Why does the average internet atheist tend to hate and judge friendly people who simply urge others to trust God and love?

"Really?" Why don't you watch it while WE try to save you from brainwashing? All religions HATE other different faiths, speak love out of their mouths and spit out hatred of gays, abortions and other religions. You are in a PRISON of mind control, giving your time and of course money to monsters who preach hatred of EVERYTHING that has not been approved by Sky Daddy. But he loves you! Is the cry coming … WHO loves me? Old Testament fire and sulfur god? Or the hippie PR representative of the new? All the death and destruction of the world in the name of God is a horror show, thousands of people tortured and killed for unbelief, or an alternative belief shows evil, not love …

God bless America! We can safely overcome the epidemic.

God bless America! Nobody knows COVID-19 better than Trump
Recently, the governor of California, Newson, announced that he had found 514 old-model ventilators. West California West United Medical Services found 39 million N95 masks. A garbage recycling company found that 36,000 whole boxes of N95 masks were lost last year. It is estimated that 39 million masks require at least 10,000 cubic meters of volume, at least half a soccer field, which corresponds to China's 39 production days. Such numbers and standards are of …

God bless America! We can safely overcome the epidemic.

Role-playing game – Character development question for a god of knowledge and machines: How can you make a god an interesting character?

We play a custom system, and in the system we are all gods that create a universe and have mortals with a primary planet. Mortals are in the early Iron Age.

There is a rotating GM, but a main GM that has the final say. During the session, players are encouraged to use creative powers to expand the world. So decisions about what happens are made by the players, but the last word goes back to the current GM.

There are many gods, some NPCs, some PCs.

Every god has 2+ attributes, e.g. B. fire and honor or transformation and storytelling. There are five PCs and a rotating GM. When gods ascend, they can take on new attributes.

Every god has an empire, and the empires can be considered part of the character. The gods can also create and control things, for example my god has an elevator that "takes you where you want to go unless he believes you should be somewhere else". If the PCs are using my elevator, I can send them to a location other than where they want to go.

The threats that appear in the session typically affect other NPC gods, and possibly to a much lesser extent PC gods. An exemplary threat could be a trickster god who steals the aurora and asks a mortal to buy it back from him, or the god of the mortal world who is in pain because the mortals have buried it, and our party needs a way find them to solve the matter.

My god is the god of knowledge and machines. He is similar in nature to Will Rogers, knows divine amounts of knowledge, and uses machines to help mortals. He has master Buddhist patience. Not much really threatens him.

The back story of my character

My character came into being when the king of the gods wanted to know the answer to a riddle and created my character.

My character helped create the planet on which mortals live. He has an empire that appears to be a quiet landscape, but really is made up of machines.

Finally, the king of the gods basically dissolved and my god was exposed to the timeline of an earlier incarnation of the universe before my god existed. This caused his mind to split into two realities and "corrupt" him. I have some ideas here, but I'm not sure how to implement them.

The threats that appear in the session typically affect other NPC gods, and possibly to a much lesser extent PC gods. An exemplary threat could be a trickster god who steals the aurora and asks a mortal to buy it back from him, or the god of the mortal world who is in pain because the mortals have buried it, and our party needs a way find them to solve the matter.

I think I don't know where to go with my character. There is no real change as a normal healthy god, so I introduced the corrupt aspect. I'm trying to

  • How should I interact with the other God PCs in an interesting way without annoying them as a corrupt God?
  • How can I redeem my God and bring him back into a non-corrupt state, but still leave room for growth? Its original "healthy" shape was too perfect and had no room for growth. Its corrupt form is more interesting, but I think it can be too antagonistic.
  • How can I get my god to act? In the past, he was rather passive because he appreciates allowing others to find their own meaning and not interfering in their search for meaning, even if that meant they could destroy or steal something that he had. Now that he is corrupt, I annoy him that things are "not perfect" and try to "repair" or even destroy them.

dnd 5e – What's in a dead god?

There is a little bit

Dungeon 100 offers us an adventure at the Lich Queen's Palace in Tu & narath, built on a dead god known only as the One in the Void. Caves under the palace lead to the petrified heart of the faded god, which contains chambers with emotions, ectoplasmic residues and in one place the "breath" of the dead god, which gives characters who meet him a unique lasting benefit.

… but not in terms of the material

If you are looking for God Rock or God Dust applications or what you have … I can't help with. The unique properties of the Lich Queens Palace stem from the obsidian-like material from which she built it and from the large number of spells she put on it.

Will it be difficult for capitalists to enter the kingdom of God?

Well, in most cases, their god is their mammon, so this part is correct, but it doesn't stop them from believing in Jesus Christ. John 3:15, whoever believes in him should not perish, but have eternal life. Rich, poor, white, black, brown, yellow, illegal, it applies to everyone ………… even Donald Trump …………. whom I don't & # 39; I think he found eternal life because if he did it would be one of the first works of the Holy Spirit to control his tongue and tweet. God would come back to that and it didn't happen, so I don't think he was born again. He would also have a broken and contrite mind about the Ukraine deal ………. but he doesn't …….. so he's not a broken man …… …. ……. and brokenness and humility is required to come to Christ …….. more a requirement than wealth or lack of wealth.

trains – Quotes – FAMOUS 100 INSPIRATIONAL QUOTES | Words are God

Words are god is the website with the global cause of sparking conscious life in humanity. Being with us can mean that you get to know each other personally. Becoming aware of our existence and improving it is a process that we have to seek in life. We are people with different consciences but the same consciousness, and when we identify with it we find the connecting chords of the cosmos and learn that we are not separated from anything that exists. Wisdom is power (subjective) and power is best shared among us.
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If Trump has never done anything wrong, how did he deal with growing through three women and how many whores does God know?

Suppose you need sensitive heart surgery. Your doctor said you should find the best cardiac surgeon you can find, as the mortality rate for this surgery is 50%.

Would you rather have a surgeon who is the best, who has performed this operation over and over for years, who has the best success rate BUT he is known to occasionally cheat on his wife? After mediocre work at the medical school, he has never done this surgery before, but would like to try and he is a wonderful virtuous Christian?

I don't care about the man's private life. I'm just interested in how well he can do the job I give him. Clinton was known to have a few girls by his side, but he was a competent president. Trump is known to have a few girls at his side and he is a TERRIBLE president – incompetent, dishonest, corrupt. And he's a total idiot! That is my problem with Trump. His infidelity is between him and Melania.