color scheme – Red and Green for Open/Closed and Busy/Available

I am facing an interesting issue when realizing an interactive map for one of our customers – an airport.

The map is showing real-time information about the current status of the infrastructure – for example: check-in desks. Currently used check-in desks are displayed in the map using a color, whether free check-in desks are displayed using another color.

Here comes the problem: if we think about the passenger-flow point of view, I would find it natural to display “open” check-in with green color, and “closed” check-in with red.

On the other side, if we think about the terminal-availability point of view, it looks like the more intuitive option would be to display “available” check-in with green color, and “busy” check-in with red.

In other words:

BUSY = OPEN ===> Green Option 1, Red Option 2

AVAILABLE = CLOSED ===> Red Option 1, Green Option 2

Our key-users group is split almost perfectly at 50% between the first and the second option – the result is that everyone is getting confused and they cannot figure out at a glance which is the situation.

It looks obvious that we need to move further and abandon the green/red scheme, but which one could make sense?

Thanks in advance for any suggestion!

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logic – validity of proof (100 green eyes riddle)

Here is the 100 green eyes riddle:

Imagine an island where 100 people,all perfect logicians,are imprisoned by a mad dictator.There’s no escape,except for one strange rule. Any prisoner can approach the guards at night and ask to leave. If they have green eyes, they’ll be released. If not, they’ll be tossed into the volcano. As it happens, all 100 prisoners have green eyes, but they’ve lived there since birth, and the dictator has ensured they can’t learn their own eye color. There are no reflective surfaces, all water is in opaque containers, and most importantly, they’re not allowed to communicate among themselves. Though they do see each other during each morning’s head count. Nevertheless, they all know no one would
ever risk trying to leave without absolute certainty of success.

On a morning, they are provided the information that “At least one of you has green eyes.”
causing that on the hundredth morning after the sentence all the prisoners are gone.

The riddle and solution were available here:

In their proof, they consider that having the information that “At least one of you has green eyes.”in case of 2 green-eyes people causes them to leave on the second day. This same element being used to prove the same conclusion for 3 green-eyed people on the third day etc.. which leads to conclusion that on the 100th day, all the 100 green eyed people have left.

My question is:

Is it valid that a group of 2 green eyed people would escape on the second day, since actually the sentence “At least one of you has green eyes.”, was only pronounced in front of the group of 100 ?

Experience with Green Geeks? | Web Hosting Talk

Quote Originally Posted by KarlaMX
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Can’t help but wonder what other hidden costs their customers get hit with.

Most probably nothing tbh. If you’re only buying hosting then you’d only have to worry about your hosting fees — no addons, no extra features, nothing else.

Never take a 3-year deal unless you’re absolutely sure that you want to stick with that provider for that amount of time. Think about it, there MUST be a reason why huge “discounts” are only available for longer payment terms.

ap.analysis of pdes – Green kernel vs fundamental solution

Let $L$ being the Laplacian for a given Lie group $G$. I would like to know what is the difference between the two notions in relation to the operator $L$:

  • The fundamental solution $Gamma(x)$ of $L$;
  • And the green kernel $mathcal G(x)$of $L$.

In which case, we have $Gamma(x)=mathcal G(x)$ or the contrary ?

Thank you in advance.

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unit testing – With Kent Beck’s “test && commit || revert” (TCR), do you skip the “red” of “red, green, refactor”?

If you haven’t heard of Kent Beck’s TCR, it can be summarized with this: any time your tests go green, you commit; anytime your tests go red, you git reset --hard.

This post isn’t about discussing the merits or deficiencies of that idea (although that would be an interesting topic for another post), it’s about how to practice TCR correctly.

In TDD, you start with failing tests, make them pass, and then refactor. I can’t tell if TCR implies skipping the “red” of “red, green, refactor” of TDD or not; it’s not explicitly brought up in the article.

Many times I’ve experienced situations where my test started green because I wrote the test wrong, that’s why I always like to start with a red test — to give me confidence I’m testing what I really think I am.

TCR seems fascinating and I’d like to try it, but I want to make sure I’m actually trying it, not some bastardization I unintentionally created.

❕NEWS – Ethereum to rise to No 1 Crypto in next five years – Nigel Green | Proxies-free

According to news gathered from cointelegraph , the CEO and founder of one of the world’s largest independent financial advisory org., the deVere Group, Nigel Green who is the bullish on ethereum has said that ethereum will out perform bitcoin in coming years .

He explained that ethereum has risen by 300% this year while bitcoin has only risen by 55% .I quite agree with him on this and I think ethereum with it’s use cases will do very well.

❕NEWS – Cardano gets green light in Japan | Proxies-free

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calculus and analysis – how do I verify Green Theorem using mathematic

Verify Green’s Theorem by using Mathematica to evaluate both the line integral and the double integral of the vector field 𝑭(𝑥, 𝑦) = 𝑦2𝑒𝑥 𝒊 + 𝑥2𝑒𝑦 𝒋 over the curve C consisting of the line segment from (-1,1) to (1,1) followed by the arc of the parabola 𝑦 = 2 − 𝑥2 from (1,1) to (-1,1).