Permanently / creepy "Upload image" window in Gmail / Hangouts permanently block

Modern Gmail (which started in 2016-2017) has this extremely annoying neck. If you accidentally click on your blank profile photo, a window will pop up asking you to upload your photo that will not be closed.

"Does not close" – clicking on the "X" (Close) button will not delete it, and clicking on the "Cancel" text button will not delete it either.

The only way to get rid of this panel is to reload the page (which will always take forever with the newer and "improved" Gmail due to extreme script puffing) or using the "uBlock Origin" element zapper.

How do I block this panel forever?

html – inline grid-related CSS no longer appears in Gmail

I am working on an HTML e-mail template with NopCommerce. I've been using all my CSS inline features ever since and it does not work. Mostly everything works except the grid styles. specially power gap and Grid template columns They seem to disappear after being sent to Gmail.

Title 3

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Title 4

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Title 5

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The above image was taken over from Gmail, and as you can see power gap and Grid template columns seem to be missing Can someone give me hints or solutions to this problem? Very appreciated

gmail – Latent heat of fusion in heat

A steel component with a mass of 0.8 kg is to be hardened by heating to 1050 degrees Celsius. And then dipped in an oil bath. The oil is in a steel tank with a mass of 2 kilograms. The initial temperature is 20 degrees Celsius. Determine the minimum amount of oil in the tank when the oil temperature must not exceed 50 degrees Celsius. Neglect heat loss to the environment. Specific heat capacity for steel = kJ / kg and for oil = 1.60 kJ / kg

Gmail confirmation, no analysis

Hello, I have problems with the email verification.

– The GMail is configured for POP3
– I've created a filter to make sure everything goes to the Inbox
– On the Project> Email tab, the GSA says when I run the test.
But in the log I can not see the "parsing XXX emails". Sounds like the emails can not be retrieved. Any advice? Something I miss in the list above?
[ ] Check links …
[ ] E-mail confirmation completed.
[ ] Review completed (36 exams completed)
[!] No further links to check (check mode only), stop!

Gmail – How do I move a large group of emails from a "Browse" group to a specific folder I created earlier?

The easiest way was to 1. Search for your emails. 2. Select the emails you want to move. 3. Move the mouse pointer over the folder button with the down arrow to remove it.

Now you have to 1. search for the emails, 2. select the emails to be moved. 3. Label it with the appropriate label. 4. Right-click the label you just created. 5. Click on Move Move the emails.

If Gmail says too many attemps, try again later. Does this affect your password?

I'm just wondering if Gmail locks you out like it says too many attempts. Try again later. Does this have something to do with your password? How do you have to change that or not?

I also tried logging in as if it were an ocd phase that I've logged in to many times, and it locked me out and I've been waiting for some time to get in again

Many Thanks

Gmail – Multiple Google Calendar notifications from my personal e-mail?

I received multiple emails for Google Calendar events sent to my Gmail account. This is not the same as normal Google Calendar notifications. The normal alarms look like this:

normal picture

The new ones look like this:

Enter the image description here

Can someone please help me get rid of the latter? I can not log out I'd like to filter them, but using "Alert" and my email as a filter could have a negative impact (I did a filtered search and saw emails I did not want to automatically archive). I think this has something to do with my iCalendar (I used to receive very similar emails from my iCloud account that I filtered out).

Can not receive an automatic response from Gmail for work

Hello programmer, I hope that maybe I can get some insight into the problems with sending a canned e-mail response.

(Maybe it's not possible to send canned messages to zendesk, and I may need a script?)

Specifically, I'm trying to get my Gmail account to respond to a specific email coming from a Zendesk account. For some reason, it simply refuses to work just for a specific email address. It works for all other tests I have done on other email addresses.

Here's a picture of what the header looks like. 2019-03-03 17.07.43.png

Here is the website where you send a message to get the email in your inbox and set up the biased filter. If you set the filter for First, send a message on the site that you can test and see that it does not work and does not send a specified message.

I can not find it out for my life, so any help!

Problems deleting emails from Gmail

I'm on a list server that receives emails from crons for several hundred servers. The email volume is about 1 G / week. In order not to run into my 15 G HDD contingent, I have to delete the messages on a regular basis. I have a filter in Gmail that adds the label "label: inbox-zbark" to this name.

I use such a search to find the emails of a week:

Label: Inbox-Zbark before: 2018/12/16 after: 2018/12/09

Then I can select the news of a week by selecting the "Select All" button (which will select the 100 conversations on the current page) and then clicking the "Select All Conversations That Match This Search" button. I click on the "delete" button and confirm the mass action.

The problem is that with more than 1000 conversations (which can contain 100 emails per piece), Gmail either rejects the deletion of messages or emails Oops Error. Normally I can delete conversations at once, but this is very time consuming and at some point Gmail becomes much less responsive.

The Gmail Trash folder has similar problems. At some point, the empty recycle bin button will not work … I can click the button. Gmail will report about it All messages have been deleted.However, the messages still appear in the trash folder.

I'm looking for a better way to erase emails on a massive basis. Completing the Inbox will be painful.