Domain Name System – GSuite Mystery – no emails received from just a few senders

I have set up 2 clients on G Suite. According to Google's support, its online tools and everything I know about email delivery, the DNS configuration is perfect: SFP, DKIM, DMARC.

They can send emails perfectly and their emails always arrive.

The problem is that they don't just receive emails for some domains. One is icloud, the other is a large hotel chain and the other is a university.

I contacted Apple Support and after months of trying to reach the right person, they were able to change "something" at the end of it so that email is routed to one of the domains. (But they won't tell me what was going on.)

This is where it gets strange … The client, which can now receive emails from icloud, can ONLY receive on a domain alias. The other domain aliases still don't receive email from icloud or these other senders. Whatever Apple changed in the end only affected that one domain.

Even stranger. If icloud sends an email to, it will be forwarded. If you send to, it won't go through. If they email both Gmail and CC to the client, won't the email go through? What in the world could be causing this?

I can get the message ID from icloud and GSuite support says that these IDs never reach the server. Since I can't reach IT departments for any of these organizations, I can get error codes or answers. I only have disgruntled customers who do not receive emails from important contacts.

Gmail – Help interpret the GSuite DMARC report

I have the paid version of GSuite on my own domain via email. I have activated the lowest DMARC level so that I can see the warnings without being (yet) filtered.

Below is a DMARC report from Google in which some IP addresses SPF and DKIM don't work.

I did an IP lookup for them and they are owned by my hosting provider Dreamhost.

Does this mean that my sent email is routed through their IP addresses and not through Google and that my DNS may be configured incorrectly? I don't think it should be managed through my hosting provider at all.

Any help with the interpretation would be greatly appreciated!

Thank you very much.

DMARC report for XML files:

g suite – Proposals for handling business combinations – One uses Office365, the other GSuite

A few important points for now
– e.g. CompanyA = Office365, CompanyB = GSuite
– Both companies are on separate domains and do not have to be migrated to one immediately
– Ideally we don't HAVE to all work with Office365 or GSuite at the moment. However, it would be good if occasionally logs into company B's GSuite Managed Services and vice versa

So I wondered if the federated logon should work between the two systems, so that company A can log in to a system via Google via their own company email and a company B user can log on via their company can register with an Office 365 system email?

Is this feasible or am I dreaming?

google contacts – How do I delete a non-existent alias for ALL users in a G-Suite?

I am the administrator of G-Suite.

My (50) users see an unwanted contact (a deleted alias) in their automatic completion list for Gmail at / cc / bcc.

How can I force the removal of this "ghost" contact for? ALL users on my team at once?

For all the answers I've found so far, responsibility rests with the end user, e.g. B.: Remove the email address from the suggestions in the To field in Gmail

I cannot delegate administrative tasks to my users and, moreover, such a situation occurs every few months.

google – Can an employer filter incoming emails on GSuite (business email)?

Can an employer use Google Suite for business email to create a situation where I can receive normal business email without any problems, but then give the impression that an email sent last night is actually one Clock has arrived? Specific Time the next day (down to a minute or two)?

  • This happened a few years ago.
  • I checked the email headers and I know how to interpret them, and there was nothing out of the ordinary.

g suite – Check SPF only when first arriving at GSuite (no internal routing)

With GSuite Routing I can change incoming messages and add an additional envelope recipient / delivery address.

For example to a message for a second recipient is added (

Here is the domain name for the GSuite account.

This routing is not internal but external routing.
The problem is that now a second SPF check is in progress and fails because Google servers do not allow senders of the incoming message.

This is tested with different routing methods: Default routing. Content compliance and Routing, Everything with the same result.

Is there a way to check the SPF only on the first arrival and not on the "internal" routing?