How do I use a macro / script to add a new contact (data line) across multiple sheets in Google Sheets?

I have a Google Sheets file that allows me to track people in a workshop / program I run. I use a sheet for main contact information and other sheets for more details on the program. A person name can be displayed in three or four different sheets to keep track of different information. The other sheets are drawn from the master list by referencing.

I would like to set up a script that adds a new contact line to each sheet in the file and automatically adds the reference to this new line. I want to be able to type a name in one place, and that name will be inserted at all places where data is displayed.

How could I do that?

A few questions:

  1. I am using IMPORTRANGE in another file to reference these contacts. Is there a way to link two files in this macro?

    1. What if I want to archive / remove a contact? Could this be done, where it is removed over the leaves and the line is deleted?

Thank you for your help!

What is the exact functionality of Google Play Services and Google Services Framework (gapps)?

Is there any official or unofficial description of the exact features of Google Play Services and Google Services Framework (gapps), other than information about the features of the Play Store account?

In my understanding, it at least includes:

  • GPS location
  • Ads, tracking and statistics
  • GCM (Google Cloud Messaging for push notifications)
  • Everything about managing Google Accounts, services, and Google user profile data.
  • apparently some ready-made models for machine learning, speech recognition, TTS, keyboard gesture input.

What else?

The question came up after I noticed that, for example, the size of the Google Podcasts app is only about 300 KB and does not work without gapps.

All the combined sizes of Google Services Framework + Google Play services are over 700MB – enough for an entire operating system. What exactly does this code do?

Google Sheets Query – Show only values ​​from rows for which a check box is selected

I have a data table with groups as column headings and names and emails as rows. I want to export data to another worksheet in the same document, showing only members that belong to a specific group that appear in separate worksheets.

I've dynamically linked them to import span, filtered out data, and hidden irrelevant groups.

The problem is that changes have been made in the master data table (for example, a person has been added to group 1). I want them to appear in the filtered results for each group, without having to refresh the filtering. Is that possible?

I tried to search everywhere, but nothing was exactly what I needed.

google tag manager – How do I enable advanced e-commerce tracking on a NuxtJS-created website?

I have created a website with NuxtJS. Although I was able to track events on the site, I'm having trouble getting extended e-commerce tracking on my site.

Nuxt does not allow us to add code directly to a section of a page / pages.

The website is if it helps.