How do I do an anonymous survey in a WhatsApp group, Facebook group or Google group?

I am a member of Mensa Indonesia. I was asked to make an election to determine the driver of the next Indonesian gentlemen.

As with all normal elections, the elections must be secret to avoid bloodshed and civil war. In addition, each member can only vote once. Only ordinary members can vote.

It is planned to group all of these members into one group. WhatsApp group or Facebook group.

Then use a third-party app to get everyone in the group to vote.

Then, tada, we have a new top leader for the next 2 years.

Facebooks allow surveys, but are not anonymous. WhatsApp has no survey.

Are there any third party apps or robots that support these features?

It doesn't have to be a WhatsApp group, a Facebook group or a Google group. It can be a telegram group or any group.

  1. We bring people into a group.
  2. We check that only the good guys are in the group.
  3. We get them to vote.

That is the plan.

android – java – how to take a picture of a google result in real time

I have a autocomplete text view of cities and I want them to write and leave the results in the following format: a photo of this city and the name of the city. That the name comes out I solved it, but I have no idea how to upload a photo of this city in real time and put it next to the name.

I add the codes of what I did:

ArrayAdapter adapter = new ArrayAdapter<>(context, android.R.layout.select_dialog_item, Cities);


        txtInputSource.setAdapter(adapter);//setting the adapter data into the AutoCompleteTextView
        txtInputDestiny.setAdapter(adapter);//setting the adapter data into the AutoCompleteTextView 

It works well. How do I create a custom adapter of this type and upload the photo?

Enter image description here

I want to get something like that. With a picture of the city.

google play store – can purchase authentication be deactivated without the user knowing about it?

I have a Samsung tablet and have always had "authentication required" for purchases as it is mainly used by my young children. Until this month we have never had a problem …

We went on vacation and took the tablet with us, during which time my son could crack it $ 1,500 In-app purchases in just a few days (when we realized what was going on).

I wondered Could an auto update from OS / Play Store have changed the setting?

My wife actually spoke to someone from Google support and it was mentioned that the cache is being cleared. (I'm not sure, I just heard used). And I have not been able to find some kind of update log?

It is a Samsung Galaxy Tab A (2016), Android 8.1.0
The Play Store is currently on April 18, 2015 (although it was recently on March 18, 2013).

As I said, the authentication seems to have been disabled without us noticing it around January 5, 2020. (All transactions before that were intentional)

Any real advice or suggestions are welcome.

Google Chrome – This is how you can expand your Gmail inbox and fill the screen

When I view my inbox from the Gmail app in Chrome. The list only fills half of the available space? Therefore I can hardly read the subject (cut off) and the right side of the screen.

Enter image description here

Oddly enough, my other folders (e.g. Bin) appear fine (fill in the window).

Enter image description here

Does this happen on my desktop and laptop, so I assume the settings apply to multiple devices?

Google Sheets – Prevent certain rows from being sorted

I try to make a list of all of my games and where they come from to try to clear some backlog.

The main problem is the sort function, because I don't know how to freeze multiple headers.

At the moment it is something like this:

When I try to sort a new entry by title (line B), the following happens:

It messes up my grouping and line headings. I would rather not try to manually insert titles alphabetically when I need to add a title as this is quite time consuming.

Here is a reduced test sheet:

iphone – Why do I have 3 additional contacts on my phone when I use Google Contacts?

I have set up my iPhone 11 to use Google Contacts. I used my contact list on both my Gmail account / computer and my iPhone 11.

Why are there 3 additional contacts on my phone but not on my computer?

I have 209 on my Gmail contacts but 212 on my phone?

The phone seems to have 3 additional ones, but I don't know where they came from?