google sheets – Query with totals and 2 columns left

Basically, I have this "problem": I have the query

= Query (Raw_Data! J $ 2: $ BL, "Select J, Sum (U), Sum (V), Sum (W), Sum (X), Sum (Y), Sum (Z), Sum (AA) , Sum (AB), sum (AC), sum (AD), sum (AE), sum (AF), where J C CUS und and (AL = # 1-Revenues #). ) and (AJ = Not Not-CAPEX oder or AJ contains = Un Unacknowledged CAPEX #) and (AH = Nicht Not Intra-Group #) and (AM = #). 2-Learn &); and (M = & # 39; 2-B2B & # 39;) Group By J & quot ;, 0)

This works fine, I get almost 90% of what I need, BUT basically I have another column in the area (P) that I want to see on the right side of column J.

The situation is as follows:


ONE . 1
B. 2
C. 2
D. 3
E. 4
F. 1

I would like to see the results of column P to the right of column J (which I already get with the formula above), then the sums (already derived from this formula).

How can I add column P?

Thank you very much

google sheets – Multiple IF (AND) statements to determine pass / fail

I use Google Sheets to try to generate a pass / fail in a cell based on two different parameters.

If (R2) is less than 85% AND (I2) is equal to "T1", "T2" or "T3", an error must be generated.

similarly for the same cell;

If (R2) is less than 95% AND (I2) is "Broker Audit", an error must be generated.

My problem is that if it is a broker audit and less than 95%, an error has to be generated. However, if it is a T1 T2 or T3 audit, it must fail 85%. How can I put this together?

google analytics – The average page load time is 0.00 for pageviews> 100 in a week and higher for p.v.

Some of the pages on my client's website have pageviews> 100 in a week, even though the average page load time is 0.00 seconds

and if PageViews <100 in a week, even though the average page time is displayed.

I understand that timing metrics are based on 1% of the data collected by default. I also read the Google documentation

However, this does not explain why I get such data.

Enter image description here

Google Analytics – How do I create a conversion rate dashboard report for product pages with some kind of information?

I'm trying to create a dashboard with specific information on product pages (example: product with Youtube video vs. product without Youtube video). So I created a data plane and transferred it to a GA variable.

I also have a goal (add to cart, GA event) and try to get that conversion rate.

However, I do not get any data to target if I select "Page" as the display column, only "Destination Location (like product page)." When I select "Destination Location," I can not get a target conversion rate.

Does anyone have an idea how to get the conversion rate?

google sheets – project reference number generator online

I have a construction business and a team of contractors. We are constantly faced with a problem where contractors are unsure which project reference number to assign to their projects to ensure accuracy rather than having two projects with the same number.
I was wondering if there could be a database and user input function where all the details can be entered and which will generate the next project reference. No, while also the details and the number are stored in the database.

You also wonder if the database can also be used to automatically generate the project work order form.
Can Google forms and sheets do this?
I have a subscription to wix so I can host it on my website. I also have a subscription to a cloud service.

Please recommend a solution to my problem.

Error message when I try to sync my Meetup Calendar with my Google Calendar

When I try to sync my Meetup Calendar with Google Calendar, the following message appears:

We are sorry
This email address is not associated with any active Google Calendar account: Please check the email address and try again.

My e-mail address is the same for Google Calendar and Meetup.

Web crawler – Google Bot searches my site too many times

There's nothing wrong with that, as Google has confirmed. The crawl is based on the popularity of URLs. In your case, this article must contain more internal / external links than the others.

URLs that are more popular on the Internet tend to be crawled more frequently to keep them up to date in our index.

Also John Muller confirmed this on Twitter,

Enter image description here

In addition, how Google's crawl works can also affect access to your site.

Some pages are known because Google has already crawled them. Other pages are detected when Google follows a link from a known page to a new page. Additional pages are discovered when a site owner submits a list of pages (a sitemap) for crawling from Google. If you use a managed web host such as Wix or Blogger, it may direct Google to crawl any updated or new pages you create.