Internet – Can someone eavesdrop on / hack your home network and everything connected to it?

There is a situation where a person says that they are not comfortable in their home.

The reason is that he believes that someone has hacked his home network or set up an unauthorized network that has taken over everything that is connected to it (phone, computer).

This seems to be supported by the fact that when he goes outside, people seem to repeat some conversations he has had in the privacy of his home.

If you use apps such as Craigslist or Offerup to sell things, known people will appear to him as if they were confirming that he actually is.

People seem to be able to hear his voice and find out where he is in real time.

Is this feasible for someone who can do this? If so, what could he do to find out where / how this happens?

Japanese hack on Wordpess woo Commerce e-commerce website.

Japanese hack on Wordpess woo Commerce e-commerce website. | Web Hosting Talk

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  1. * * Japanese hack on Wordpess woo Commerce e-commerce website.

    My friend has jewelry selling business and recently launched website. When we signed in to the search console, 2k indexed pages from a Japanese ecommerece are displayed, and the pages have risen to 6k since today. We reinstalled the htaccess file in c-panel but it didn't work, any suggestions ????? ?

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Linux – Can a user hack a server running Apache from a website?

Let's say the site allows uploads without protection and I can upload a PHP shell. I access the shell through which I can access the terminal. At this point I run commands on the operating system as www-data or as which user the site should run as.

Now I can search for configuration files that contain root passwords or security vulnerabilities in the operating system that allow me root access. Now I'm using the PHP provided by Apache to execute commands as root.

As soon as I am root, I can of course access the files of all users on the system. The system belongs to me (and everyone else who accesses the shell).

This is just one of the many options.

2FA Hack From Chinese government hackers

Read this Fox-It article today. Seems like Chinese government hackers have found a way around 2FA. This is of course not new, but the way they did it.

The software token is generated for a particular system, but this system-specific value can of course be easily retrieved by the actor if he has access to the victim's system.

As it turns out, the actor does not really have to bother to determine the victim's system-specific value, since this value is only checked when the SecurID token seed is imported and is unrelated to the seed used to generate the actual 2 becomes factor token. This means that the actor can simply patch the check, which checks whether the imported soft token was generated for this system, and does not have to worry about stealing the system-specific value at all.

In short, the actor only needs to steal an RSA SecurID software token and patch a command to use the 2-factor authentication codes. This will generate valid tokens.

The full article is here:…bypassing-2fa/

If 2FA can be bypassed, maybe we need a new system that can't? Hack

As you can see, we have an automatic bet setting that only rolls for low bets, but for the hack where I make 0.01 with my trick in 10 minutes, you can contact me at Richardmorgans1983. or contact my boss at as it already works for everyone I sent the video to, as I made my auto bet settings at

greetingsEnter image description here

android – Can someone hack my phone by sending me a file (e.g. PDF) via WhatsApp?

My work requires (and depends on) that Whatsapp is available for the daily exchange of files with many people (PDF, PowerPoint, Word, images, web links …) and I was wondering if it is possible that someone is hacking our phones by sending Whatsapp malware through WhatsApp.

For example, let's say you send me a virus that pretends to be a legitimate PDF. Is it ok to just install it on WhatsApp? What happens if I installed it but never opened it? Can this affect my phone or do I have to open / view it?

This is extremely important for me and my team, and I will share your answers with them as we desperately need more attention. Thanks a lot!

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