Fix all Google Webmaster Tools or GSC errors for $ 105

Fix any Google Webmaster Tools or GSC errors

To get a quick index of Google search results, you need to manage your Google webmaster correctly. Google sends a variety of messages to site owners that you find in your website messages. These messages can alert you to problems with your website or simply give tips for improving your website.

Google Search Console – page resources could not be loaded "in GSC even after all entries in robots.txt were deleted

Google Search Console and Mobile-Friendly Test give me the following two alerts for my WordPress-based website:

  • Content wider than the screen
  • Clickable elements too close together

The screenshot that these sites provide from my website looks completely broken, as if no CSS was applied.

Many solutions to this problem seem to identify the robots.txt file as the culprit, as some users may block Google Bot's access to resource files such as stylesheet or JavaScript.

My case was different. The following status is what my robots.txt file looks like, and I still receive the same alerts. I am an SEO Framework user and have created my own static version of robots.txt.

User-agent: *    
Allow: /

Sitemap: https://*****

There are also suggestions that the weight (severity) of the website should be held responsible. In my case, I have only a few JavaScript files that are mainly responsible for some very light tasks, such as: Carousel, answers to frequently asked questions below and the menu button for the navigation menu.

I tried a lot of things, including changing the topic, and surprisingly, the same problem also occurs with the official WordPress theme "27" and also "29" or the blank version of the theme "underscores", but not when I see my original used theme that does not have javascript files.

Do I really have to go the way of not using JavaScript at all and using only CSS to style my website, or can there be other things I have to keep in mind?

Along with the two warnings, I almost always get "Page Loading Issue" for the test results. Could it be that this is a server speed issue? I am currently in Japan and my website is mainly aimed at Japanese. However, I use a SiteGround server, not a Japanese server. I am well aware that this generally gives me a speed problem for my website. Does this also affect the results of the above Google tests?

seo – GSC: Sitemap could not be retrieved

I'm trying to send a very simple sitemap (for testing only) to the Google Search Console, but I'm getting the following error message:

╔══════════════╤═════════╤══════════════╤═════════ ══╤══════════════════╤═════════════════╗
║ Sitemap │ Type │ Submitted │ Last read │ Status │ Found URLs ║
╠══════════════╪═════════╪══════════════╪═════════ ══╪══════════════════╪═════════════════╣
║ /sitemap.txt │ Unknown │ July 17, 2019 │ │ * Could not retrieve * │ 0 ║
╚══════════════╧═════════╧══════════════╧═════════ ══╧══════════════════╧═════════════════╝

If you click on it, an additional error message will be displayed: "(!) Sitemap could not be read".
However, clicking on "OPEN SITEMAP" will open it normally.

Any idea what's going on?

Sitemap file: sitemap.txt
Server: Apache (Debian)

SEO URL parameters in GSC contain strange values ​​for recently crawled URLs

I have been fighting for some time against the bug in Google's canonical page algorithm. One piece of advice I got is to set the GSC URL parameters to "Any URL," since we're using a Page Generation script with the Page parameter and not "Let Googlebot decide." If I stop this and click "Show sample URLs", GSC will display the following for recently crawled URLs:

I also attached a screenshot: Screenshot Certainly none of these pages are available on our web server. As far as I can tell, our GSC account has not been hacked, at least I do not see any evidence that anyone except me has made indexing requests. Entering one of these parameters causes our site to return a hard 404 value. Why would Google crawl with random page parameter values? And another question: Could this affect Google's canonical site selection?

GSC time to populate? | Web Hosting Talk

GSC time to populate? | Web Hosting Talk

& # 39);
var sidebar_align = & right; & # 39 ;;
var content_container_margin = parseInt (& # 39; 350px & # 39;);
var sidebar_width = parseInt (& # 39; 330px & # 39;);
// ->

  1. GSC time to populate?

    Just a quick question: how long does it take Google Search Console / Webmaster Tools to populate a new website?

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seo – So my indexing has dropped rapidly in the site search, but constant at 14,000 pages in GSC. What causes the difference?

Live Site: search

So, my indexing has dropped dramatically in the site search, but constant at 14,000 pages in GSC. What causes the difference?

Indexed pages decrease, impressions

This is a problem that has been going on for a month and a half.
Every day, the live site search has decreased by 100-200 indexed sites.
There was no news from Google. There is no increase in errors in GSC.
Bing's live search results show us 34,000.
There are no warnings of manual or automated penalties for GSC.
We have not detected any increase or decrease in links to our website.

What could possibly cause this deindexing in the live site search?

Drop-in impressions

SEO – How can I change the GSC address from a TLD to a subdirectory?

The move GSC sites feature is for domain modification purposes, not the paths of those domains. There's absolutely no way around this part, since your site address, not the path of the pages, makes sense, why Google does not allow this.

Just change the domain into the new domain without the new homepage path. On the old domain, just redirect the old URLs to the new ones. This will propagate the leaderboards and permissions, while GSC will index the content.

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