Delete Google Group posts by age

I would like to use a common Inbox for Google Groups for Unwanted CVs (in Europe).

An important requirement for companies managing CVs is that they be deleted after a certain period of time.

I'm wondering if there's a way to set content policies for groups so that a post at a certain age is automatically deleted. Or can a Google app script accomplish this?

Formulas – How do I define multiple answers based on which check box is selected in Google Sheets?

I have currently set this formula in my cell.

= if (G32 = TRUE, "12", "")

So if G32 is highlighted, 12 is displayed.
However, I would like to allow the formula to respond with multiple checkboxes, each containing its own data.

To like
= if (G30 = TRUE, "7", "")
So if G30 is to be checked, a 7 will be displayed instead. I do not need them at the same time. As if they should not show both. However, I want them to appear in the same cell, depending on which cell is enabled. I'm pretty new to Google Sheets formulas and I can not figure this out.


I am stuck. I'm using the import panel to get a bunch of data. Now, however, I have to specify the unique values ​​that match the import range that I set.

For example, suppose the following example is a random sample. I have an import section for the information, but now I have to find the notes for Book 1. Since there are several scores for book 1, which formula do I use to find the scores (is it unique (filter (import range?)) And maybe they have a number and how do I find that for each book?
Any help would be appreciated!

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Google Play Services – Firebase Analytics does not provide logged events for all users

We currently have about 10,000 Android devices out of those 10,000. About 8,800 of these devices use Android 7.1.1. For two out of the eight applications installed on these devices, we chose to use Firebase analytics to gather useful data on how users use our applications.

Looking at the data collected in the first week. App_open, a series of events logged by the device. The results do not reflect our user base.

The number of users whose information was logged was approximately 800 users.

It should be noted that we do not use the Google Play Store to share and update our application and the device manufacturer's store to upload and update the applications on these devices.

I know that the information collected or logged by the device is cached and published by the Google Play Services.

However, I can not find any reason why the actual and expected results are so different. I expected feedback from around 8,800 devices.

Integrate Google Photos with Android System

I've been using iOS for a long time recently switched to Android. My entire photo library in Google Photos, but if I need to upload somewhere, I first have to download it to the device and continue to upload it. There is a way to link Google Photos to a gallery like ios iCloud Photos when I use ios. I can choose iCloud photo directly and download it and upload it automatically. Why can not Google do that?

google sheets – Creates a list of cell addresses contained in a range

I am looking for a single array formula to convert a particular area, e.g. B2:D4In this case, a list of addresses (no values!) Contained in this area B2,B3,B4,C2,C3,C4,D2,D3,D4,

Try so far

Google has not delivered useful results.

I tried to count through the array and am able to extract two number lists that match the row and column numbers, but did not find a combined formula.


      CELL("col", B2:D4)

Row calculation:

      CELL("row", B2:D4)

Note that in the formulas above, the ROWS () / COLUMNS () function is used to determine the range size, and the CELL () function to determine the range beginning.