Google Custom Search – I want search results to come from subdomain websites that share canonical content

I have Google Custom Search on my website, let's call it, and I also have several subdomain websites that represent states. So I have or These subdomains are also supported by Google Custom Search. The regional subdomain sites have the same content as the canonical site (www). I'd like to be able to get search results in the subdomain websites with subdomain URLs, but if I search for them, I will not get results because Google only has the canonical site results. I know that Google does not want to crawl duplicate pages, but is there a way to get results from the subdomain URLs, even though they have the same content as the canonical site?

Formulas – How can multivalue responses be converted to a response column from Google Forms?

= {"Timestamp", "name", "score";
IF (& # 39; form responses 1 & quot ;, C2: E <> & quot ;, TRANSPOSE (QUERY (TRANSPOSE) ({
TO_TEXT (form responses 1 # A2: B) & "♦"}) ,, 999 ^ 99)) & # 39; form responses 1 & # 39; C2: E & "♠",))
, 999 ^ 99)), 999 ^ 99), "♠"))), "♦"), "where Col3 is not zero", 0))}


Demo Table

Google Sheets – Find several most common values ​​in a column

I'm trying to show the top 5 most common text values ​​in a column in Google Sheets.

The following gives me the most common value in column A:

= ArrayFormula (INDEX (A: A, MODE (GAME (A: A, A: A, 0))))

This gives me the second most common value in column A, provided that the above formula is in cell G2 (whose result is excluded):

= ArrayFormula (INDEX (A: A, MODE (IF (A: A <> G2, MATCH (A: A, A: A, 0)))))

How can I find the most commonly used third, fourth, fifth, etc. values? This does not work:

= ArrayFormula (INDEX (A: A, MODE (IF (A: A <> G2: G3, MATCH (A: A, A: A, 0)))))

Basically I have to exclude several values ​​from this calculation. Any ideas?

Google Sheets – Try to create a schedule

I try to make a timeline and prioritize each date a particular district is covered. I have 12 people working on a specific date. I want to make sure that the districts are 10,20,30,40,50,60,60,70 and 80 priority. If someone in this district gets sick, I want the row to find someone who is not in the priority district and be assigned to the ward.

[WTS] Bulk IP Server ⚡ 256 IPv4 addresses meter Unmetered 1 Gbps ⚡ Quick Configuration

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Geolocation – Integrate SharePoint with Bing / Google Maps at latitude and longitude

I have a SharePoint list containing latitude and longitude for cell towers. I tried to use the new Location field in SharePoint Online. However, this only works if you enter address information (ie, 233 Main St. NY, 10507) or the name of a landmark (Empire State Building).

Many Thanks

See Detected Faces in Google Photos

Google Photos knows people in pictures and can give me a list of pictures in which each person appears. When an image is selected as the default profile for a person, it knows how to properly center it on the face.

Is there a way to know who is in this image when viewing an image (much like Facebook highlights people)?

Can I use my Google Assistant "Bedtime" routine to set an alarm that automatically uses a routine?

If I use Google Assistant's bedtime routine, I have to do some things, and one of them is to ask me when to stop the alarm. My morning is pretty free, so my alarm clock may vary.

Typically, you can set an alarm to let your "Good morning" routine play when you cancel your alarm. However, this does not seem to work on my "Bedtime" routine alarm, it simply generates a new alarm without this setting. The only way to set a routine when I turn off the alarm is to set a clock in the Clock app.

What I'd like to do is just say "bedtime", do my bedtime routine, and when I turn off my alarm clock in the morning, I want me to play my "good morning" routine so I do not have to talk or push anything else , And I want that to be part of the alarm I wake every night. Is this something that is possible out of the box?