How to set a profile picture for the Google Groups Email Address in Google Workspace, so recipients can see the profile picture in their Gmail inbox

We are using Google Workspace together with Groups for Business as a shared email inbox. The given address is also used as the email sender.

When users receive emails from they only see the gray profile image only of a human.
We want to have our corporate logo to be visible and a looking for ways on how to set it.

What we tried:

  • BIMI: Is currently in closed beta, and need certs that one have to buy.
  • Creating a personal Gmail account with as the address is not possible. Gmail complains that the email is already in use.
  • Gravatar Icon does exist but is not picked up by Gmail.

Are there any other options?

gmail – gsuite user unable to access google groups

I’m an Owner of Google Groups instance with two different email accounts – my personal one ( and my work one (

I can verify that my email is an Owner on this page:

BUT when I try to access the Google Groups instance with my email I get this error:

Content unavailable

Try switching accounts, or check with your organization’s administrator to make sure you have permission’s email is done through GSuite. I’m an GSuite admin (but not a super admin) for

Maybe there’s a setting in that GSuite that isn’t letting me be a member of a Groups external to the domain of If so where would I find that setting?

Like I can add new accounts and remove new accounts and I can change (some) people’s OU’s but I don’t see an “Admin roles and privileges” button when I pull up a user account in GSuite. Maybe that’s where I’d normally be able to do this? I can add and remove Apps if that helps idk

magento2 – Zend Mail SMTP Gmail issue

I am receiving the following error:

(2021-02-25 12:37:07) main.CRITICAL: Could not read from {"exception":"(object) (Magento\Framework\Exception\MailException(code: 0): Could not read from at /var/www/html/hoesjes/app/code/Mageplaza/Smtp/Mail/Transport.php:134, Zend\Mail\Protocol\Exception\RuntimeException(code: 0): Could not read from at /var/www/html/hoesjes/vendor/zendframework/zend-mail/src/Protocol/AbstractProtocol.php:305)"} ()
(2021-02-25 12:37:07) main.CRITICAL: Warning: fwrite(): SSL operation failed with code 1. OpenSSL Error messages:
error:1420C0CF:SSL routines:ssl_write_internal:protocol is shutdown in /var/www/html/hoesjes/vendor/zendframework/zend-mail/src/Protocol/AbstractProtocol.php on line 260 {"exception":"(object) (Magento\Framework\Exception\MailException(code: 0): Warning: fwrite(): SSL operation failed with code 1. OpenSSL Error messages:

The interesting part is that this message is showing up after I’ve sent exactly 96 emails out 🙂 so when i am doing a mass email send out.

Is there a limit or something which prevents to send out more then 96 emails in one go ?

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Sync exchange with local calendar WITHOUT granting permissions to gmail or Samsung

It’s pretty simple, what I want, I think:

  • 1 local/offline-only calendar on the phone (default Samsung app)
  • 1 on-line exchange calendar (automatically synced)
  • ability to show one or the other or both at the same time in the same view
  • notifications coming from both calendars, as if they’re both local

I do NOT want:

  • to associate a google account with the phone
  • the gmail app to be in any way involved
  • to accept Samsung’s request to hold my personal information for 5 years on their servers
  • any kind of sync involving e-mail, contacts etc etc.

It amazes me that this seems nearly impossible to do. Is it/how?

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How to delete attachments/images from an email without deleting the email itself (Gmail)?

I’ve received a bunch of emails with large attachments and images. I want to keep the emails (including their headers) for my records, but I don’t want the attachments and images using up my allotment of storage on Google’s servers. I also want to keep my backups small, and they add unneeded bulk to my backup files.

In Gmail, how can one delete attachments/images from emails without deleting the email itself?

To keep this QA generic enough to help everyone, answers addressing sent and/or received emails are fine.

Question on deleting one message in thread Gmail

Yes. This message is deleted ONLY from you.

Why this happens?
When someone sends an email, one can decide to send it to one person or more than one.
When it is just one person, the sender places the recipient’s name in the to field

When there are more than 1 person, one can also use the cc and bcc fields.

cc= carbon copy
bcc= blind carbon copy

As you understand, those emails are already in the other recipients’ mailboxes and canNOT be affected by any action of yours.

So once again. You can do whatever you want with the messages in your inbox. It makes no difference to others