gnome – how to disable top menu in 20.04?

In the past there used to be an option in Settings->Appearance->Behavior to toggle between using the top menu bar and window-specific menubar. (Sorry, not sure exactly what they’re called.)

But in 20.04, I don’t see that option anymore. Not in settings, and not in gnome-tweaks.

This is an example of the menu that I’d like to move down from the top of the screen into the application’s window:

enter image description here

Can someone tell me how to do this in Ubuntu 20.04?

gnome – I cant get .desktop files to work :(

i wrote a .desktop file for discord and it just doesnt launch. The icon doesnt apear either. The File :

[Desktop Entry]

I grabbed a template from the gnome website and put in my info.
Hope someone can help me. 😀

gnome – Screen magnifier and text input follow problem

I’m using screen magnifier on ubuntu 19.10 and see problems with following magnigier to text foucus. It works good in some apps (terminal, gedit) but don’t works at all in others (sublime text 3). You can see working example of behaviour in gedit:
enter image description here

And broken one for sublime text 3

enter image description here

May be there is way to fix it for any text input in any app?

gnome shell – Top-bar appears twice in Ubuntu 20.04

I’m running multi-monitors on a fresh install of 20.04. Suddenly I have two top-bars on my primary monitor – rebooting didn’t fix it, nor did disabling gnome extensions. The bottom bar is working as required with extensions running ok – the top one contains only the “activities”,”application-menu” clock and language selector.

Any ideas?both monitors – three top-bars :]

shortcut keys – How do I remap Alt+` in Gnome 3.36.2/Ubuntu 20.04?

I am trying to change the key to summon my Guake Terminal to Alt+` and only to find out that the key is occupied by Gnome for cycling through windows of the active application. When I go into the keyboard shortcut settings I found that the exact same feature was displayed to be mapped to Super+` and both key combos behaves the same. But since the Alt+` was not “assigned” to anything in settings, I cannot change it. Is there any command-line method that I can use to make gnome not intercepting alt+`?

gnome – Missing spotify album image from top bar pop up menu

I’m not seeing the album image in the top bar’s pop out menu (I’m unsure what the actual name of this is…).

I recall it was there previously but can’t remember when it disappeared.

Missing ablum art

In the screenshot I have both Spotify and Rhythmbox open to confirm it’s only happening for Spotify.

Maybe it’s theme related but the issue persists even when setting everything back to defaults.

Current themes

System is Ubuntu 20.04 LTS, GNOME is 3.6.2

gnome terminal – Which tab is currently selected in Terminator?

In the terminal emulator Terminator, I find that it’s hard to tell which tab I have selected at any given time.

Here’s what the tabs look like in Terminator.

enter image description here

Here’s what the tabs look like in Gnome terminal. Can I achieve such an obvious distinction in Terminator?

enter image description here

This makes a difference when I have many tabs open and want to move to a particular one with Ctrl+PageUp or Ctrl+PageDown. I don’t know which of these key combinations to press because I don’t know which of the tabs I’m currently occupying.