google – Meu shinyapp não conecta com o Googlesheet usando o pacote googelsheets4

Criei um Shinyapp e gostaria de salvar os dados coletados por ele em uma planilha do GoogleSheet. No “server”, eu criei a seguinte função:


#aqui faz a autenticação no gmail
suppressWarnings(gs4_auth(email = "meu e-mail"))

ss <- "Id da tabela"

## Para salvar dados na tabela
suppressWarnings(sheet_append(data(), ss=ss, sheet = 1))


Isto está funcionando perfeitamente quando o aplicativo Shiny roda localmente. Mas quando faço a “publicação” no dá o seguinte erro:

2020-05-28T03:02:17.091342+00:00 shinyapps(2029444): Warning: Error in : Can’t get Google credentials.
2020-05-28T03:02:17.091344+00:00 shinyapps(2029444): Are you running googlesheets4 in a non-interactive session? Consider:
2020-05-28T03:02:17.091346+00:00 shinyapps(2029444): * gs4_deauth() to prevent the attempt to get credentials.
2020-05-28T03:02:17.091346+00:00 shinyapps(2029444): * Call gs4_auth() directly with all necessary specifics.

Já tentei de tudo que é jeito…. e nada!!!

Alguém sabe o “pulo do gato”???


google docs – italics printing as bold

When I type in a new Google Doc document, using Chrome Version 81.0.4044.138, my italics look correct. When I go to print, they are then also bolded in print preview and print bold and italicized. However, if I save as a PDF and it maintains the correct formatting. It is text I had pasted from Google tasks and I tried removing all formatting and re-adding it.

google sheets – How does one automatically generate a hyperlink for a cell containing a path?

I’m familiar with the HYPERLINK formula in Google Sheets to create links in a column, using a value in separate column as seen in this screenshot in row #2.

enter image description here

I want the user to have the ability to enter a path and have a link, using a predefined domain, automatically generated, as shown in A3, without having to use the “INSERT” -> “Insert link” command. This way if they insert new rows, and add a path to a new cell, the link will automatically generate. And if they update the path in the cell, the link updates accordingly. I’m hoping to set this up to also save space because an extra column doesn’t have to be added to the sheet.

I tried conditional formatting, but wasn’t able to accomplish my goal.

google play store – Android-9.0 x86 apps keep crashing – no native bridge

So I’m not an expert in Android or in OSes in general although I can make my way around a linux environment, just to add as a pretext.

I recently installed Android 9 x86 on a Linx 1010B tablet (intel processor), and I have had many problems launching certain apps which just crash quickly after launching. I have installed and re-installed Android 7 and 8 x86 multiple times and it doesn’t matter which version I use, I just have trouble using some apps. I also tend to have a problem installing apps (after about 8 apps installed, play store gets stuck on ‘downloading’, ‘installing’ or ‘95.99%’.

So I did some reading and found it may be to do with something to do with ARM (still not entirely sure what it is), so I decided to enable it, but when I enable the native bridge on my tablet, I get a download manager process, but shortly after stops, and the enabled button switches back to grey ‘disabled’. I further found that libhoudini tends to be used for this native bridge, and I searched and couldn’t find one for android 9, and maybe this is why I am unable to enable it. Running /system/bin/enable_nativebridge as a super user in the terminal emulator was also ineffective and resulted in the error ‘no such file or directory’.

Does anybody have any advice on what I should do? Is this really the source of my problem – not having a native bridge? Is it impossible to run Android with an intel processor? Is there an alternative to libhoudini? Are there any versions of android I can use and guaranteed to work – I basically need a few apps and that’s it – microsoft office, adobe, kindle, udemy, coursera and youtube.


Application update is rejected by Google Play Store

My app update got rejected, from publishing in Play Store, without getting any further informations or explanation

Your app has been rejected and wasn’t published due to a policy
violation. If you submitted an update, the previous version of your
app is still available on Google Play.

FYI : I published a different application with the same UI/UX but different content in January 2020.

Google Sheets script Filter copy and paste with format

I am looking for help to create a filter on a Google Sheets Script.
I want the following:
• I have a database Schedule which has table with information that I want to filter
• Once the database A is updated I want to filter Colum b row 8 and only take the cells that have information and are filled with words, numbers, etc.
• After that I want to copy the data filtered and paste on a new Sheet Data “Foreman on specific columns
• Also I want to copy and paste the format such as color, size, etc.
• I have the following code which it does the partial job but I cannot figure it out to only get the specific data needed

function Foreman(){
var ss = SpreadsheetApp.getActiveSpreadsheet();
var scheduleCCC_sheet = ss.getSheetByName(“Schedule”);
var Foreman_sheet = ss.getSheetByName(“Foreman”);
var pasteforemans = Foreman_sheet.getRange(8,2);
var originalData = scheduleCCC_sheet.getRange(9,2,scheduleCCC_sheet.getLastRow()1,11).getValues();
var filter1 =””;
var data = originalData.filter(filterlogic);



var filterlogic = function(item){
if(item(1) == “”){
return false;
}else {
return true;

How will Apple and Google provide 5-minute data on Covid exposures using 10-minute interval numbers in the hash?

The goal of COVID-19 exposure notification is to notify people that they were exposed to someone who later tested positive for the virus. Protecting privacy in this process requires some cryptography, and avoiding excessively granular detail on user locations. But providing data useful for disease prevention requires adequate detail in measuring the length of exposures.

There is a new API for such exposure notification from Apple and Google, but it has a tension between 5- and 10-minute numbers that I don’t see how to resolve.

The cryptography specification, v1.2.1, specifies 10-minute intervals as inputs to the hash: “in this protocol, the time is discretized in 10 minute intervals that are enumerated starting from Unix Epoch Time. ENIntervalNumber allows conversion of the current time to a number representing the interval it’s in.”

Meanwhile the FAQ, v1.1, specifies 5-minute increments in the output: “Public health authorities will set a minimum threshold for time spent together, such that a user needs to be within Bluetooth range for at least 5 minutes to register a match. If the contact is longer than 5 minutes, the system will report time in increments of 5 minutes up to a maximum of 30 minutes to ensure privacy.”

How will the system report times in 5-minute increments when the interval numbers are only updated for the hash once every 10 minutes?

Google Tag Manager – What is Usage and Benefits?


I got email from Google Analytics to sign up for Google Tag manager.
I just sign up and following process to active for one of or site RS Seo Solution.

I am not getting exactly that what i can see here after few days. Is it like twitter trending Tags? or something else.

How can we utilize Google Tag Manager to promote our site? I and going to use this first time and so need tricks and suggestion to use this Google feature.