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I’m a long time user for GSA SER but haven’t used it since some months ago. Yesterday, I ordered a new VPS and
downloaded GSA SER & unzipped it but when I click ” ser_setup ” to start the installation, it doesn’t respond at all.

I’ve contacted the VPS provider and told me that there are many clients use GSA ser on their machines.

Can you help me ?

Thanks in advance.

PS; the same issue goes with the captcha breaker while other softwares like scrapebox works fine.
PPS; the VPS has 16 GB RaM 


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I’m testing my first GSA SER project, everything seems to works fine except one major problem.
I set up max 200 theads, but GSA runs much more less (for example 10-50 threads at a time with ~50-75 LPM). Sometimes up to 100+ threads with 130+ LPM. All system resources almost free – pls find attached screenshot. I use a premium links list. Speedtest shows about 100-150 Mbs speed. Xevil runs at another machine and have a lot of free resources.
Why cant GSA run maximum amount of threads?

Hope Sven or smb else could help me with it.
Best regards.

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Hello Sven,
I have tried several times, to make all projects Inactive, GSA SER is Stopped, no Threads is recognized on the status bar. I have also reset the Submitted records, and projects just keeps Options and Verified (105 and 130) to make projects for merge smaller. No matter what, anytime I try it, GSA SER got frozen. At the moment of trying is running only GSA SEO Indexer,  CapMonster, GSA Proxy Scraper and DropBox application, that feeds GSA SER by fresh lists.
Beyond mentioned apps is yet ran. I have set in all GSA apps count of threads to 20, however neither like that it have no possitive impact.

Is there anything else I can do, not to make GSA SER freezing all the time? That leads me to kill it in Task Manager and start it again.

My HW config is following: Intel i3-7130U @2,70GHz, 12GB RAM DDR4, 1TB M2 NvMe, 500Gbps WAN
System resources are following: 12%CPU, 35%RAM, 0%HDD, 0%LAN. 
My OS is MS Windows 10 PRO 64-bit. The machine is completely dedicated just for purpose of link-building.
Thanks for Your answer.


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About a month or two ago I was getting a very good VPM @ 35 and then all of a sudden my VPM dropped to 2-3 and I didn't make any changes to cause it to happen. When I check the log I am seeing nonstop unknown submission status and unknown verification status. I am using private backconnect rotating proxies with a linklist from PSR. I've been using GSA for many years and my setup is very good as well as my knowledge of the software. I have tried resetting everything, new emails new content in campaigns and played around with the settings for past few weeks to see if something would fix it yet I am still experiencing these errors and they won't go away no matter what I try. @Sven can you see what is causing this and maybe provide me with a solution?

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I need my personal blog for my new project and YouTube channel and I’m going to start it over from scratch next month so here is a Wayback machine backup for all of my old GSA SER Tutorials if anyone needs them.

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    Thanks for this! I was thinking of scraping some myself but, haven’t had the time.


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