oa.operator algebras – Trying to understand Haagerup tensor product $B(H)otimes_{rm h}B(K)$

I’m self reading Haagerup tensor product of operator spaces. Understanding it properly, I’m trying some examples. Let $H$ And $K$ be Hilbert space. Let $B(H)$ and $K(H)$ denotes the spaces of bounded and compact operators on $H$?

Can someone explain me what is $B(H)otimes_{rm h}B(K)$ and $B(H)otimes_{rm h}K(H)$? Are these spaces completely isometric to some well known operator space?

Is there any reference/lecture notes where I can find these kind of stuff?

P.S: The same question was first asked on MSE here.

To Haagerup $ L ^ {P} $ spaces

There is a definition in Haagerup's article $ L ^ {P} $ Spaces for weights, my question has become half after setting the standard $ L ^ {P} $ Place on the crossed product? I'm not clear, please help. How the norm refers to L ^ {P} on weight $ varphi $?