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boot – installed ubuntu 20.4 from USB and stuck in GNU grub screen

I installed 20.4 into HP 255 notebook, removing win7. Worked fine for a few days and i learned a lot so thought i would do a re-install and start again to get everything right. Now same usb installs ok, but when I remove usb and try to use the installed Ubuntu, i always get GNU grub screen. Tried reinstalling several times, made a new usb and reinstalled, still stuck at GNU grub, also sometimes ‘Common Interrupt; 1.55 No Irq handler for vector’. Please help this poor beginner, I tried all the blogs and fixes and am still stuck. Seems i’m not alone!

licensing – Forking a GNU GPL v3 project. Project changed to Porkord license

A user forked the project when it was under GNU GPL v3 license, the original project has since changed to a Porkord license and is claiming the user is stealing their code and that their project was never truly a GPL v3 project. The project’s github’s history for their licenses show them using MIT, GPL v3 and now Porkord.

Are the original project developers in the right by claiming the user forking the project is in the wrong?

openssl – Are GNU coreutils SHA digest functions FIPS-validated (in NIST’s Cryptographic Module Validation Program)?

My project has a requirement that we use only FIPS-validated modules to do anything cryptographic, including generating checksums for binaries. We’ve been using the SHA-2 utilities provided by GNU coreutils for a long time to generate checksums. Now we need to be compliant. SHA-2 comes from FIPS-180-2, and I can’t find a validation program like NIST CMVP for FIPS-180. I did see on some CMVP certifications that a Secure Hash Standard (FIPS-180) certificate was also listed, so I had hoped to find GNU holding a certification for their implementation in NIST’s CMVP database, but I couldn’t find one.

Can anyone point me to documentation that shows GNU coretuils is validated for FIPS-180-2 compliance? If not, I’d love suggestions for where to look for an alternative provider. I did find that Red Hat holds a certification for an OpenSSL implementation, which also lists SHA-3 and SHS certificates, Cert #3781, but that’s for RHEL8 and we’re on RHEL7.

Barring alternatives, is there a way to prove GNU coreutils’s SHA-2 implementations are “sufficiently secure”? I feel that question is asking for trouble and a whole lot of math proofs… The GNU website doesn’t say much about SHA-2. I read the source code for the utility here, but found nothing interesting.

digital signature – gnu gcc source archives signed with expired GPG key?

The pedantic answer to your question is: when gcc-9.3.0 was released, the key was not yet expired:

$ gpg --verify gcc-9.3.0.tar.gz.sig gcc-9.3.0.tar.gz
gpg: Signature made Thu 12 Mar 2020 07:32:47 AM EDT
gpg:                using DSA key A328C3A2C3C45C06 

The signature was made in March 2020, but the key expired in September 2020:

gpg --list-keys A328C3A2C3C45C06
pub   dsa1024/A328C3A2C3C45C06 2004-04-21 [SC] [expired: 2020-09-10]

So, the fact that it’s expired now is not a cause for concern.

What is the cause for concern is that it’s a 1024/DSA key, which is probably not considered sufficiently strong these days. However, I can also see that the author has a newer key created in May, 2020:

pub   rsa4096/6C35B99309B5FA62 2020-05-28 [SC]

So, perhaps the next release of gcc will be signed with this key instead.

licensing – Can I rewrite GNU GPL v3 code in another language and use it in a commercial app?

An open-source library that is written in C++ under the “GNU General Public License v3” license, can be rewritten in C# to be used in a commercial application?

I know this question is similar to this one, but it was about v2 and the accepted answer reports a part of v2 licensing that I can’t find for v3.

linux – Upgrading GNU screen in-place without restarting

I am looking into upgrading GNU screen following CVE-2021-26937. My question is simple: can I upgrade GNU screen without restarting my current screen, e.g., by a kind of in-place upgrade mechanism where the new version of screen would take over the file descriptors from a screen launched with the old version or something like that? Or do I need to restart my screen session when upgrading?

GNU tech info utility

Does anyone know how to keep GNU’s tech info utility from clearing the screen after it exits. I have done countless research of a way to prevent that from happening. No documentation seems to narrow in on this specific behavior.

Free new GNU GPL 3.0 eMarket engine. Preparing for release.

Hey. This is my first post.

Now is the end of 2020, and we can finally share the project that we started doing on March 10, 2018. The release of the alpha version is scheduled for January 1, but the demo with the latest commits has already been uploaded for today, and you can check it out. The project was originally planned as Open Source licensed under the GNU GPL 3.0. A lot of work has been done and we are ready to share the results with the open source community.

We have been engaged in online shopping for many years, and as a result we have our own understanding and vision of some aspects. We made many things not typical, and this should find understanding among users. We tried to save the store manager from running around the menu to assign simple daily functions. The engine is built like MVC + L. Used Bootstrap 3. In this article, I will not go into technical aspects and solutions, and suggest that you look at everything yourself. Below are screenshots.



Please note that in the warehouse section, all basic actions with goods / categories are performed through the context menu by right-clicking. Many people may not immediately understand this, so we warn you in advance. But it’s convenient.

Support Forum and Demo:
GitHub Page –


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