graph theory – What does it mean to say ‘nodes greater than [these nodes]’?

I’m confused by a statement in a paper I’m reading. I’ll link below, but the relevant info is as follows:

We have a hypergraph with a set of edges $E$, and we’re iterating through those edges in an algorithm. The offending sentence is:

“For all edges $e_{i} in E$, we call $E X P A N D$ with initial set $Q=e_{i}$, only nodes greater than the nodes of $e_{i}$ are considered as the set $C$ of candidates to expand the current clique, a node $v$ is in $C$ if $forall a_{0}, ldots, a_{r-1} in e_{i}$ the edge formed by $left{a_{0} cup cdots cup a_{r-1} cup vright}$ is in $E$.”

I don’t understand “nodes greater than the nodes of $e_i$“. Does this mean nodes of edges $e_j$, with $j>i$? Or is there some ordering for nodes which I’m missing?

The sentence is in this paper (sorry for the paywall), bottom of page 4.

combinatorics – Number of permutations where absolute difference between adjacent elements is greater than 1, ie, $|a_i – a_{i+1}| > 1$

What are the number of permutations $(a_1, a_2 … a_n)$ of size $n$ where $|a_i – a_{i+1}| > 1$ ?

This question is asked here: number of permutations in which no two consecutive numbers are adjacent

In the answers there is given a link of OEIS which has a formula for it, given here: oeis.

If n = 0 or 1 then a(n) = 1; if n = 2 or 3 then a(n) = 0;

otherwise a(n) = (n+1)*a(n-1) – (n-2)*a(n-2) – (n-5)*a(n-3) +

I tried for some time but I think its not very easy, is there a simple explanation for above formula, based on basic counting principle, not using generating function

blockchain – Python code error : Hash greater than Target

While trying to run a reference code from GitHUb i am getting an error “Cannot Mine-Hash is greater than Target”. As i am just a beginner with coding i am not able to figure this out. Kindly help me to fix this

Complete reference code link:


Any help regarding the same is highly appreciated. Thank you

magento2 – Is there is a way to apply automatic coupon code in Magento 2 if total is greater than 1000?

I have a Magento 2.4 Store in which i want to auto apply coupon code when the total of the product is greater than 1000.

Like i don’t want to enter that in discount box
enter image description here

Like here i don’t want to enter here it will be auto apply when subtotal is greater than 1000.


stock – Salable Quantity is greater than quantity with some products

on some cases my salable quantity is greater than my quantity, not for all product but for example to 10 products on 1000.
I could not figure out why, I also tried to delete the product and insert it again but the problem persists (it is probably related to the SKU). is there a way to how to decrease salable quantity without placing order?

gnome – How can I install libhandy 1.0.0 (or greater) on Ubuntu 20.04?

I’m trying to build a codebase (with Meson), and it’s yelling at me that I don’t have libhandy. I found this question, but all links and PPAs mentioned there seem to be dead.

I need libhandy 1.0.0 or greater, and I’m on Ubuntu 20.04. How can I install it (in such a way that it will get picked up by a build system like pkgconfig)?