Drag & # 39; n & # 39; drop from Google Calendar in Oreo

One of the great things about Google Calendar was the ability to drag and drop events to quickly reschedule events.

With the upgrade of my Moto Z2 to Android I have lost this functionality. I have to edit each event to postpone it for half an hour or more, which is very annoying and counterproductive.

Is this a mistake or an unreasonable function? Is there a workaround to enable Drag & Drop again in Google Calendar?

Title tag for the homepage displayed in Google

At the moment, my title tag for my homepage is "Well-being and happiness – how to improve your mental well-being".
Should I change this to "prosperity and happiness meditation lifestyle improvements"
I think it should be the second option because my website contains.
However, it is not click through?
Any thoughts.


What is Google Pageview?

Retrieve, since Google uses "desktop" by default :(

Person person zwischen zwischen person person person person person person person person zwischen zwischen person person person person person person person person person person zwischen persontststststststs person zwischen person???????????? ?Tsts? It makes me crazy. Google has prioritized the phone Index as primary indexing function. And they've added a drop-down menu to their fetch tool that gives you a poll for the desktop or mobile: smartphone option.

Since Google now prioritizes the Mobile Index, I always set the drop-down list to "Mobile Smartphone" when using Fetch. However, Google will persist on every poll By default, the dropdown is reset to Desktop. Grr! Am I missing …

Retrieve, because Google uses "desktop" by default :(

Add pictures to Google Image Search


I am facing a very strange problem in my blog. http://www.bollyone.com

In Google Image Search All the thumbnail images of the post are visible, but not the full size images of the WordPress attachment pages.

Google Image Search indexes only the thumbnails of the line item, not the attachment page (full size image).

To add these images to Google Image Search

Google Mobile First Indxex

We've received an email this week from our Google Webmaster account informing you that our website is now indexed using the Mobile First Index. Although I appreciate the whole idea of ​​smartphone compatibility, has there been an indication for some time how the new index will affect the ranking (or not)?