Group Theory – Relationship to the Bruhat Cell

To let $ g in mathrm {SL} _n ( mathbb Z) $ there are such $ v∈ mathbb Q ^ n $
so that $ v, gv ,. , , , g ^ {n – 1} v $ is a $ mathbb Q $-Base of $ mathbb Q ^ n $ and there is one $ mathbb Z $-Base $ w_1 ,. , , w_n $ from $ mathbb Z ^ n $
so for everyone $ 1 ≤ k ≤ n $.

$ mathrm {span} _ mathbb Q ${$ w_i | 1 ≤ i ≤ k $}$ = mathrm {span} _ mathbb Q ${$ g ^ {i – 1} v | 1 ≤ i ≤ k $}.

Why is $ g $ conjugate in $ mathrm {SL} _n ( mathbb Z) $ to a matrix belonging to the Bruhat cell $ B_σ $ according to the permutation $ σ: = (12 … n) $?

Javascript – How do I scale a group in Phaser 3?

In Phaser 2, we scale a simple one by setting the scale property as explained in the documents:

There is no equivalent in Phaser v3.

The possible URL points to nothing. And if it does

this.enemies =;
this.enemies.scale.set(2, 2);

It raises:

 Phaser v3.19.0 (WebGL | Web Audio)
indexph.js:22 Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property 'set' of undefined

What is the appropriate form to scale a group of sprites in Phaser 3?

Group Theory – Can a group have a cyclically derived series?

Note: This question was originally posted to Math.SE here.

For each group $ G $you can think it over derived series

$$ G = G ^ {(0)} rhd G ^ {(1)} rhd G ^ {(2)} rhd dots $$

from where $ G ^ {(k)} $ is the commutator subgroup of $ G ^ {(k-1)} $, A group is Perfect if $ G = G ^ {(1)} $ and thus has constantly derived series, and solvable when its derivative series finally reaches the trivial group by many steps.

Is it possible that the derived series of a group are cyclic, i. H $ G cong G ^ {(n)} $ for some $ n> 1 $ and $ G not cong G ^ {(k)} $ positive for everyone $ k <n $?

Note that such a group can not be finite, solvable or co-hopfic.

User Management – What is the purpose of the group "wheel" under FreeBSD (FreeNAS) OS?

I'm setting up a new server based on FreeNAS, a FreeBSD-based operating system. The system has a group, wheel, I have a vague idea that sysadmins should be added to the group wheeland that the group gives the ability to use su (Super user). However, I can not write this down anywhere.

What is the purpose of the group wheel? Under what circumstances should I add my users? If you can refer me to a FreeBSD System Administrator's Guide that explains this, great. Otherwise, ServerFault will become this guide.

Can I control the power and group of a single flash with a manual trigger?

… that the YN 560 IV can control and group other wireless flashes, since it is now connected to a wireless receiver?

No, I can not; You can only trigger the flash synchronously.

When the RF-603 II C is used as the receiver, it can not take power or group control. Therefore, there is no way to communicate this to the flash. An RF-605 transceiver can provide group on / off control but not remote power control.

In addition, the Neewer TT560 (which, like the Amazon Basics flash, is probably a renamed Godox TT560) is a single-pole flash with no built-in radio trigger. Everything attached to his foot can only communicate synchronization (fire). The flash can not receive any other signals because it does not have the appropriate pins. Your YN-560IV would behave the same way on an RF-603 II. The group / power can only be controlled via the internal radio transceiver.

If you want a remote control for groups / power supply, you must comply with the models YN-560III / IV / -660 / -560Li, which also have a compatible built-in transceiver.

sharepoint online – Programmatically create and add owners and members to the O365 group. No e-mails will be sent

I am using the code from OfficeDevPnP.Core to create a new UnifiedGroup. UnifiedGroupsUtitlity.CreateUnifiedGroup. My code is below.

UnifiedGroupsUtility.CreateUnifiedGroup("CSOM Site Creation",
                                                            "My Site Created in Code,
                                                            groupLogo: null,
                                                            owners: owners.ToArray(),
                                                            members: members.ToArray(),
                                                            isPrivate: true,
                                                            createTeam: false);

When I use this code, none of the owners or members receive an email stating that they have joined the group, as if I manually add them to a group.

Do I have to write this part of the code to send the emails, or is there another method that I can use to send the same template that Microsoft sends?

Set group permissions

I have many users and two groups. Some of them are members of Group1 and others are members of Group2. I want to allow group1 to access all directories and allow group2 to access certain directories. I did some research but could not fix it. How can I do that?

Many thanks.

csom – Denied access to list after permissions have been granted to a group in a list

After giving View / Add / Edit / Open / Delete ListItems for a group in a list, the users of the group continue to be denied access when they try to access the list.
Here's the code I used to grant permissions:

var group = clientContext.Web.SiteGroups.GetById(id);   

 BasePermissions permissions = new BasePermissions();

 RoleDefinitionCreationInformation rdcInfo = new 
 rdcInfo.Name = "roleDefName";
 rdcInfo.Description = "Description";
 rdcInfo.BasePermissions = permissions;
 RoleDefinition roleDefinition = 

 RoleDefinitionBindingCollection RoleDefinitionBindingColl = new 

 List targetList = web.Lists.GetByTitle(listTitle);
 targetList.BreakRoleInheritance(true, false);
 RoleAssignmentCollection collRoleAssign = targetList.RoleAssignments;
 RoleAssignment rollAssign = collRoleAssign.Add(group, 

 web.RoleAssignments.Add(group, RoleDefinitionBindingColl);

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