing, need to take care that you need to add address to the list before you can receive mail from them.

samsung – Suddenly getting “Gmail won’t run without google play services, which are not supported by your device”

Samsung Galaxy J7 running Android 8.1.0. Totally vanilla, not rooted or anything like that.

A few days ago suddenly gmail and other google apps stopped working, showing messages like “Gmail won’t run without google play services, which are not supported by your device”. Have had the phone for years & been using all the usual google apps all the time and this has never happened before.

Looking in settings->apps, Google Play Services is in there, but the Google Play Store is not.

What I have tried:

  • Reset app preferences.
  • Went into google play services under settings->apps and tried to uninstall updates, but it said something like “failed to uninstall updates”.
  • Attempted to remove my Google account from the device (thinking I’d add it again afterwards which might reset something) but it asks for my Google password and does not accept the password (which is definitely correct, I can see it and compare directly with the one that works on my computer).

I have not tried a factory reset because I am concerned that if google play services still don’t work after the reset, I won’t be able to install whatsapp and other apps that I rely on.

Any ideas?