Group Repeater content to display parent and child items

I've been searching for a while and ended up in a dead end and decided to post here. I have a single table from which I create a URL to open a file. However, I need to nest the links with their parent "folder" name. I chose the repeater because I use it a bit more comfortably (new to

My repeater looks like this:


This will show me all links successfully, but I have no idea how to add the appropriate header from the "folder" name.

My table looks like this:

ID | Description | ParentFolder | FilePath
1    text          general        /general/text.txt
2    text1         general        /general/text1.txt
3    text          NewFolder      /NewFolder/text.txt

The desired result should look something like this on the website


Lighting – How can I illuminate a large group photo at night on a stage outside?

For the choice of the lens: Visit the site in advance. In my opinion, use the lens with the longest focal length, which allows you to equip the entire stage with the right frame.
You want to prevent people with wide-angle lenses from being in the corners. This kind of distortion makes people look fat – nobody will thank you for it.

Bring a tripod so you do not have to choose the shutter speed for how long you can keep the camera still, but how long people normally keep their bodies motionless. In my experience, with 1/30 in most cases you get a safe, sharp shot. If you're lucky, you can try slower shutter speeds. But in any case: Take several shots with each shutter speed you try.

Do not rely on automatic exposure. Use the manual mode and check the histogram.

It goes without saying, but I say it anyway: Shoot RAW.

The lighting will be the hardest. What equipment do you have and which equipment is on the stage? Is there someone who operates the stage lighting?
Ideally, you have diffused light from an angle.
If you have multiple flashes, you can place the flashes towards the walls and use the reflection of the flashes as a diffused light source.
For 200 people on a stage, however, there should be several objects on the stage from which you can reflect light. And you need at least 4 or 5 flakes.

When stage lights are present and can be operated: Strong light from one side, part of the light (75% or less) from the other side.

Good luck!

Ag.algebraic Geometry – Can the automorphism group in families of complex projective varieties vary too much?

In a family of smooth projective curves over a reduced complex scheme of finite type, the list of isomorphism classes of the automorphism groups of the fibers is finite. This results from the Hurwitz binding and the constancy of the genus on each connected component of the base.

Is it possible to prove a similar result for families of higher-dimensional varieties?

Number theory – Find the field extension that corresponds to a subgroup of the Galois group of roots of the unit

Suppose I extend the rationals around all pth roots of the unit, where p is a prime number. The Galois group of this extension would be integers modulo p-1, there is a unique subgroup of index 2, which is generated by 2. I would like to find the corresponding field extension with degree two.

I could do the job if p = 5, but that's easy, since the only nontrivial element of the subgroup of index two is conjugation.

How do I do this task when p gets big, say 71? The generator of the multiplicative group is here 7, so I should look for x so that x ^ 7 = x, I have no idea how to go about it.

Very large group shot! Need help!

I photograph a group of about 200 people. I have never taken such a big shot, not even near it. It's on a stage outside a company dinner in the evening. I need help and suggestions. What size lens, what can I say, AV department with the lighting to do any help is greatly appreciated.

SQL Server – SQL must be added to a new AD group

A new AD group must be added to SQL

James has created four Active Directory groups, each of which is unique to the four core environments.
When I open SQL Management Studio and try to add the group. It does not want to add a group, only users.

Do I need to map the security group to the corresponding AD account "pivotalCRMAdmin" or is there a way to add the groups into Management Studio?

Ag.algebraic geometry – Automorphism group of a hypersurface and its sections

This question has been moved from my StackExchange.

Suppose the base field is algebraically closed. To let $ X subset mathbb P ^ n $ be a firm smooth surface of the degree $ d $, For each hyperplane $ H subset mathbb P ^ n $we call $ X_H $ the intersection of his $ X $ With $ H $, I believe the following statement is true:

When the automorphism group of $ X $ is trivial, then there is at least one $ H $ so that the automorphism group of $ X_H $ is also trivial.

For the sake of simplicity, we exclude the case of cubic curves and quarter faces to ensure that every automorphism is linear. It would be pretty easy to show that if $ X $ If a nontrivial automorphism has at least one of the $ X_H $ will inherit a non-trivial automorphism. For the statement we want, we must use the automorphism groups of such hypersurfaces that are discrete, and the spirit of the proof could be, assuming everyone $ X_H $ Adopt a non-trivial automorphism, then somehow they rise to an automorphism of $ X $, But I do not know how to specify it. Could someone give a hint or hint?

I also think, assuming that the basic field is the characteristic zero and $ d> 2 $Then we can even drop the condition that $ { rm Aut} (X) = {id } $, But I have no idea how to prove it.

Thank you in advance.

Update flag based on the partition group in postgresql

I have data from three sources: "PRM", "CRM", "MDB". I have to set the flag as & # 39; Y & # 39; update in a specific column based on the following table and description. can someone give me a solution as soon as possible?

Enter image description here

In the table above, only one source containing & # 39; MDB & # 39; and in the same group. In this case, ONLY_MDB_FLAG must be set as & # 39; Y & # 39; be updated and if the creation date is below 2017

Group password manager, which requires multiple passwords to access a vault

I'm trying to find an optimal way to manage shared credentials for informal groups. Ultimately, I think it would be nice to have a vault that can only be accessed if a certain number (approximately 3) of correct passwords have been entered in a short time. This could provide some prevention for the possibility that a member of the group will become a villain.

Is there a service (password manager) that can offer such a feature?

repair – How do I find out the order of the lens elements in the rear group?

I bought a used Canon 100D after I started taking pictures this summer and used a vintage lens that was still attached to my dad's Pentax ME Super (Asahi Pentax-M 50mm 1.4 SMC) big improvement over the Canon kit) lens that came with the camera).

Now I have recently received a good deal on some vintage K-mount lenses, € 30 for an Asahi Pentax-M 135mm 3.5 SMC in pristine condition, some Pentax 28-80 3.5-4.5 zoom – / Macro Lenses with Fixed Apertures and a Makinon Zoom 35-105 f3.5-4.5 MC. The latter is the objective in question …

I could not focus on the lens and it showed signs of tampering (some half-worn screw heads and the metal was scratched on the back because no suitable tool was used to open the lens), but it still felt smooth and had no scratches the glass and just seems to work well. So I checked it out and everything seemed fine. The only thing I can tell is that the rear lens element / rear lens group has been clearly opened (light fingerprints on the inside of the assembly), so I took everything apart and cleaned it thoroughly, but still no focus.

My theory, then, is that the person who first took this apart did not leave all the lens parts in the right order and therefore can not be focused.

I did my research, but I can not find any diagrams of this lens, so I can not verify it. Does my theory sound right for someone with more experience in the field? Or what else could be to blame?

And does anyone have a way to find the right order of assembly? Because there are a total of 8 glass lenses, about 5 spacer rings and an inner tube piece to center the smaller lenses, resulting in a lot of combinations of orders.Enter image description here