Guaranteed Google Page 1 Ranking – Weekly SEO Service for $ 49

Guaranteed Google Page 1 ranking with my weekly S.E.

O service.


Indeed, this is the perfect White Hat S.E.O service for any marketer with a website struggling to get their website to the first page of Google. This S.E.O guarantees placement on the first page of Google in just 7 days!

This is an excellent and extremely reliable service that you should definitely think twice about.
We are proud that we have placed a lot of websites where they want and want to do the same for you.

You simply cannot miss it! Because if you do, you will leave Page 1 rankings on Google and so much potential literally on the TABLE!

This is by far the most effective and probably cheapest legal white hat S.E.O service you will ever find. Chances are like clouds, today they are there, tomorrow they are gone! Act now and order this appearance so that you get the freedom you deserve.

Let me tell you what you get when you order this Google Page 1 leaderboard with my weekly S.E.O service. GIG:

1. Accelerate your website by at least 100% (Reduce the speed of your website by 100%)!
– – Why should you speed up my website??

– You can see that Google is looking for the user experience on your website the most these days. That is, how well or badly he navigates your website. So if you have a high quality S.E.O website of excellent quality, stay there and listen to what you have to say. But if your website takes over 6-7 seconds to load, no one will wait that long, and this could be the main reason that you get little to no traffic!

2.ON-Page S.E.O and Off-Page S.E.O.

– – What are on-page and off-page s.e.o.?

– On-page S.E.O is when I do all the necessary tasks on your pages and post directly on your website to improve the rankings (acceleration, changing titles, images, descriptions) etc.

– Off-Page S.E.O is when I do all the necessary tasks outside of your website, such as E.g. backlinks, guest posts, etc.

3. Add the necessary plugins to better track and rate

– – What are these plugins for??

– These plugins help you in a way you can't imagine (if they are set up correctly, of course), as some of the plugins can show you exactly what your users are doing on your website, what they like and what they don't like and why she. This can increase your conversions by up to 65% +

4. Direct high quality backlinks and guest posts

– – What do I get from it??

You get 3 high quality legal backlinks in Google's eyes to rate your website better and faster. I will also write a high quality guest post with 500-700 words that contains 2 more backlinks pointing to your website, which increases the chance of ranking even faster. What sum in 5 LEGAL high quality backlinks.

They know what they say: "Quality over quantity always wins"; Well, you are exactly right! Sincerely, it is better to get 5 high quality legal backlinks in Google's eyes than hundreds and thousands of bad ones because bad ones will only harm your website. That's why I want to be so careful with your website and only give you 5 LEGALLY high quality backlinks. Penguin and panda safe so Google loves your website instead of hating it!

I will also send 1 new sitemap for your website to Google when I’ve finished making any corrections. So keep that in mind.

I am not working on highly competitive WEBSITES! No porn, adultery, gambling, movies streaming websites, or anything illegal! Your website must be strictly legal to work with me. I'm sorry, but since this is truly the best possible appearance you can get, I want to make sure you are legal so we can do business together and your website Sky-Rocket. Send me a message around the clock. I will contact you immediately so that we can do real work.

Order now and send me all the requirements so that your website goes to the moon with my 100% safe and legal S.E.O service!

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Over 4,000 Orders – Ultimate Website Ranking – Top Google Results for $ 12

Over 4,000 Orders – Ultimate Website Ranking – Top Google Results

Google First Page Guaranteed, Guaranteed Google First Page, Guaranteed First Page Google
Increase your website ranking with a guaranteed strategy for a higher ranking. PageRank indicates how important a page is relative to other pages. The ranking on the first page guarantees you more
Clicks when the ranking search term has a high volume of search queries. The goal of a good SEO campaign should be
Increase traffic to your website, increase the number of calls to your company and / or
Ultimately, increase sales for your company.

I will access your website and optimize it for the first page of Google and other searches
Engines with on-page and off-page SEO white hat methods. Then I can build high
Authority backlinks to further increase results. Depending on the extras you choose
Choose, I will do a variety of white hat work to evaluate you
The first page is guaranteed.


  • 100% do-follow attribute.
  • Many unique account submissions
  • All live and approved backlinks.
  • 100% satisfaction guaranteed.
  • 100% money back guarantee.
  • We will deliver our service as promised.

This service gives you a great result! will deliver a massive boost in your search results
,Start now!! and get your website number 1! If you have any questions. Please massage me.

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Guaranteed Top 30 Social Bookmarking Site SEO Backling for $ 3

Guaranteed Top 30 Social Bookmarking Site SEO Backling

Hi there,How are you? This gig is any type of website or online business promotion service.I am an expert in Social media marketing and digital marketer. My job is completely manual and 100% surePromotion. I will advertise your website in your social media marketing
I will share your website link on my social networks like Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter andInstagram.I will always work very carefully with all customers.I hope you get a good result for my work.If you are not satisfied, work. Then money back guarantee.ADVERTISING PLATFORM:Facebook marketingLinkedin marketingTwitter marketingInstagram marketing Thanks for my GIGvisiting

Best Ieo offer with guaranteed profit

Now you can be a great whale, get one (1) million EXMR FDN for $ 0.25 and an additional +700,000 EXMR FDN totaling 1.7 million
This EXMR currently has a price range of 24 hours high / $ 2.37 / low $ 1.12 at and its price is supported by more than $ 0.50 for the community ,

This offer is unique, there will be only one sale of this amount. Proposals will be heard until February 29th.
Offers contact us at (email protected)
Bitcoin, Ethereum, stablecoins or other altcoin are accepted as payment methods.
IEO link:

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Best Ieo offer with guaranteed profit

Now you can be a great whale, get one (1) million EXMR FDN for $ 0.25 and an additional +700,000 EXMR FDN totaling 1.7 million
This EXMR currently has a price range of 24 hours high / $ 2.37 / low $ 1.12 at and its price is supported by more than $ 0.50 for the community ,

This offer is unique, there will be only one sale of this amount. Proposals will be heard until February 29th.
Offers contact us at (email protected)
Bitcoin, Ethereum, stablecoins or other altcoin are accepted as payment methods.
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PRiME PBNs – Guaranteed Rank Upgrades for $ 197

PRiME PBNs – Guaranteed Rank Improvements

In order to place your website on Google in 2020, you need high-quality and powerful links. As simple as that.

Handwritten articles is put on aged domains With real traffic,

Take a look at some of the metrics


USA – Great Britain – Spain – Germany – Australia – Poland – Switzerland – Italy – & more


I offer 3 different packages here on Legiit.

> BASE – 12 PRiME links <

> STANDARD – 24 PRiME links <

> PREMIUM – 36 PRiME links <

Each of the links is published with a unique article and on a different domain.


Yes, These links are so powerful that I am confident that I can improve the position of your website for at least one of the keywords you sent.


Various CMS like Drupal, WordPress, Joomla and more …

No niche-specific websites

60% -70% of the domain extensions are .com, the rest are .org and .net

No subdomains

All domains are aged (up to 20 years)

Private WHOIS information

No sites have the same IPs

Dedicated C-Class IPs for each domain

Unique name servers for each domain

100% unique handwritten content

100% dofollow and permanent links

Each post contains tags

Appropriate niche-relevant images are used for each contribution

Comments are closed so no one can steal your Link juice

Competitors cannot steal your links – domains now block crawlers like Ahrefs and Moz

Powerful social media platforms included


URLs (maximum 2)

Keywords (up to 5)

I personally track your keywords using a premium keyword tracker (


These are old domains that have aged over time. The websites have real traffic from real people who search and read the articles and content.

You don't buy PBN posts on spam sites, you buy high quality links that give you a ranking.


Q. Do you provide reports?

A. Yes. The report contains screenshots of the links. However, you can check the backlinks using the Google Search Console.

Question: Do you write clear content for each blog post?

A. Yes, I write high quality, unique content for every post.

Q. How many anchor text variations are used in each post?

A. One anchor per post for maximum effectiveness and spam prevention.

Q. How many URLs and keywords are allowed per package?

A. Up to 2 URLs and 5 related keywords per URL and package from the same domain.

Q. Don't you accept English websites?

A. Yes, non-English websites are also welcome. Around 40% of my customers come from non-English speaking countries.

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I'll do SEO in google manual high authority backlinks high da 90+ guaranteed for $ 8

I will do SEO in google manual high authority backlinks high since 90+ guaranteed

In order to rank higher on Google, you need links that point to your website. That is a given.

These are 100% white hat backlinks
naturally woven into existing content on aged relevant pages or posts. From a performance point of view, I found that Google's algorithm tends to strengthen the outbound link more because the content is over several months / years old. Trust me, they can be "more powerful" than fresh guest posts.

How it works: I Go out and find an existing blog post that is already indexed by Google and I reach the blog owner Place your link within the content and edit the text frequently to ensure that it fits well. I will do my best to find thematically related websites / posts, but cannot guarantee that every website is closely linked to your niche!

IMPORTANT: The domain authority (DA) and page authority (PA) of the posts vary, but usually BOTH between 10 and 30.

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dnd 3.5e – How am I guaranteed to be the first to move in an encounter?

3.5e is a very exploitable game and I am vaguely aware of a number of ways that make it very likely that my character will be the first to move in a particular battle. To give just a few examples: Pun-Pun has an arbitrarily high speculative bonus, Supreme Initiative seems to do what it promises, and Celerity seems to stack in an interesting way. Given that there are multiple tricks for the first move, it is clear that not every trick for the first move can guarantee that you will always make the first move.

In the interest of a larger cheese, I would like to know if there is a way to ensure the first movement. I do not require that the user always have this guarantee. For example, I'm happy if it's just one trick a day. However, if any cheese is used to get this guarantee, I want it to work regardless of the opponent and the amount of cheese used by that opponent. If the opponent can use some kind of conditional speed abuse to move before I can, my trick is not good enough.

Is there such a trick for guaranteed first moves?

Note: Since I have already discussed word games and outstanding divine abilities, you can assume that any cheese level is on the table. Also, don't forget that there are methods to avoid surprises. For example, the divine oracle has the extraordinary ability to be immune to surprises.

Runtime Analysis – What is a binary sort algorithm $ O (n log (n)) $ with a guaranteed low scaling constant for the runtime?

To let $ O_c (f (n)) $ designate that $ c $ is the scaling constant for the runtime (e.g. $ text {runtime} leq c cdot f (n) + B $ if $ n $ is big enough)

The absolute lower limit for the runtime of a binary sort algorithm is $ log_2 (n!) in O_ {1} (n log_2 (n)) $,

My question is, is there an actual sorting algorithm that guarantees this optimal scaling out? $ c = 1 $ on average? Or what is the lowest possible scaling constant? And which sorting algorithm achieves the lowest (or very low) scaling constant?

As a basis, Quicksort achieves a scaling constant of $ c = 2 ln (2) approx. $ 1.39as explained on Wikipedia (see subsection repetitions).