If God exists, where is the evidence?

The fact that you exist in a place that also exists and that has abstract intelligence in order to ask that question in the first place is proof in itself of the obvious obviousness of God. There is no reason why this should exist otherwise. As the Sufis say, "He is so obvious that he appears hidden." Or, as Ibn Ata & # 39; illah Al-Iskendari once wrote, "He is not veiled, but it is you who are veiled from the sight of Him."

When the shadow of your ego is strong, you can not perceive the light of God. Reduce the opacity of your ego, and the divine light will insufflate, and you will be able to see what you had hitherto hidden from the testimony.

dnd 3.5e – What power / spell / skill will let you know if you violate a vow / rule of your god as a free act?

I build a D & D 3.5e clergyman in the monastery with a vow of poverty and the vow of peace. In the last two weeks, I've come across a character ability (an ability, a talent, a spell, an alternate class function, a domain skill, or something else) that had the following wording:

as a free act, you can consult your intuition and know if something is in tune with your God's will (or make a vow, I'm not sure what the benefit is)

I explicitly recall that this was a free action that allowed you to check the status of a contemplated action. But I spent 3 hours searching through the book of sublime deeds, the player's manual, and Google, and can not find it.

Character Creation – What 3.5e power / spell / ability does you know if you are breaking a vow / the rules of your god as a free action?

I build a D & D 3.5e clergyman in the monastery with a vow of poverty and the vow of peace. In the last two weeks, I've come across a character ability (an ability, a talent, a spell, an alternate class function, a domain skill, or something else) that had the following wording:

as a free act, you can consult your intuition and know if something is in tune with your God's will (or make a vow, I'm not sure what the benefit is)

I explicitly recall that this was a free action that allowed you to check the status of a contemplated action. But I spent 3 hours searching through the book of sublime deeds, the player's manual, and Google, and can not find it.

GET – Jason Capital – God of Sales | Proxies-free

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Jason Capital – god of sale


Capital – Selling God Download
Thank you for choosing the Sales God Implementation Group!

I would be glad if you join us.

I've worked closely with business owners, business owners, and business executives to release them as sales gods. Therefore, they close 80-90% of the potential customers they talk to (as we usually do in my business).

So far, the results have been amazing. So far I have two millionaire students. (Their names are Steven Kieth and Kirby Robbins and Forbes will write an article about us next month!)

I would like to work with a few more students and turn them into case studies. (Who knows, maybe you're even my next millionaire student.)

We will work closely together over the next 7 weeks to increase your income and incorporate the Sales God skillset into you, enabling you to reach 80-90% of potential customers without being intrusive.

Here are some of the things that you will end up with:

– A power that almost everyone dreams of … life as a true god of sale. Where people come to you. Ask you to buy. Without being intrusive.

– The "1% ability". Warren Buffet described the sale as "the most valuable skill in the world". And your chance to get rich online is greater than ever with social media. My team only completes $ 200,000 a month on Instagram. No promises. However, you have the skills and blueprint of my personal god of sale to achieve the highest volumes in your area.

– All the scripts you need, including my "Urgent Questions", which arouse the desire to buy immediately and not later.

– A stream of high-value prospects with my Heavy Pipeline ProcessTM. You do not have to be a guru to fill your news and calendar with leads and appointments.

– All emails you need to reach potential customers without being intrusive. I sold ten million dollars by email. This is your chance to copy my results.

Here's how it works: You and I will work on the three parts of the god of sale:

Sales god conviction. Use my 12 Influence Switches ™ to help others think, no matter what you sell.

Sales God Sub-Communications. We will use my Sub-Communication FrameworkTM and Reality Distortion FrameworkTM to unleash your body language, eye contact, and vocal tone. The "Holy Grail" for you as a god of sale.

Sales God structure. We access many of my 17 Sales God scripts. These scripts can be closed in any situation, no matter what area you are in. One was used to shut down President Trump once. You will not find better scripts anywhere. They will all get.

So you and I will work together to achieve this:

The system: Delivered over a period of 7 weeks with recorded training of 90 to 120 minutes. You can watch these trainings anytime, day or night. Work through it quickly or take your time and record everything.

Support: You have access to me 6 days a week, where you can get help on anything you work on in a private Facebook group. The other members, many of whom are already 6- or 7-digit sales gods, also give you feedback. We therefore expect you to give something back to us and share your profits and lessons with us.

Resources: Receive monthly live sales pitches between one of my top selling gods and their potential customers. (If it's not a sales talk, it's a live breakdown of the "chat conversation" that led to a deal.) You can model these conversations and immediately close your own business.

You'll also get over $ 6,000 in free bonuses for this special case study implementation group.


Bring me your biggest deal and sales questions. My "Cheat Codes" bonus training answers all these questions and more for you.


I'll put the 4 Sales God Mindsets that each Sales God has into your subconscious so they can replace the negative mess society that's been forced into you.


You'll see exactly how my team closes nearly $ 200,000 on Instagram every month without being intrusive.


My 7 script-driven ways to trigger urgency for people to buy rather than say, "Let me think about it." I learned a lot from my writing career when I sold over $ 40 million online before I was 30 years old.


I'm organizing a private beach party titled "Sales God Intensive," which will involve all Sales God members (including you!) To make valuable alliances and friendships with people like you. I work best in my business these days so that you are always up to date.

The Sales God Intensive is not released anywhere and tickets can not be purchased.


This is a personal call of 30-60 minutes for you. You will receive this at the end of your training to ensure that you are all good for maximum success as a Sales God spokesperson.

This will be an incredible experience when you are ready. Normally, I would not work so closely with you. The reason I'm doing it now is because I'm looking for more millionaire students and case studies. I know that it is fastest for me to pay you this attention.

I'm sure you'll have a few questions before you come to us.

What if I'm just starting? What if I have no audience or no experience of closing?

Most people spend years figuring out how to influence a person, and how to get people to shop right away. Most never find out.

With these designs, frameworks, and mentoring solutions that helped me sell more than $ 40 million, you can also shorten the learning curve by years. Life is real fun, gain and respect for the selling gods. I am convinced that you can do this and I want to help you with that. Will you let me?

Is there a guarantee?

I have been doing this for 11 years now. I've trained over 1 million people in over 100 countries. I'm not telling you to use it. I say that because, frankly, my reputation is at stake. If I do not deliver the results I promised, my reputation goes to waste. But you have seen my success stories. You saw what people say about me. Of course I do something right for all these people.

That means, here is my guarantee for you:

If you show me that you have followed my simple instructions in the system and did not earn at least $ 50,000 as a god of sale, let me or my team know and we'll give you all your money back. I hope you can say that I am really very concerned that you will achieve the desired result.

What does it cost me?

I'll probably charge $ 6,000 for this implementation group in the future, but since you're a case study member, the cost is only $ 2495.

Many return their investment within 60-90 days. Many will do it back in the first week, especially if you have some "dead" prospects that we could "revive" very quickly.

OK, how do I get a seat?

Click the GREEN Sign In button at the bottom of this page to get started right away.

The faster you get in, the quicker you close 80-90% of the people you talk to. And we both know what that means to you.

With love and a lot of excitement for you,

Jason Capital, The High-Income ExpertTM
Excellent Top 100 White House Entrepreneur Guest Author at Forbes

P.S. If you are the fence …

May I make a suggestion?

Make no decision now. Test the "System:" and try it for 60 days. Follow the step-by-step formulas I have compiled.

Feel what it feels like to become a TRUE god of sale – a lion – in this sheep world …

Find out what it looks like to beat even the biggest names in your field.

Get used to being the top earner in your industry.

Use my 12 Influence Switches ™ to inspire iced customers.

Tap on my Sub-Communication Framework ™ and Reality Distortion Framework ™ and notice that you never feel disrespected again … but how to treat the "Champion of Influence and Power" that you have become.

Make my 37 Sales God Scripts ™ an "unstoppable force" that even Silicon Valley investors would pay attention to (as they are now for some of my students).

If after 60 days it's not everything I promised, let me know and I'll refund every penny. I even let you attend the live event to see if my personal coaching can do the trick for you. You are not required to pay if you follow my simple instructions and this does not work for you.


[APP][4.0+] Write a thank you note to God: notes

Share your feelings, read inspirational quotes from others, and use the power of gratitude with Write God a Thank You, the interactive journal that lets you give back to yourself and your community.

What do you feel grateful for today? Share it on a brand new social network that promotes happiness, healing, and self-improvement through gratitude and spirituality. Write notes and browse through others' contributions to find the inspiration you need for a grateful lifestyle. Whether you are looking for meditation and relaxation or for personal healing, experience gratitude through Write God A Thank You.

Write a thank you to God

Share notes from your interactive diary:
– Write notes to share your thank-you message
– Add photos to your offers and share them with your friends
– Share your notebook – and your thanks – with the world

Quotes and sayings from other users:
– Read happy quotes and reflect on the positive aspects of your life
– Inspirational Bible verses, healing messages and more provide peace of mind
– Visit profiles and experience the mindfulness and the thanks of others

Self-improvement through gratitude:
– Lead yourself into a lifestyle of mindfulness, spirituality and happiness
– Gratitude promotes a longer life and increases happiness. Share yours and feel the effect

Embrace the power of gratitude and share it with the world by thanking God. Write down your thoughts, prayers, and inspirational quotes to give something back to yourself and your church.

Download Thank God and share your message of thanks!

Dungeons and Dragons – What would happen to the personal identity of an adventurer when he turns into a god?

They start with their own personality but can change afterwards.

This question is quite difficult to answer and will satisfy everyone: it is best if the interpretations are based on precedents. I suggest you take a look at the list of deities that used to be mortals and pick some examples and read them in the FR wiki.

If you want to focus on some well-documented examples, I recommend that you read Mystra, which had at least three incarnations. The mortals chosen to wear the cloak on each previous incarnation bore some of their own personality, as evidenced by the change in orientation.

However, it is also true that the personality can and does change to adapt to the job. Kelemvor, the Mortal Lover of Midnight, who became Mystra, was an extraordinary god of the dead immediately after his ascension. For example, he was "lenient" towards the unbelievers and the wrong people. However, this resulted in an imbalance in the world, and over time he returned to his work. Quotation from the FR-Wiki article:

Kelemvor wondered how he could judge the damned when he himself missed his personal judgment. Gradually, he realized that there was nothing human about being a god. To correct his mistakes, great changes have been made both in his domain and in himself. … [Kelemvor] free themselves from all signs of humanity to properly fulfill their duties, …